Chapter 1
1 A beginning of the good message of Jesus Anointed, son of Placer: 2 “Be perceiving, I am commissioning your messenger before your face, who shall be constructing your way,” down as it has been written in the Isaiah the prophet, 3 “A voice of one imploring is in the desolate region, ‘Make ready the way of Master, be making his highways straight!’ ” 4 John became one immersing in the desolate region, and proclaiming an immersion of repentance into forgiveness of sins. 5 And all the Judea country went out toward him, also all the Jerusalemites, and they were immersed by him in the Jordan river, avowing their sins. 6 And the John was slipped into hair of camel, and a skin girdle was about his loin. And he was eating locusts and field honey. 7 And he proclaimed, saying, “Coming behind me is the one stronger than I, the strap of whose sandals I, bending, am not enough to loose. 8 I immerse you in water, yet he shall be immersing you in holy spirit.” 9 And it became in those days, Jesus came from Nazareth of the Galilee, and he is immersed into the Jordan by John. 10 And straightway, stepping up out of the water, he perceived the heavens being split, and the spirit as a dove stepping down into him. 11 And a voice became out of the heavens, “You are my beloved son; I delight in you.” 12 And straightway, the spirit is casting him out into the desolate region. 13 And he was in the desolate region forty days, being tried by the Satan. And he was with the wild beasts, and the messengers served him. 14 After the giving over of the John, yet, the Jesus came into the Galilee, proclaiming the Placer’s good message, 15 and saying that, “The season has been fulfilled, and the Placer’s kingdom has neared. Be repenting and be believing in the good message.” 16 And going beside the sea of the Galilee, he perceived Simon and Andrew, Simon’s brother, purse netting in the sea, for they were fishers. 17 And the Jesus said to them, “Hither, behind me, and I shall be making you become fishers of humans.” 18 And straightway, leaving the nets, they follow him. 19 And advancing slightly, he perceived James of the Zebedee, and John his brother, and they were in the boat equipping the nets. 20 And straightway, he calls them. And leaving their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired ones, they came away behind him. 21 And they are going into Capernaum. And straightway in the sabbaths, entering into the gathering place, he taught. 22 And they were astonished on his teaching, for he was teaching them as having authority, and not as the writers. 23 And straightway, in their gathering place was a human in an unclean spirit, and he cries up, saying, 24 “What is it with us and you, Jesus Nazarene? Did you come to destroy us? I have perceived who you are, the Placer’s holy one!” 25 And the Jesus rebukes him, saying, “Be muzzled, and be coming out of him.” 26 And the unclean spirit, convulsing him and voicing in a great voice, came out of him. 27 And all were awed, so, as to be discussing toward themselves, saying, “What is this new teaching down authority? And he is enjoining the unclean spirits, and they are obeying him!” 28 And the hearing of him came out straightway, everywhere into the whole country about the Galilee. 29 And straightway, coming out of the gathering place, they came into the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John. 30 Simon’s mother-in-law, yet, was laid down, being feverish. And straightway, they are saying it to him about her. 31 And coming toward her, he rouses her, holding her hand. And the fever leaves her, and she served them. 32 Of evening becoming, yet, when the sun slipped, they carried toward him all the ones having it evilly, also the ones being demonized. 33 And the whole city was gathered toward the door. 34 And he cures many having it evilly with various diseases. And he cast out many demons, and he did not let the demons be speaking, it being that they had perceived him. 35 And of morning, rising verily in night, he came out and came away into a desolate place, and there he prayed. 36 And Simon and the ones with him pursue him. 37 And they found him and are saying to him that, “All are seeking you.” 38 And he is saying to them, “We may be leading to other soil, into the next towns, that I may be proclaiming there, for I came out into this.” 39 And he came proclaiming into their gathering places, into the whole Galilee, and casting out the demons. 40 And a leper is coming toward him, entreating him and falling on his knees, and saying to him that, “If you are willing, you are able to cleanse me.” 41 And having bowels of compassion, stretching out his hand, he touches him and is saying to him, “I am willing; be cleansed.” 42 And straightway, the leprosy came away from him, and he is cleansed. 43 And muttering to him, straightway he cast him out, 44 and he is saying to him, “Be seeing, you may be saying nothing to anyone. But be going away, show yourself to the priest, and offer about your cleansing, what Moses sets toward you, into a testimony to them.” 45 Yet coming out, he begins to be proclaiming much, and to be averring the word abroad, so, he to by no means still be enabled to enter appearingly into a city, but was out on desolate places. And they came toward him from everywhere.
Chapter 2
1 And coming again into Capernaum, through days it is heard that he is in a house. 2 And many were gathered, so, as to by no means still be having room toward the door. And he spoke to them the word. 3 And they are coming, carrying toward him a paralytic being lifted by four. 4 And not being able to carry him toward him because of the throng, they unroof the roof where he was. And excavating it out, they are lowering the pallet where the paralytic was laid down. 5 And the Jesus, perceiving their belief, is saying to the paralytic, “Offspring, your sins are being forgiven.” 6 Yet some of the scribes were sitting there, and reasoning in their hearts, 7 “What is this one, that he is speaking thus? He is calumniating! Who is able to forgive sins except one, the Placer?” 8 And straightway, the Jesus, recognizing in his spirit that they are thus reasoning in themselves, is saying to them, “Why are you reasoning these things in your hearts? 9 What is easier to be saying to the paralytic, ‘Your sins are being forgiven,’ or to be saying , ‘Be rousing, and lift your pallet and be walking’? 10 Yet that you may be perceiving that the son of the human is having authority on the land to forgive sins,” he is saying to the paralytic, 11 “I am saying to you, be rousing, lift your pallet and be going away into your house.” 12 And he was roused. And straightway, lifting the pallet, he came out in front of all, so, as for all to be amazed and glorifying the Placer, saying that, “We never perceived it thus!” 13 And he came out again beside the sea, and all the throng came toward him, and he taught them. 14 And going by, he perceived Levi of the Alpheus, sitting at the tribute office, and is saying to him, “Be following me.” And rising, he follows him. 15 And it becomes for him to be lying down in his house. And many tribute collectors and sinners are lying back together with the Jesus and his learners, for they were many, and they followed him. 16 And the writers of the Pharisees, perceiving that he is eating with the sinners and tribute collectors, said to his learners that, “He is eating together with the tribute collectors and sinners.” 17 And hearing it, the Jesus is saying to them, “The ones being strong are not having need of a healer, but the ones having it evilly are. I did not come to call just ones, but sinners.” 18 And the learners of John and of the Pharisees were fasting, and they are coming and saying to him, “Because of what, are the learners of John and the learners of the Pharisees fasting, yet the learners with you are not fasting?” 19 And the Jesus said to them, “The sons of the bridal chamber are not able to be fasting, in which time the bridegroom is with them. As much time as they are having the bridegroom with them, they are not able to be fasting. 20 Yet days shall be coming when the bridegroom may be lifted from them, and they shall be fasting then, in that day. 21 No one is sewing a patch of unshrunk shred on an old cloak. Yet if so, is not the fulfillment lifting from it, the new from the old, and a worse split becoming? 22 And no one is casting young wine into old skin bottles. Yet if so, shall not the wine be bursting the skin bottles, both wine and skin bottles being destroyed? But young wine is into new skin bottles.” 23 And it became for him, in the sabbaths, to be going by through the sowings. And his learners begin to be making a way, plucking the ears of grain. 24 And the Pharisees said to him, “Be perceiving, what they are doing in the sabbaths is something not allowed.” 25 And he is saying to them, “Did you never read what David does when he had need and hungers, he and the ones with him, 26 how he came into the Placer’s house, on chief priest Abiathar, and ate the breads of the purpose, which it is not allowed to be eating except to the priests? And he gives also to the ones being together with him.” 27 And he said to them, “The sabbath became because of the human, and not the human because of the sabbath. 28 So as, the son of the human is Master also of the sabbath.”
