Chapter 1
1 Paul, a slave of Placer, yet a commissioner of Jesus Anointed, down belief of chosen ones of Placer, and recognition of the truth down devoutness, 2 on an expectation of durative life, which the unfalse Placer promises before durative times, 3 yet manifests his word in its own seasons, in a proclamation which I was entrusted, down an injunction of our Savior Placer, 4 to Titus, a genuine offspring down a common belief: grace and peace, from Placer Father, and Anointed Jesus our Savior. 5 I left you in Crete on grace* of this, that you may be correcting the things lacking, and constituting seniors city by city, as I prescribe to you: 6 if someone is un-indictable, a man of one woman, having believing offspring not in accusation of profligacy or insubordinate. 7 For it is a must for the overseer to be un-indictable as an administrator of Placer, not self-gratifying, not easily indignant, not a toper, not one who gives blows, not a shameful gainer, 8 but hospitable, fond of good, sane, just, benign, restrained, 9 upholding of the faithful word down the teaching, that he may also be able to be entreating in the healthy teaching, and be exposing the ones contradicting. 10 For many are insubordinate, vain praters and imposters, especially the ones out of the circumcision, 11 whom it is a must to be mouth-shutting, who are subverting whole households, teaching things which are a must not to, on grace* of shameful gain. 12 One out of them, a prophet of their own, said, “Cretans are ever evil falsifiers, wild beasts, idle gluttons.” 13 This testimony is true, because of which cause, be exposing them severely, that they may be healthy in the belief, 14 not heeding Judaic myths and precepts of humans turning away from the truth. 15 All is clean to the clean ones. Yet to the ones having been defiled and unbelieving, nothing is clean, but both their mind and conscience have been defiled. 16 They are avowing to perceive Placer, yet in the works, they are disowning him, being abominable and stubborn and unapproved toward every good work.
Chapter 2
1 Yet you, be speaking what is behooving to healthy teaching. 2 Seniors are to be sober, grave, sane, healthy in the belief, in the love, in the endurance, 3 senior women similarly, in demeanor as behooves sacred ones, not adversaries, not having been enslaved to much wine, teachers of ideal things, 4 that they may be causing the young women to be sane, fond of their men, fond of their offspring, 5 sane, pure, house watchers, good, subject to their own men, that the Placer’s word may not be calumniated. 6 The younger men similarly, be entreating to be sane 7 about all things, tendering yourself as a type of ideal works, in the teaching of uncorruptness, of gravity, 8 of a healthy uncensurable word, that the contrary one may be abashed, having nothing bad to be saying about us. 9 Slaves are to be subject to their owners, well-pleasing in all things, not contradicting, 10 not embezzling, but displaying every good faithfulness, that they may be adorning the teaching of our Savior Placer. 11 For the Placer’s saving grace appeared to all humans, 12 disciplining us, that disowning the irreverence and worldly desires, we may be living sanely and justly and devoutly in the duration that now is, 13 toward receiving the happy expectation and appearance of the glory of the great Placer and our Savior Jesus Anointed, 14 who gives himself over us, that he may be redeeming us from every lawlessness, and cleansing to himself a people being about, zealous of ideal works. 15 Be speaking these things, and be entreating and exposing with every injunction. Let no one be slighting you.
Chapter 3
1 Be reminding them to be subject to chieftainships, to authorities, to be yielding, to be ready toward every good work, 2 to be calumniating no one, to be pacific, lenient, displaying every meekness toward all humans. 3 For we also at a time were unthinking, stubborn, being strayed, slaving to various desires and gratifications, leading through in evil and envy, detestable, hating one another. 4 Yet when the kindness and the fondness for humanity of our Savior Placer appeared, 5 he saves us, not out of the works in righteousness which we do, but down his mercy, through a bath of renascence and renewal of holy spirit, 6 which he pours out on us richly through Jesus Anointed our Savior, 7 that being justified in the grace of that one, we may become allotment enjoyers, down an expectation of durative life. 8 Faithful is the word, and I am intending for you to be affirming about these things, that the ones having believed Placer may be disposed to preside over ideal works. These things are ideal and beneficial to the humans. 9 Yet for stupid seekings and genealogies, and strifes and fightings about law, be standing about. For they are unbeneficial and vain. 10 Be refusing a sectarian human with one and a second admonition, 11 having perceived that the such has been turned out, and is sinning, being self-condemned. 12 Whenever I shall be sending Artemas or Tychicus toward you, be diligent to come toward me into Nicopolis. For I have judged to winter there. 13 Diligently send Zenas the law expert and Apollos before you, that nothing may be lacking to them. 14 Yet also, let the ones ours be learning to preside over ideal works into the necessary needs, that they may not be unfruitful. 15 All the ones with me are greeting you. Greet the ones being fond of us in belief. The grace is with all of you.