Chapter 3
1 And again he came into the gathering place, and a human was there having his hand withered. 2 And they scrutinized him, that if he shall be curing him in the sabbaths, they may be accusing him. 3 And he is saying to the human having the withered hand, “Be rousing into the midst.” 4 And he is saying to them, “Is it allowed in the sabbaths to do good, or to do evil, to save a soul, or to kill?” Yet they were silent. 5 And looking about them, he, having sorrow, together with indignation on the callousness of their heart, is saying to the human, “Stretch out the hand.” And he stretches it out, and his hand was restored. 6 And coming out, the Pharisees with the Herodians straightway gave a counsel together against him, as to how they may be destroying him. 7 And the Jesus retires with his learners toward the sea, and a vast multitude from the Galilee follows, also from the Judea, 8 and from Jerusalem, and from the Idumea, and other side of the Jordan, and about Tyre and Sidon. A vast multitude came toward him, hearing as much as he did. 9 And he said to his learners, that a boat may be held toward him, because of the throng, that they may not be constricting him. 10 For he cures many, so, as for them to be falling on him, that as many as had scourges may be touching him. 11 And whenever the unclean spirits beheld him, they fell toward him and cried, saying that, “You are the Placer’s son!” 12 And he rebuked them much, that they may not be making him apparent. 13 And he is stepping up into the mountain, and is calling toward him whom he willed, and they came away toward him. 14 And he makes it twelve whom he also names as commissioners, that they may be with him, and he may be commissioning them to be proclaiming 15 and having authority to be casting out the demons. 16 And he makes them the twelve, and on the Simon, he places a name, Peter. 17 And on James of the Zebedee and on John the brother of James, he places the name Boanerges, which is Sons of Thunder. 18 And there is Andrew, and Philip, and Bartholomew, and Matthew, and Thomas, and James of the Alpheus, and Thaddeus, and Simon the Canaanite, 19 and Judas Iscariot, who also gives him over. And he is coming into a house. 20 And the throng is coming together again, so, as for them to not be able to be eating bread. 21 And hearing it, the ones with him came out to hold it, for they said that it was amazed. 22 And the writers stepping down from Jerusalem said that, “He is having Beelzeboul,” and that, “He is casting out the demons in the chief of the demons.” 23 And calling them toward him, he said to them in parables, “How is Satan able to be casting out Satan? 24 And if a kingdom is being parted on itself, that kingdom is not able to be stood. 25 And if a house is being parted on itself, that house shall not be able to be stood. 26 And if the Satan rose on himself and is parted, he is not able to stand, but is having a consummation. 27 But no one is able, entering into the house of the strong one, to plunder his utensils, if he is not first binding the strong one. And then he shall be plundering his house. 28 Amen, I am saying to you, that all shall be forgiven the sons of the humans, the sin effects and the calumnies, as much as they may ever be calumniating. 29 Yet whoever is calumniating into the holy spirit, he is not having forgiveness, into the duration, but is liable of a durative sin effect,” 30 it being that they said, “He is having an unclean spirit.” 31 And his mother and brothers are coming. And standing outside, they commission toward him, calling him. 32 And a throng sat about him, and they are saying to him, “Your mother and brothers are outside, seeking you.” 33 And answering, he is saying to them, “Who is my mother, and my brothers?” 34 And looking about to the ones sitting around him, he is saying, “Be perceiving, my mother, and my brothers. 35 For whoever is doing the Placer’s will effect, this one is a brother, and sister, and mother of me.”
Chapter 4
1 And again he begins to be teaching beside the sea, and a most vast throng is gathered toward him, so, as for him to be stepping into a boat and sitting in the sea, and all the throng was on the land toward the sea. 2 And he taught them in many parables, and said to them in his teaching, 3 “Be hearing, be perceiving, the one sowing came out to sow. 4 And it became in his sowing, some indeed falls beside the way, and the flyers came and devoured it. 5 And other falls on the perceived rock, where it did not have much land. And straightway, it rises up, because of not having depth of land. 6 And when the sun rises up, it is burned. And because of not having a root, it is withered. 7 And other falls into the thorns, and the thorns stepped up, and together choke it, and it does not give fruit. 8 And other falls into the ideal land, and it gave fruit, stepping up and being grown up. And one carried thirty, and one, sixty, and one, a hundred.” 9 And he said, “Whoever is having ears to be hearing, let him be hearing.” 10 And when he became alone, the ones about him, together with the twelve, asked him about the parables. 11 And he said to them, “To you, the secret of the Placer’s kingdom has been given, yet to those, the ones outside, the all is becoming in parables, 12 that observing, they may be observing and not be perceiving, and hearing, they may be hearing and not understanding, lest at some time they may be turning and being forgiven.” 13 And he is saying to them, “Have you not perceived this parable? And how shall you be knowing all the parables? 14 The one sowing, is sowing the word. 15 Yet where the word is being sown, there are these beside the way, and whenever they are hearing it, straightway the Satan is coming and is lifting the word having been sown into them. 16 And that being sown on the perceived rocks, these are the ones who, whenever they are hearing the word, straightway with joy are getting it, 17 and they are not having a root in themselves, but are temporary. Thereafter, of constriction or persecution becoming because of the word, straightway they are being snared. 18 And that being sown into the thorns, these are the ones hearing the word, 19 and the anxieties of the duration, and the seduction of the riches, and the desires about the rest of the things, going into them, are together choking the word, and it is becoming unfruitful. 20 And that being sown on the ideal land, those are the ones who are hearing the word and receiving it, and are bearing fruit, one, thirty, and one, sixty, and one, a hundred.” 21 And he said to them, “The lamp is not coming that it may be placed under the peck measure or under the couch. Is it not that it may be placed on the lampstand? 22 For nothing is hidden, unless that it may be manifested, neither did it become concealed, but to be coming into apparency. 23 If anyone is having ears to be hearing, let him be hearing.” 24 And he said to them, “Be observing what you are hearing. In what measure you are measuring, it shall be measured to you, and it shall be added to you. 25 For to one who is having, it shall be given to him. And to one who is not having, what he is having shall be lifted from him.” 26 And he said, “The Placer’s kingdom is thus, as a human casting the seed on the land. 27 And he may be drowsing, and roused, night and day. And as he has not perceived, the seed may be germinating and lengthening. 28 The land is spontaneously bearing fruit, first, fodder, thereafter, a plant ear, thereafter, full grain in the ear. 29 Yet whenever the fruit is giving itself, straightway he is commissioning the sickle, it being that the harvest has become present.” 30 And he said, “How should we be likening the Placer’s kingdom, or in what parable may we be placing it? 31 It is as a kernel of mustard, which when it is sown on the land, is littler than all the seeds on the land. 32 And when it is being sown, it is stepping up, and becoming greater than all the greens, and is making great boughs, so, as for the flyers of the heaven to be enabled to be roosting under its shade.” 33 And he spoke the word to them in many such parables, down as they were able to be hearing. 34 Yet apart from a parable, he did not speak to them. Yet privately, to his own learners, he explained all. 35 And he is saying to them in that day, of evening becoming, “We may be coming through, into the other side.” 36 And leaving the throng, they are getting him, as he was in the boat. And other boats were with him. 37 And a great storm of wind is becoming, and the billows cast themselves into the boat, so, as for the boat to already be made replete. 38 And he was in the stern, drowsing on the cushion. And they are rousing him and saying to him, “Teacher, is it not a care to you that we are being destroyed?” 39 And being roused, he rebukes the wind, and said to the sea, “Be silent, be muzzled!” And the wind abates, and a great calm became. 40 And he said to them, “What dreaders you are! Are you not yet having belief?” 41 And they were afraid a great fear, and they said toward one another, “Who consequently is this, that both the wind and the sea are obeying him?”
Chapter 5
1 And they came into the other side of the sea, into the country of the Gerasenes. 2 And of him coming out of the boat, straightway, a human in an unclean spirit out of the tombs meets him, 3 one who had his dwelling among the tombs. And still no one was able to bind him in a chain, 4 because of his having been bound many times in fetters and chains, and the chains having been pulled through by him, and the fetters crushed. And no one was strong enough to tame him. 5 And continually, night and day among the tombs and in the mountains, he was crying and gashing himself with stones. 6 And perceiving the Jesus from afar, he ran and worships him. 7 And crying in a great voice, he is saying, “What is it with me and you, Jesus, son of the highest Placer? I am adjuring you by the Placer, you should not be having me in an ordeal!” 8 For he said to it, “Unclean spirit, be coming out of the human.” 9 And he inquired of him, “What name is to you?” And it is saying to him, “Legion is a name to me, it being that we are many.” 10 And it entreated him much, that he may not be commissioning them out of the country. 11 Yet there toward the mountain, was a great herd of hogs being grazed. 12 And they entreat him, saying, “Send us into the hogs, that we may be entering into them.” 13 And he permits it to them. And coming out, the unclean spirits entered into the hogs. And the herd rushes down the overhang, into the sea. And as two thousand, they were choked in the sea. 14 And the ones grazing them fled, and they report it into the city and into the fields. And they came to perceive what is the thing having become. 15 And they are coming toward the Jesus, and they are beholding the demonized one sitting, being garmented and being sane, the one having had the legion. And they were afraid. 16 And the ones perceiving how it became, relate to them about the hogs also. 17 And they begin to be entreating him to be coming away from their boundaries. 18 And of him stepping into the boat, the demonized one entreated him that he may be with him. 19 And he does not let him, but is saying to him, “Be going away into your house, toward the ones yours, and report to them as much as the Master has done to you, and is merciful to you.” 20 And he came away, and begins to be proclaiming in the Decapolis as much as the Jesus does to him. And all marveled. 21 And of the Jesus again ferrying into the other side, a vast throng was gathered on him. And he was beside the sea. 22 And coming is one of the chiefs of the gathering place, Jairus in name. And perceiving him, he is falling toward his feet. 23 And he is entreating him much, saying that, “My daughter is having last moments!” that, “Coming, you may be placing your hands to her, that she may be saved and be living.” 24 And he came away with him, and a vast throng followed him, and together constricted him. 25 And a woman, being in a gushing of blood twelve years, 26 and suffering much under many healers, and spending the all with her, and being benefited nothing, but coming into the worse rather, 27 hearing about the Jesus, coming in the throng behind him, she touches his cloak. 28 For she said that, “If I am ever touching him, including if it is his garments, I shall be saved.” 29 And straightway, the spring of her blood is dried, and she knew in her body that she has been healed from the scourge. 30 And straightway, the Jesus, recognizing in himself the power coming out of him, being turned back in the throng, said, “Who touches my garments?” 31 And his learners said to him, “You are observing the throng together constricting you. And you are saying, ‘Who touches me?’ ” 32 And he looked about, to be perceiving the one doing this. 33 The woman, yet, being afraid and trembling, having perceived what has become to her, came and falls toward him, and said all the truth to him. 34 He yet said to her, “Daughter, your belief has saved you. Be going away into peace, and be healthy from your scourge.” 35 Of him still speaking, they are coming to him from the chief of the gathering place, saying that, “Your daughter died. Why are you still bothering the teacher?” 36 Yet the Jesus, disregarding the word being spoken, is saying to the chief of the gathering place, “Do not be fearing; be believing only.” 37 And he does not let anyone follow together with him, except the Peter, and James, and John the brother of James. 38 And they are coming into the house of the chief of the gathering place, and he is beholding a tumult, and lamenting, and much screaming. 39 And entering, he is saying to them, “Why are you making a tumult and lamenting? The little girl did not die, but is drowsing.” 40 And they ridiculed him. He, yet, casting them all out, is getting the little girl’s father and mother, and the ones with him, and is going into where the little girl was. 41 And holding the little girl’s hand, he is saying to her, “Talitha, coumi,” which being translated is, “Maiden, I am saying to you, be rousing.” 42 And straightway, the maiden rose, and she walked, for she was of twelve years. And they were amazed, a great amazement. 43 And he much assigns to them, that no one may be knowing this. And he said it be given her to be eating.
Chapter 6
1 And he came out thence, and is coming into his own country, and his learners are following him. 2 And of a sabbath becoming, he begins to be teaching in the gathering place, and many hearing were astonished, saying, “Whence to this one are these things, and what is the wisdom being given to this one, and such powers becoming through his hands? 3 Is this not the artisan, the son of the Mary, and brother of James and Joseph and Judas and Simon? And are not his sisters here toward us?” And they were snared in him. 4 And the Jesus said to them, that, “A prophet is not unvalued, except in his own country and among his relatives and in his house.” 5 And he was not able to do any power there, except to a few not faring well. Placing his hands on them, he cures them. 6 And he marvels, because of their unbelief. And he led about the villages around, teaching. 7 And he is calling the twelve toward him, and begins to be commissioning them two by two, and gave to them authority of the unclean spirits. 8 And he charges them that they should be lifting nothing into a way, except a rod only, no bread, no beggar’s bag, no copper into the girdle, 9 but having soles bound on. “And you should not be slipping into two tunics.” 10 And he said to them, “Wherever you may be entering into a house, be remaining there, till you are coming out thence. 11 And whatever place is not receiving you or hearing you, going out thence, quiver off the soil from down under your feet, into a testimony to them.” 12 And coming out, they proclaim, that they may be repenting. 13 And they cast out many demons, and they rubbed with olive oil many of the ones not faring well, and cured them. 14 And the king Herod hears, for his name became apparent. And they say that John the immersor has been roused out of dead ones, and because of this, the powers are operating in him. 15 Yet others said that he is Elijah. Yet others said that, “He is a prophet, as one of the prophets.” 16 Yet hearing it, the Herod said, “John, whom I behead, this one was roused.” 17 For he, the Herod, commissioning, holds the John, and binds him in jail because of Herodias, the woman of Philip his brother, it being that he marries her. 18 For the John said to the Herod, that, “It is not allowed to you to be having the woman of your brother.” 19 Yet the Herodias had him in, and willed to kill him, and was not able. 20 For the Herod feared the John, having perceived him to be a just and holy man, and he preserved him. And hearing him, he was much perplexed, and gratifiedly heard him. 21 And of a day, a good season is becoming, when Herod, in his birthday celebrations, makes a dinner to his greatest ones, and to the captains and foremost ones of the Galilee. 22 And Herodias’ daughter is entering and dancing. She pleases the Herod and the ones lying back together with him. The king said to the maiden, “Request of me whatever you are willing, and I shall be giving it to you.” 23 And he swears to her, “Whatever it is you are requesting, I shall be giving it to you, till half of my kingdom.” 24 And coming out, she said to her mother, “What should I be requesting?” She, yet, said, “The head of John the immersor!” 25 And entering straightway with diligence toward the king, she requests it, saying, “I am willing that forthwith you be giving to me on a platter the head of John the immersor.” 26 And becoming sorrowful, the king, because of the oaths and the ones lying back at table, does not will to repudiate her. 27 And straightway, commissioning, the king enjoins a lifeguardsman to carry his head. 28 And coming away, he beheads him in the jail, and carries his head on a platter, and gives it to the maiden, and the maiden gives it to her mother. 29 And hearing of it, his learners came and lift his corpse, and they place it in a tomb. 30 And the commissioners are being gathered toward the Jesus, and they report to him all, as much as they do and as much as they teach. 31 And he is saying to them, “Hither, you yourselves privately, into a desolate place, and relax briefly.” For the ones coming and going away were many, and they had no good season to be eating. 32 And they came away in the boat, into a desolate place privately. 33 And many perceived them going away, and they recognize it. And afoot they together ran there from all the cities, and they came before them. 34 And coming out, he perceived a vast throng, and he is having bowels of compassion on them, it being that they were as sheep having no shepherd. And he begins to be teaching them much. 35 And of an hour becoming already much, his learners, approaching him, said that, “The place is desolate, and the hour is already much. 36 Dismiss them, that coming away into the fields and villages around, they may be buying to themselves and be eating.” 37 Yet answering, he said to them, “You be giving to them to be eating.” And they are saying to him, “Coming away, should we be buying two hundred denarii of breads, and be giving it to them to be eating?” 38 Yet he is saying to them, “How many breads are you having? Be going away; be perceiving.” And knowing, they are saying, “Five, and two fishes.” 39 And he enjoins them to make them all recline, company by company, on the green fodder. 40 And they lean back, plot by plot, down a hundred and down fifty. 41 And getting the five breads and the two fishes, looking up into the heaven, he blesses, and breaks down the breads, and gave to his learners, that they may be placing them with them. And he parts the two fishes to all. 42 And they all ate and are satisfied. 43 And they lift twelve panniers filled full of breaks, and from the fishes. 44 And the ones eating the breads were five thousand men. 45 And straightway, he necessitates his learners to step into the boat and be leading before him into the other side, toward Bethsaida, while he is dismissing the throng. 46 And setting out from them, he came away into the mountain to pray. 47 And of evening becoming, the boat was in the midst of the sea, and he only was on the land. 48 And perceiving them being had in an ordeal in the rowing, for the wind was contrary to them, about fourth guard of the night, he is coming toward them, walking on the sea. And he willed to be passing by them. 49 Yet perceiving him walking on the sea, they suppose that he is a phantom, and they cry out, 50 for they all perceived him, and were disturbed. Yet straightway, he speaks with them and is saying to them, “Be having courage; it is I. Do not be fearing.” 51 And he stepped up toward them, into the boat, and the wind abates. And they are very abundantly amazed among themselves. 52 For they do not understand on the breads, but their heart was calloused. 53 And ferrying, they came on the land into Gennesaret, and are moored. 54 And of them coming out of the boat, straightway recognizing him, 55 the ones there ran about that whole country, and they begin to be carrying about on the pallets the ones having it evilly, to where they heard that he is. 56 And wherever he went, into villages or cities or fields, in the markets they place the ones being weak, and they entreated him that they may be touching him, including if it be the tassel of his cloak. And as many as would touch it, were saved.
Chapter 7
1 And the Pharisees and some of the writers, coming from Jerusalem, are gathered toward him. 2 And they are perceiving some of his learners, that they are eating the breads with contaminated (unwashed, this is) hands. 3 For the Pharisees and all the Judaans are not eating, if they are not washing their hands with a fist, holding the tradition of the seniors. 4 And they are not eating from a market, if they are not immersed. And there are many other things which they got to be holding, immersions of cups, and ewers, and copper things, and couches. 5 And the Pharisees and the writers are inquiring of him, “Because of what, are your learners not walking down the tradition of the seniors, but are eating the bread with contaminated hands?” 6 Yet he said to them, “Isaiah prophesies ideally about you hypocrites, as it has been written, ‘This people is honoring me with their lips, yet their heart is forward, having itself away from me. 7 Yet they are revering me vainly, teaching teachings which are precepts of humans.’ 8 Leaving the Placer’s precept, you are holding the tradition of the humans.” 9 And he said to them, “You are ideally repudiating the Placer’s precept, that you may standing your tradition. 10 For Moses said, ‘Be honoring your father and mother, and the one saying evil of father or mother, let him be deceasing.’ 11 Yet you are saying, ‘A human may be saying to the father or mother, ‘Whatever you may be benefited out of me, it is corban.’ ‘ ” (which is an approach present) 12 “You are not still letting him do anything to his father or mother, 13 invalidating the Placer’s word, in your tradition which you give over. And you are doing many such things like it.” 14 And again calling the throng toward him, he said to them, “Hear me, all, and be understanding. 15 There is nothing outside the human, which going into him, is able to contaminate him, but the things going out of the human are the things contaminating him. 16 If anyone is having ears to be hearing, let him be hearing.” 17 And when he entered into a house from the throng, his learners inquired of him about the parable. 18 And he is saying to them, “Are you also thus unintelligent? Are you not apprehending that everything outside, going into the human, is not able to contaminate him, 19 it being that it is not going into his heart, but into the belly, and it is going out into the latrine, thus cleansing all the foods?” 20 He yet said, that, “It is the thing going out of the human, that is what is contaminating the human. 21 For from inside, out of the heart of the humans, are going out the evil reasonings, prostitutions, thefts, murders, 22 adulteries, greed, wickedness, fraud, wantonness, a wicked eye, calumny, pride, foolishness. 23 All these wicked things inside, are going out, and are contaminating the human.” 24 Rising thence, yet, he came away into the boundaries of Tyre. And entering into a house, he willed for no one to know it. And he was not enabled to be eluding them. 25 But straightway, hearing about him, a woman, whose daughter had an unclean spirit, coming, falls toward his feet. 26 The woman, yet, was Greek, in the breed Syro-Phoenician, and she asked him, that he may be casting the demon out of her daughter. 27 And he said to her, “Let the offspring be satisfied first. For it is not ideal to be getting the offspring’s bread, and be casting it to the puppies.” 28 Yet she answered and is saying to him, “Master, the puppies down under the table are also eating, from the scraps of the little children.” 29 And he said to her, “Because of this word, be going away. The demon has come out of your daughter.” 30 And coming away into her house, she found the little girl having been cast on the couch, and the demon having come out. 31 And again coming out of the boundaries of Tyre, he came through Sidon, into the sea of the Galilee, up amidst the boundaries of Decapolis. 32 And they are carrying to him a deaf mute, one having difficulty speaking, and they are entreating him that he may be placing his hand on him. 33 And getting him away from the throng privately, he casts his fingers into his ears, and spitting, touches his tongue. 34 And looking up into the heaven, he groans, and is saying to him, “Ephphatha,” which is, “Be opened up.” 35 And immediately his hearing was opened up, and the bond of his tongue was loosed, and he spoke correctly. 36 And he assigns to them that they may be saying it to no one. Yet as much as he assigned to them, they rather proclaimed it more abundantly. 37 And they were above abundantly astonished, saying, “He has done all ideally! And he is making the deaf mutes to be hearing, and the dumb to be speaking!”
Chapter 8
1 In those days, there being again a vast throng, and not having anything they may be eating, calling the learners toward him, he is saying to them, 2 “I am having bowels of compassion on the throng, it being that they are remaining toward me three days already, and they are not having anything they may be eating. 3 And if I am dismissing them into their house fasting, they shall be fainting in the way, and some of them have arrived from afar.” 4 And his learners answered to him that, “Whence shall anyone be able to satisfy of breads, these on a desolate place?” 5 And he asked them, “How many breads are you having?” They yet say, “Seven.” 6 And he is charging the throng to be leaning back on the land. And getting the seven breads, thanking, he breaks them and gave to his learners, that they may be placing them with them. And they place them with them. 7 And they had a few small fishes, and blessing them, he said, “Place these also with them.” 8 And they ate and are satisfied. And they lift an abundance of breaks, seven hampers. 9 The ones eating, yet, were as four thousand, and he dismisses them. 10 And straightway, stepping into the boat with his learners, he came into the parts of Dalmanutha. 11 And the Pharisees came out, and they begin to be discussing with him, seeking from him a sign from the heaven, trying him. 12 And sighing in his spirit, he is saying, “Why is this generation seeking a sign? Amen, I am saying to you, if this generation shall be given a sign!” 13 And leaving them, stepping in again, he came away into the other side. 14 And they forgot to be getting breads, and except one bread, they had none with them in the boat. 15 And he assigned to them, saying, “Be seeing, be looking out, from the ferment of the Pharisees, and the ferment of the Herod.” 16 And they reasoned toward one another, that they are not having breads. 17 And knowing it, he is saying to them, “Why are you reasoning that you are not having breads? Are you not yet apprehending, neither understanding? Are you having your heart calloused? 18 Having eyes, are you observing not? Having ears, are you hearing not? And are you not remembering 19 when I break the five breads into the five thousand, how many panniers full of breaks do you lift?” They are saying to him, “Twelve.” 20 “When it was the seven into the four thousand, how many hampers full of breaks do you lift?” And they are saying to him, “Seven.” 21 And he said to them, “Are you not yet understanding?” 22 And they are coming into Bethsaida. And they are carrying to him a blind one, and are entreating him that he may be touching him. 23 And getting hold of the blind one’s hand, he carries him out of the village. And spitting into his eyes, placing his hands on him, he inquired of him, “Are you observing anything?” 24 And looking up, he said, “I am observing the humans, it being that I am seeing them as trees walking.” 25 Thereafter he again places his hands on his eyes. And he looks through, and is restored, and observed all things distinctly. 26 And he commissions him into his house, saying, “You may not yet be entering into the village.” 27 And the Jesus and his learners came out into the villages of the Caesarea of the Philippi. And in the way, he inquired of his learners, saying, “Who are the humans saying I am?” 28 They, yet, say to him, “Some are saying that you are John the immersor, and others, Elijah, yet others, that you are one of the prophets.” 29 And he inquired of them, “Yet you, who are you saying I am?” Answering, the Peter is saying to him, “You are the Anointed.” 30 And he rebukes them, that they may not be saying it about him to anyone. 31 And he begins to be teaching them, that it is a must for the son of the human to be suffering much, and to be rejected by the seniors and the chief priests and the writers, and to be killed, and after three days, to rise. 32 And in boldness, he spoke the word. And the Peter, getting him toward him, begins to be rebuking him. 33 Yet being turned and perceiving his learners, he rebukes Peter and is saying, “Be going away behind me, Satan, it being that you are disposing not the Placer’s things, but the humans’ things.” 34 And calling the throng together with his learners toward him, he said to them, “If anyone is willing to be following behind me, let him renounce himself, and lift his pole, and be following me. 35 For whoever is willing to save his soul, shall be destroying it. Yet whoever, on account of me and of the good message, shall be destroying his soul, shall be saving it. 36 For what is it benefiting a human, to gain the whole world, and be made to forfeit his soul? 37 For what may a human be giving, as an exchange of his soul? 38 For whoever is ashamed of me and my words in this sinful generation, which is an adulteress, the son of the human shall also be ashamed of him, when he is coming in the glory of his Father with the holy messengers.”
Chapter 9
1 And he said to them, “Amen, I am saying to you, that there are some of the ones having stood here, who by no means may be tasting of death, till they are perceiving the Placer’s kingdom having come in power.” 2 And after six days, the Jesus is getting the Peter and the James and the John, and bringing them up into a high mountain privately, them only. And he was transformed in front of them. 3 And his garments became glistening, very white, the which a fuller on the land is not able to thus whiten. 4 And Elijah was seen by them, together with Moses, and they were speaking together with the Jesus. 5 And answering, the Peter is saying to the Jesus, “Rabbi, it is ideal for us to be here, and we should be making three tents, one to you, and one to Moses, and one to Elijah!” 6 For he had not perceived what he may be answering, for they became terrified. 7 And there became a cloud overshadowing them, and a voice became out of the cloud, “This is my beloved son; be hearing him.” 8 And suddenly, looking about, they did not still perceive anyone, but only the Jesus with them. 9 And of them stepping down out of the mountain, he assigns to them that they should not be relating what they perceived to anyone, except when the son of the human is rising out of dead ones. 10 And they hold the word toward themselves, discussing what it is to “rise out of dead ones.” 11 And they inquired of him, saying that, “The writers are saying that it is a must for Elijah to be coming first.” 12 He, yet, averred to them, “Elijah is indeed coming first, restoring all. And on the son of the human, how has it been written that he may be suffering much, and be scorned? 13 But I am saying to you, that Elijah also has come, and they do to him as much as they willed, down as it has been written on him.” 14 And coming toward the learners, they perceived a vast throng about them, and writers discussing toward them. 15 And straightway, all the throng, perceiving him, was overawed, and racing toward him, they greeted him. 16 And he inquires of them, “What are you discussing toward them?” 17 And one out of the throng answered him, “Teacher, I carry my son toward you, he having a dumb spirit, 18 and wherever it is getting him down, it is bursting him. And he is frothing, and grating the teeth, and withering. And I say to your learners, that they should be casting it out, and they are not strong enough.” 19 Answering, yet, he is saying to them, “O unbelieving generation, till when shall I be toward you? Till when shall I be tolerating you? Be carrying him toward me.” 20 And they carry him toward him. And perceiving him, the spirit straightway convulses him, and falling on the land, he rolled, frothing. 21 And he inquires of his father, “How long of a time has this become to him?” He yet said, “Out of being a little boy. 22 And many times it casts him into fire and into waters, that it may be destroying him. But if you are able for anything, help us, having bowels of compassion on us!” 23 Yet the Jesus said to him, “If you are able? All is possible to the one believing.” 24 Straightway crying, the little boy’s father said, “I am believing; be helping my unbelief!” 25 The Jesus, yet, perceiving that a throng is racing together, rebukes the unclean spirit, saying to it, “The dumb and deaf mute spirit, I am enjoining you, be coming out of him, and by no means may you still be entering into him!” 26 And crying and convulsing him much, it came out. And he became as if dead, so, as for the many to be saying that he died. 27 Yet the Jesus, holding his hand, rouses him, and he rose. 28 And of him entering into a house, his learners privately inquired of him, “Why were we not enabled to be casting it out?” 29 And he said to them, “It is possible for this breed to be coming out in nothing but prayer.” 30 And coming out thence, they went through the Galilee, and he did not will that anyone may be knowing it. 31 For he taught his learners and said to them, “The son of the human is being given over into hands of humans, and they shall be killing him. And being killed, after three days, he shall be rising.” 32 They, yet, were unknowing of the declaration, and they feared to inquire of him. 33 And they came into Capernaum. And becoming in the house, he inquired of them, “In the way, what did you reason?” 34 Yet they were silent toward one another, for in the way, they had argued about who was greater. 35 And being seated, he voices for the twelve, and is saying to them, “If anyone is willing to be foremost, he shall be last of all, and a servant of all.” 36 And getting a little child, he stands it in their midst. And clasping it in, he said to them, 37 “Whoever is receiving one of such little children on my name, is receiving me. And whoever is receiving me, is receiving not me, but the one commissioning me.” 38 The John averred to him, “Teacher, we perceived someone in your name casting out demons, and we forbade him, it being that he did not follow with us.” 39 Yet the Jesus said, “Do not be forbidding him. For there is no one who shall be doing a power on my name, who swiftly shall be able to say evil of me. 40 For he who is not against us, is over* us. 41 For whoever is giving you a cup of water in my name, it being that you are of Anointed, amen, I am saying to you, by no means may he be destroying his wages. 42 And whoever is snaring one of these little ones, the ones believing into me, it is ideal to him rather, if an ass-sized millstone is lying about his neck, and he has been cast into the sea. 43 And if your hand is ever snaring you, strike it from you. Is it ideal to you, maimed, to be entering into the life? Or having two hands, to be coming away into the Gehenna, into the unextinguished fire?” 44 (nothing here in this version) 45 “And if your foot is snaring you, strike it from you. Is it ideal to you, lame, to be entering into the life? Or having the two feet, to be cast into the Gehenna?” 46 (nothing here in this version) 47 “And if your eye is snaring you, be casting it out. Is it ideal to you to be entering into the Placer’s kingdom one-eyed? Or having two eyes, to be cast into the Gehenna, 48 where their worm is not deceasing, and the fire is not being extinguished. 49 For all shall be salted in fire. 50 The salt is ideal. Yet if the salt is becoming unsalty, in what shall you be seasoning it? Be having salt in yourselves, and be at peace among one another.”
Chapter 10
1 And rising thence, he is coming into the boundaries of the Judea and other side of the Jordan. And throngs are again going together toward him, and as he had been accustomed, he again taught them. 2 And coming toward him, Pharisees, trying him, inquired of him if it is allowed to a man to dismiss a woman. 3 Answering, yet, he said to them, “What does Moses precept to you?” 4 They yet say, “Moses permits us to write a scrollet of withdrawal, and to dismiss her.” 5 Yet the Jesus said to them, “It is toward your hard heart he writes this precept. 6 From a beginning of creation, yet, he makes them male and female. 7 On account of this, a human shall be leaving his father and mother, and shall be joined toward his woman, 8 and the two shall be into one flesh. So, they are not still two, but are one flesh. 9 What the Placer yokes together, then, let no human be separating.” 10 And being into the house, the learners again inquired of him about this. 11 And he is saying to them, “Whoever is dismissing his woman and marrying another, is committing adultery on her. 12 And if she is dismissing her man and marrying another, she is committing adultery.” 13 And they brought little children toward him, that he may be touching them, yet the learners rebuke them. 14 Yet perceiving it, the Jesus resents it, and said to them, “Let the little children be coming toward me, and do not be forbidding them, for the Placer’s kingdom is of the such. 15 Amen, I am saying to you, whoever is not receiving the Placer’s kingdom as a little child, may by no means be entering into it.” 16 And clasping them in, he is blessing them, placing his hands on them. 17 And of him going out into a way, one running toward him and falling on his knees toward him, inquired of him, “Good teacher, what shall I be doing, that I may be enjoying an allotment of durative life?” 18 Yet the Jesus said to him, “Why are you saying I am good? No one is good except one, the Placer. 19 You have perceived the precepts, ‘You may not be murdering; you may not be committing adultery; you may not be stealing; you may not be testifying falsely; you may not be depriving; be honoring your father and mother.’ ” 20 He yet averred to him, “Teacher, out of my youth, I guard all these things.” 21 The Jesus, yet, looking in him, loves him and said to him, “You are deficient one thing. Be going away. As much as you are having, sell it, and be giving to the poor, and you shall be having a store in heaven. And hither, be following me.” 22 Being somber on the word, yet, he came away sorrowing, for he was having many acquisitions. 23 And looking about, the Jesus is saying to his learners, “How squeamishly shall the ones having the money be entering into the Placer’s kingdom!” 24 The learners, yet, were awed on his words. Yet Jesus again answering, is saying to them, “Offspring, how squeamish it is, to be entering into the Placer’s kingdom! 25 It is easier for a camel to be coming through the bore hole of a sewing needle, than for a rich one to be entering into the Placer’s kingdom.” 26 They, yet, were abundantly astonished, saying toward themselves, “And who is able to be saved?” 27 Looking in them, the Jesus is saying, “With humans, it is impossible, but not with Placer. For with the Placer, all is possible.” 28 The Peter begins to be saying to him, “Be perceiving, we leave all, and follow you.” 29 The Jesus averred, “Amen, I am saying to you, there is no one who, on account of me and on account of the good message, leaves house, or brothers, or sisters, or mother, or father, or offspring, or fields, 30 who may not be getting a hundred-fold in this season now, houses, and brothers, and sisters, and mothers, and offspring, and fields, with persecutions, and durative life in the coming duration. 31 Yet many first ones shall be last, and last ones, first.” 32 They were in the way yet, stepping up into Jerusalem, and the Jesus was leading before them, and they were awed. Yet the ones following them, feared. And again getting the twelve, he begins to be saying to them the things about to befall him, 33 that, “Be perceiving, we are stepping up into Jerusalem, and the son of the human shall be given over to the chief priests and the writers, and they shall be condemning him to death, and giving him over to the nations. 34 And they shall be scoffing him, and spitting in him, and scourging him, and killing him. And after three days, he shall be rising.” 35 And going toward him are James and John, the sons of Zebedee, saying to him, “Teacher, we are willing that whatever we are requesting of you, you should be doing to us.” 36 He yet said to them, “What are you willing I shall be doing to you?” 37 They yet say to him, “Be giving to us, that in your glory, one may be sitting out right of you, and one out left.” 38 Yet the Jesus said to them, “You have not perceived what you are requesting. Are you able to be drinking the cup which I am drinking, or to be immersed in the immersion which I am being immersed?” 39 They yet say to him, “We are able.” The Jesus yet said to them, “You shall be drinking the cup which I am drinking, and you shall be immersed in the immersion which I am being immersed. 40 Yet the being seated out right or left of me, is not mine to give, but to whom it has been made ready.” 41 And hearing it, the ten begin to be resenting about James and John. 42 And calling them toward him, the Jesus is saying to them, “You have perceived that the ones seeming to be chief of the nations, are being master of them. And their great ones are coercing them. 43 Yet it is not thus among you. But whoever is willing to become great among you, shall be a servant of you. 44 And whoever is willing to be foremost among you, shall be a slave of all. 45 For the son of the human did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his soul as a ransom in a stead of many.” 46 And they are coming into Jericho. And of him going out from Jericho, his learners also, and a throng enough, the son of Timeus Bartimeus sat beside the way, he being a blind beggar. 47 And hearing that it is Jesus the Nazarene, he begins to be crying and saying, “Son of David! Jesus! Be merciful to me!” 48 And many rebuked him, that he should be silent. Yet he cried much rather, “Son of David, be merciful to me!” 49 And standing, the Jesus said, “Voice for him.” And they are voicing for the blind one, saying to him, “Be having courage; be rousing; he is voicing for you.” 50 He, yet, casting his cloak from him, springing up, came toward the Jesus. 51 And answering him, the Jesus said, “What are you willing I shall be doing?” The blind one yet said to him, “Rabboni, that I may be looking up!” 52 And the Jesus said to him, “Be going away. Your belief has saved you.” And straightway, he looks up, and followed him in the way.
Chapter 11
1 And when they are nearing into Jerusalem, into Bethphage and Bethany, toward the mountain of the olives, he is commissioning two of his learners 2 and saying to them, “Be going away into the village facing you. And straightway, going into it, you shall be finding a colt bound, on which no one of humans has yet seated himself. Loose it and be carrying it. 3 And if anyone is saying to you, ‘What are you doing?’ say this, ‘The Master is having need of it.’ And straightway, he is commissioning it here again.” 4 And they came away, and they found a colt bound toward a door, out on the envelope way, and they are loosing it. 5 And some of the ones having stood there, said to them, “What are you doing, loosing the colt?” 6 They yet say to them down as the Jesus said, and they let them be. 7 And they are carrying the colt toward the Jesus. And they are casting their garments on it, and he is seated on it. 8 And many strew their garments into the way, yet others, soft foilage, striking it out of the fields. 9 And the ones leading before, and the ones following, cried, “Hosanna! Blessed is the one coming in the name of Master! 10 Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David! Hosanna among the highest ones!” 11 And he entered into Jerusalem, into the sacred place. And looking all about, it being already the evening hour, he came out into Bethany with the twelve. 12 And on the morrow, of them coming out from Bethany, he hungers. 13 And perceiving a fig tree from afar, it having leaves, he came, if consequently he shall be finding something in it. And coming on it, he found nothing except leaves, for it was not the season of figs. 14 And answering, he said to it, “Into the duration, may no one still be eating fruit out of you!” And his learners heard it. 15 And they are coming into Jerusalem. And entering into the sacred place, he begins to be casting out the ones selling, and the ones buying in the sacred place. And he turns down the tables of the money loppers, and the seats of the ones selling the doves. 16 And he did not let anyone be carrying a utensil through the sacred place. 17 And he taught and said to them, “Has it not been written, that, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer, to all the nations’? Yet you have made it a cave of robbers.” 18 And the chief priests and the writers hear him. And they sought how they may be destroying him, for they feared him. For all the throng was astonished on his teaching. 19 And when evening became, they went out of the city. 20 And going by in morning, they perceived the fig tree having been withered out of roots. 21 And being reminded, the Peter is saying to him, “Rabbi, be perceiving, the fig tree which you curse has withered.” 22 And answering, the Jesus is saying to them, “Be having belief of Placer. 23 Amen, I am saying to you, that whoever is saying to this mountain, ‘Be lifted and cast into the sea,’ and is not being adjudicated in his heart, but is believing that what he is saying is becoming, it shall be to him. 24 Therefore I am saying to you, all, as much as you are praying and requesting, be believing that you got it, and it shall be to you. 15 And when you are standing firm, praying, be forgiving, if you are having anything against anyone, that your Father, the one in the heavens, may be forgiving you your offenses.” 26 (nothing here in this version) 27 And they are coming again into Jerusalem. And of him walking in the sacred place, the chief priests and the writers and the seniors are coming toward him, 28 and they said to him, “In what authority are you doing these things, or who gives you this authority, that you may be doing these things?” 29 Yet the Jesus said to them, “I shall be inquiring one word of you, and be answering me, and I shall be declaring to you, in what authority I am doing these things. 30 The immersion of John, was it out of heaven, or out of humans? Be answering me.” 31 And they reasoned toward themselves, saying, “If we are saying, ‘Out of heaven,’ he shall be declaring, ‘Because of what, then, did you not believe him?’ 32 But may we be saying, ‘Out of humans’?” They feared the throng. For all had it that John really was a prophet. 33 And answering the Jesus, they are saying, “We have not perceived.” And the Jesus is saying to them, “Neither am I saying to you, in what authority I am doing these things.”
Chapter 12
1 And he begins to be speaking to them in parables: “A human plants a vineyard, and places a barrier about it, and excavates an under-trough, and builds a tower, and leased it to farmers, and travels. 2 And in the season, he commissions a slave toward the farmers, that from the farmers he may be getting from the fruits of the vineyard. 3 And getting him, they lash him, and commission him empty. 4 And again, he commissions toward them another slave, and they hit his head and dishonor him. 5 And he commissions another, and they kill that one. And there are many others, they indeed lashing ones, yet killing ones. 6 Still he had one beloved son. He commissions him last toward them, saying that, ‘They shall be abashed for my son.’ 7 Yet those farmers say toward themselves, that, ‘This is the allotment enjoyer. Hither, we may be killing him, and the allotment enjoyment shall be ours.’ 8 And getting him, they kill him, and cast him out of the vineyard. 9 What, then, shall the master of the vineyard be doing? He shall be coming and destroying the farmers, and giving the vineyard to others. 10 Did you not yet read this writing? ‘A stone which the builders reject, this was become into head of corner. 11 This became from Master, and it is marvelous in our eyes.’ ” 12 And they sought to hold him, and they were afraid of the throng, for they know that he said the parable toward them. And leaving him, they came away. 13 And they are commissioning toward him some of the Pharisees and the Herodians, that they may be catching him in a word. 14 And coming, they are saying to him, “Teacher, we have perceived that you are true, and it is not a care to you about anyone, for you are not looking into the face of humans, but are teaching the Placer’s way on truth. Is it allowed to give poll tax to Caesar, or not? 15 May we be giving it, or may we not be giving it?” Yet having perceived their hypocrisy, he said to them, “Why are you trying me? Be carrying a denarius to me, that I may be perceiving it.” 16 They yet carry one, and he is saying to them, “Whose image and inscription is this?” They yet say to him, “Caesar’s” 17 The Jesus yet said to them, “Be rendering Caesar’s things to Caesar, and the Placer’s things to the Placer.” And they marveled on him. 18 And coming toward him are Sadducees, who are saying there is to be no resurrection. And they inquired of him, saying, 19 “Teacher, Moses writes to us, that if someone’s brother is dying, and is leaving a woman, and is leaving no offspring, that his brother may be getting his woman, and raising seed to his brother. 20 There were seven brothers. And the first got a woman, and dying, leaves no seed. 21 And the second got her, and died, leaving no seed, and the third, similarly. 22 And the seven leave no seed. Last of all, the woman also died. 23 In the resurrection, when they are rising, whose woman shall she be, for the seven have had her as their woman?” 24 The Jesus averred to them, “Are you not being strayed because of this, having perceived neither the writings nor the Placer’s power? 25 For when they are rising out of dead ones, they are neither marrying nor giving to marriage, but are as messengers in the heavens. 26 Yet about the dead, that they are being roused, did you not read in the scroll of Moses, at the thornbush, how the Placer said to him, saying, ‘I am the Placer of Abraham, and the Placer of Isaac, and the Placer of Jacob.’ 27 He is Placer, not of dead ones, but of living ones. You are being much strayed.” 28 And coming toward him, one of the writers, hearing them discussing, perceiving that he answered them ideally, inquires of him, “Which precept is foremost of all?” 29 The Jesus answered that, “Foremost is, ‘Be hearing, Israel! Master, our Placer, is one Master. 30 And you shall be loving Master your Placer, out of your whole heart, and out of your whole soul, and out of your whole comprehension, and out of your whole strength.’ 31 And there is a second to it, ‘You shall be loving your associate as yourself.’ There is no other precept greater than these.” 32 And the writer said to him, “Teacher, on truth, you say ideally, that he is one, and there is no other more than he. 33 And to be loving him, out of the whole heart, and out of the whole understanding, and out of the whole strength, and to be loving the associate as oneself, is abundantly more than all the whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.” 34 And the Jesus, perceiving that he answered having apprehension, said to him, “You are not far from the Placer’s kingdom.” And no one still dared to inquire of him. 35 Teaching in the sacred place and answering, the Jesus said, “How are the writers saying that Anointed is a son of David? 36 David, in the holy spirit said, ‘Master said to my Master, ‘Be sitting out right of me, till I am placing your enemies down under your feet.’ ‘ 37 David is saying he is Master, and whence, is he a son of him?” And a vast throng gratifiedly heard him. 38 And in his teaching, he said, “Be looking out, from the writers, the ones willing to be walking in robes, and for greetings in the markets, 39 and foremost seats in the gathering places, and reclining places in the dinners, 40 the ones devouring the houses of the widows, and praying far in pretense. These shall be getting more abundant judgment.” 41 And being seated, facing the exchequer, he beheld how the throng is casting copper into the exchequer. And many rich ones cast much. 42 And coming, one poor widow casts two leptons, which is a quadrans. 43 And calling his learners toward him, he said to them, “Amen, I am saying to you, that this poor widow casts more than all of the ones casting into the exchequer. 44 For all cast out of their abundance. Yet this one, out of her deficiency, casts all, as much as she had, her whole livelihood.”
Chapter 13
1 And of him going out of the sacred place, one of his learners is saying to him, “Teacher, be perceiving, stones, from where, buildings, from where!” 2 And the Jesus said to him, “You are observing these great buildings. By no means may a stone be left here on a stone, which may by any means not be loosed-down.” 3 And of him sitting, into the mountain of the olives, facing the sacred place, Peter and James and John and Andrew inquired of him privately, 4 “Say to us, when shall these things be? And what is the sign, when all these things are about to be concluded?” 5 The Jesus, yet, begins to be saying to them, “Be looking out, that no one is straying you. 6 Many shall be coming on my name, saying that, ‘I am he,’ and they shall be straying many. 7 Yet when you are hearing of battles and hearings of battles, do not be alarmed; it is a must to become, but not as yet is the consummation. 8 For nation shall be roused on nation, and kingdom on kingdom. There shall be quakings down places. There shall be famines. These are a beginning of travails. 9 Yet be looking out for yourselves. They shall be giving you over into Sanhedrins and into gathering places. You shall be lashed, and on account of me, are to be stood at leaders and kings, into a testimony to them. 10 And it is a must for the good message to first be proclaimed into all the nations. 11 And when they are leading you, giving you over, do not be anxious before, what you should be speaking, but whatever is given to you in that hour, be speaking this. For you are not the ones speaking, but it is the holy spirit. 12 And brother shall be giving brother over into death, and a father, offspring. And offspring shall be rising up on parents, and causing them to die. 13 And you shall be hated by all, because of my name. Yet the one enduring into consummation, this one shall be saved. 14 Yet when you are perceiving the abomination of the desolation, it having stood where it is a must not to,” (Let the one reading be apprehending.) “then let the ones in the Judea be fleeing into the mountains. 15 The one on the housetop, yet, let him not be stepping down, nor enter to lift anything out of his house. 16 And the one into the field, let him not turn back into the things behind, to lift his cloak. 17 Yet woe to the ones having pregnancy, and to the ones suckling in those days! 18 Be praying, yet, that it may not become of winter. 19 For those days shall be a constriction, it being such, the which has not become, from a beginning of creation which the Placer creates, till the now, and by no means may become. 20 And if Master does not lop the days, no flesh would be saved. But because of the chosen ones which he chooses, he lops the days. 21 And then if anyone is saying to you, ‘Be perceiving, here is the Anointed! Be perceiving, there!’ do not be believing it. 22 For false anointeds and false prophets shall be roused, and they shall be giving signs and miracles toward the straying away, if possible, of the chosen ones. 23 You, yet, be looking out. I have declared it all to you before. 24 But in those days, after that constriction, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not be giving its beam. 25 And the gleamers shall be falling out of the heaven. And the powers in the heaven shall be shaken. 26 And then they shall be seeing the son of the human, coming in clouds with much power and glory. 27 And then he shall be commissioning the messengers, and he shall be gathering his chosen ones out of the four winds, from extremity of land, till extremity of heaven. 28 Yet be learning the parable from the fig tree: When its bough is already becoming tender and the leaves are sprouting out, you are knowing that the warm time is near. 29 Thus also, when you are perceiving these things becoming, be knowing that he is near, at doors. 30 Amen, I am saying to you, that this generation may by no means be passing by, unto when all these things are becoming. 31 The heaven and the land shall be passing by, yet my words shall by no means be passing by. 32 Yet about that day or hour, no one except the Father has perceived, not the messengers in the heaven, neither the son. 33 Be looking out. Be vigilant. For you have not perceived when the season is. 34 It is as a human, a traveler, leaving his house, and giving the authority to his slaves, to each his work. And he precepts to the doorkeeper, that he may be watching. 35 Be watching, then, for you have not perceived when the Master of the house is coming, whether evening, or midnight, or cockcrowing, or morning. 36 Coming suddenly, may he not be finding you drowsing! 37 Yet what I am saying to you, I am saying to all, be watching!”
Chapter 14
1 It was the Passover, yet, and after two days, the unfermented breads. And the chief priests and the writers sought how, holding him in fraud, they may be killing him. 2 For they said, “Not in the festival, lest at some time there shall be a tumult of the people.” 3 And of him being in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, he lying down, a woman came, having an alabaster vase of nard attar, it being of very much consummation. Crushing the alabaster vase, she pours it down his head. 4 Yet some, toward themselves, were resenting, “For what, has become this destruction of the attar? 5 For this attar was able to be liquidated upon three hundred denarii, and given to the poor.” And they muttered to her. 6 Yet the Jesus said, “Let her be. Why are you tendering toils to her? She works an ideal work in me. 7 For you are always having the poor with yourselves, and whenever you are willing, you are able to do good to them. Yet you are not always having me. 8 What she had, she does. She gets to attarize my body before, into the entombment. 9 Amen, I am yet saying to you, wherever the good message is being proclaimed, into the whole world, what she does shall also be spoken, into a reminder of her.” 10 And Judas Iscariot, the one of the twelve, came away toward the chief priests, that he may be giving him over to them. 11 Hearing it, yet, they were made joyful, and they promise to give silver to him. And he sought how he may, in a good season, be giving him over. 12 And in the first day of the unfermented breads, when they sacrificed the passover, his learners are saying to him, “Where are you willing that we, coming away, may be making ready, that you may be eating the passover?” 13 And he is commissioning two of his learners and is saying to them, “Be going away into the city, and meeting you shall be a human bearing a small holder of water. Follow him. 14 And wherever he is entering, say to the house owner that the teacher is saying, ‘Where is my caravansary, where I may be eating the passover with my learners?’ 15 And he shall be showing you a great upper room having been strewn ready. And there make ready to us.” 16 And the learners came out and came into the city, and they found it down as he said to them, and they make ready the passover. 17 And of evening becoming, he is coming with the twelve. 18 And of them lying back at table and eating, the Jesus said, “Amen, I am saying to you, that one out of you eating with me shall be giving me over.” 19 They begin to be sorrowing and saying to him one by one, “Is it I?” 20 He yet said to them, “It is one of the twelve, the one dipping into the dish with me, 21 it being that the son of the human is indeed going away, down as it has been written about him. Yet woe to that human through whom the son of the human is being given over! It is ideal to him, if that human was not generated.” 22 Of them eating, getting a bread, blessing, he breaks it and gives to them and said, “Be getting; this is my body.” 23 And getting a cup, thanking, he gives it to them, and they all drank out of it. 24 And he said to them, “This is my blood of the covenenant, it being poured out over* many. 25 Amen, I am saying to you, that I may by no means be drinking out of the product of the grapevine till that day, when I am drinking it new in the Placer’s kingdom.” 26 And hymning, they came out into the mountain of the olives. 27 And the Jesus is saying to them, that, “You shall all be snared, it being that it has been written, ‘I shall be smiting the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered.’ 28 But after my rousing, I shall be leading before you into the Galilee.” 29 Yet the Peter averred to him, “And if all shall be snared, I but shall not!” 30 And the Jesus is saying to him, “Amen, I am saying to you, that you, today, this night, ere a cock crows twice, shall be renouncing me thrice.” 31 Yet he spoke out abundantly, “If it is ever a must for me to be dying together with you, by no means shall I be renouncing you.” Yet they all also said similarly. 32 And they are coming into a freehold of which is the name Gethsemane. And he is saying to his learners, “Be seated here, while I am praying.” 33 And he is getting the Peter and the James and the John with him, and begins to be overawed and depressed. 34 And he is saying to them, “My soul is sorrowed about, till of death! Remain here, and be watching.” 35 And coming forward a little, he fell on the land. And he prayed that, if possible, the hour may be passing by from him. 36 And he said, “Papa, Father, all things are possible to you. Carry this cup aside from me, but not what I am willing, but what you are.” 37 And he is coming and finding them drowsing. And he is saying to the Peter, “Simon, are you drowsing? Are you not strong enough to watch one hour? 38 Be watching and praying, that you may not be coming into a trial. The spirit is indeed eager, yet the flesh is weak.” 39 And coming away again, he prays, saying the same word. 40 And coming again, he found them drowsing, for their eyes were being heavied. And they had not perceived what they may be answering him. 41 And he is coming the third time, and is saying to them, “Are you drowsing the rest of it, and relaxing? It is having itself away; the hour came. Be perceiving, the son of the human is being given over into the hands of the sinners. 42 Be roused, we may be leading^. Be perceiving, the one giving me over has neared.” 43 And straightway, of him still speaking, becoming beside him is Judas, one of the twelve, and with him a throng with swords and wooden cudgels from the chief priests and the writers and the seniors. 44 The one giving him over, yet, had given them a signal, saying, “Whomever I am kissing, it is he. Hold him and be leading him away securely.” 45 And straightway, coming toward him, he is saying, “Rabbi.” And he kisses him. 46 They, yet, cast their hands on him and hold him. 47 Yet one of the ones having stood by, pulling his sword, hits the slave of the chief priest, and lifts his earlobe from him. 48 And answering, the Jesus said to them, “Did you come out as on a robber, to get me with swords and wooden cudgels? 49 Daily I was toward you in the sacred place teaching, and you did not hold me. But it is, that the writings may be fulfilled.” 50 And leaving him, they all fled. 51 And one youth was following together with him, having been clothed in a linen wrapper on a naked body, and they are holding him. 52 Yet leaving the linen wrapper, he fled naked. 53 And they led the Jesus away toward the chief priest. And all the chief priests and the writers and the seniors are coming together. 54 And the Peter follows him from afar, till within, into the court of the chief priest. And he was sitting together with the subservients, and warming himself toward the light. 55 The chief priests and the whole Sanhedrin, yet, sought testimony against the Jesus, to cause him to die, and they did not find it. 56 For many testified falsely against him, and the testimonies were not equal. 57 And some, rising, testified falsely against him, saying 58 that, “We hear him saying, that, ‘I shall be loosing-down this hand-made temple, and through three days, I shall be building another, one not hand-made.’ ” 59 And thus, neither was their testimony equal. 60 And rising into the midst, the chief priest inquires of the Jesus, saying, “Are you not answering anything? What are these testifying against you?” 61 Yet he was silent, and does not answer anything. Again the chief priest inquired of him, and is saying to him, “Are you the Anointed, the son of the blessed one?” 62 The Jesus, yet, said, “I am. And you shall be seeing the son of the human sitting out right of the power, and coming with the clouds of the heaven.” 63 The chief priest, yet, bursting through his tunics, is saying, “What need are we still having of testimonies? 64 You hear the calumny! What is it appearing to you?” They all yet condemn him to be liable of death. 65 And some begin to be spitting in him, and covering his face and buffeting him, and saying to him, “Prophesy!” And the subservients got him with slaps. 66 And of the Peter being down in the court, one of the chief priest’s maids is coming. 67 And perceiving the Peter warming himself, looking in him, she is saying, “You also were with the Jesus the Nazarene.” 68 Yet he disowns him, saying, “I have neither perceived him, nor am I adept in what you are saying.” And he came out into the forecourt. And a cock crows. 69 And the maid, perceiving him, begins again to be saying to the ones having stood by, that, “This one is out of them.” 70 Yet again he disowned him. And again after a little, the ones having stood by said to the Peter, “Truly you also are out of them, for you are Galilean.” 71 Yet he begins to be anathemizing, and swearing that, “I have not perceived this human of whom you are saying!” 72 And straightway, out of a second time, a cock crows. And the Peter is reminded of the declaration as the Jesus said to him, that, “Ere a cock is to crow twice, you shall be renouncing me thrice.” And reflecting on it, he lamented.
Chapter 15
1 And straightway in morning, the chief priests, doing a counsel together with the seniors and writers and the whole Sanhedrin, binding the Jesus, they carry him away and give him over to Pilate. 2 And the Pilate inquires of him, “Are you the king of the Judaans?” Answering, yet, he is saying to him, “You are saying it.” 3 And the chief priests accused him much. 4 Yet the Pilate inquired again of him, saying, “Are you not answering anything? Be perceiving how much they are accusing you.” 5 Yet the Jesus still did not answer anything, so, the Pilate to be marveling. 6 Yet down festival, he released to them one prisoner whom they requested. 7 There was, yet, one being said Barabbas, he having been bound with the standers who in the standing* had done murder. 8 And stepping up, the throng begins to be requesting, down as he did to them. 9 The Pilate, yet, answered to them, saying, “Are you willing that I should be releasing to you the king of the Judaans?” 10 For he knew that the chief priests had given him over because of envy. 11 Yet the chief priests quake up the throng, that he may be releasing to them the Barabbas rather. 12 Yet the Pilate, answering again, said to them, “What, then, are you willing that I shall be doing to whom you are saying he is the king of the Judaans?” 13 Yet again they cry, “Impale him!” 14 Yet the Pilate said to them, “For, what evil does he do?” Yet they cry abundantly, “Impale him!” 15 The Pilate, yet, intending to do enough to the throng, releases to them the Barabbas, and gives the Jesus over, whipping him, that he may be impaled. 16 The warriors, yet, led him away to within the court which is a pretorium, and they are calling together the whole band. 17 And they are slipping him into purple, and braiding a thorny wreath, they are placing it about him. 18 And they begin to be greeting him, “Be having joy, king of the Judaans!” 19 And they beat his head with a reed, and spat in him. And placing their knees, they worshiped him. 20 And when they scoff him, they slip him out of the purple, and slip him into his garments. And they are leading him out, that they may be impaling him. 21 And they are conscripting someone passing by, that he may be lifting his pole, Simon, a Cyrenian coming from a field, he being the father of Alexander and of Rufus. 22 And they are carrying him on the Golgotha Place, which being translated is, “Place of a Skull.” 23 And they gave to him wine mixed with myrrh, yet he did not get it. 24 And they are impaling him, and they are dividing his garments, casting an allotment on them, as to who should be lifting what. 25 It was third hour, yet, and they impale him. 26 And the inscription of his cause was inscribed, “The King of the Judaans.” 27 And together with him, they are impaling two robbers, one out right, and one out left of him. 28 (nothing here in this version) 29 And the ones going by calumniated him, moving their heads and saying, “Aha, the one loosing-down the temple and rebuilding it in three days, 30 save yourself, stepping down from the pole!” 31 Likewise also, the chief priests, scoffing toward one another with the writers, said, “He saves others? He is not able to save himself! 32 He is the Anointed, the King of Israel? Let him now be stepping down from the pole, that we may be perceiving and believing!” And the ones having been impaled together with him reproached him. 33 And of it becoming sixth hour, darkness became on the whole land, till ninth hour. 34 And in the ninth hour, the Jesus implores in a great voice, “Eloi! Eloi! Lema Sabachthani?” which being translated is, “My Placer! My Placer! Into what did you abandon me?” 35 And some of the ones having stood by, hearing it, said, “Be perceiving, he is voicing for Elijah.” 36 Someone, yet, running and making a sponge replete of vinegar, placing it about a reed, is giving him a drink, saying, “Let him be. We may be perceiving if Elijah is coming to be lifting him down.” 37 Yet the Jesus, letting a great sound from him, expires. 38 And the curtain in the temple is split into two, from top till down. 39 The centurion, yet, the one having stood by out in front of him, perceiving that he expires thus, said, “Truly, this human was a son of Placer!” 40 Yet there were also women beholding from afar, among whom were also Mary the Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James the Little and of Joses, and Salome, 41 who, when he was in the Galilee, followed him and served him. And there were many others, the ones stepping up together with him into Jerusalem. 42 And it already becoming evening, since it was a preparation which is before a sabbath, 43 coming, is Joseph of Arimathea, a respected counselor who also was toward receiving the Placer’s kingdom. Daring, he entered toward the Pilate, and requests the body of the Jesus. 44 The Pilate, yet, marvels, if he has already died. And calling the centurion toward him, he inquires of him if he died long ago. 45 And knowing it from the centurion, he presents the corpse to the Joseph. 46 And buying a linen wrapper, lifting him down, he wraps him in the linen wrapper, and places him in a tomb which was quarried out of rock. And he rolls a stone onto the door of the tomb. 47 Yet the Mary the Magdalene and the Mary of Joses beheld where he has been placed.
Chapter 16
1 Of the sabbath elapsing, yet, Mary the Magdalene, and the Mary of James, and Salome buy spices, that coming, they may be rubbing him. 2 And very early in morning, the one of the sabbaths, they are coming on the tomb, of the rising up of the sun. 3 And they said toward themselves, “Who with us shall be rolling away the stone out of the door of the tomb?” 4 And looking up, they are beholding that the stone has been rolled away, for it was trememdously great. 5 And entering into the tomb, they perceived a youth clothed in a white robe, sitting in the right, and they were overawed. 6 Yet he is saying to them, “Do not be overawed. You are seeking Jesus the Nazarene, the one having been impaled. He is roused. He is not here. Be perceiving the place where they place him. 7 But be going away. Say to his learners and to the Peter, that, ‘He is leading before you into the Galilee. You shall be seeing him there, down as he said to you.’ ” 8 And coming out, they fled from the tomb, for trembling and amazement had them. And they do not say anything to anyone, for they feared. 9 He rising, yet, in a morning, a first of a sabbath, he appeared first to Mary the Magdalene, from whom he had cast out seven demons. 10 That one, being gone, reports it to the ones becoming with him, they mourning and lamenting. 11 And they, hearing that he is living and was gazed at by her, disbelieve it. 12 Yet after these things, he was manifested in a different form to two out of them walking, going into a field. 13 And they, coming away, report it to the rest. Neither do they believe them. 14 Yet subsequently, they lying back at table, he was manifested to the eleven. And he reproaches their unbelief and hard heart, it being that they do not believe the ones gazing at him having been roused. 15 And he said to them, “Being gone into all the world, proclaim the good message to all the creation. 16 The one believing and being immersed, shall be saved. Yet the one disbelieving, shall be condemned. 17 With the ones believing, yet, these signs shall be following: In my name they shall be casting out demons, they shall be speaking in new tongues, 18 and they shall be lifting serpents, and if they are ever drinking something deathly, it may by no means be harming them; they shall be placing hands on ones not faring well, and they shall be having it ideally.” 19 Indeed, then, the Master Jesus, after speaking with them, was gotten up into the heaven, and is seated out right of the Placer. 20 Yet those, coming out, proclaim everywhere, the Master working together with them, and confirming the word through the signs following.