Chapter 1
1 James, a slave of Placer and of Master Jesus Anointed, to the twelve tribes in the dispersion: Be having joy! 2 Deem it all joy, my brothers, whenever you may be falling about in various trials, 3 knowing that the proving of your belief is producing endurance. 4 Yet let the endurance be having its consummate work, that you may be consummate and wholly allotted, lacking in nothing. 5 Yet if any of you is lacking wisdom, let him be requesting from Placer, the one giving singly to all and not reproaching, and it shall be given to him. 6 Yet let him be requesting in belief, not adjudicating*. For the one adjudicating, has simulated a surge of sea being wind-blown and tossed. 7 For let not that human be surmising that he shall be getting anything from the Master, 8 he being a double-souled man, turbulent in all his ways. 9 The low brother, yet, let him be boasting in his highness, 10 yet the rich one, in his lowness, it being that he shall be passing by as a flower of fodder. 11 For the sun rises up together with the burning, and dries the fodder, and its flower falls out, and the comeliness of its face was destroyed. Thus also, the rich one in his goings shall be made to fade. 12 Happy is a man who is enduring trial, it being that becoming approved, he shall be getting the wreath of the life, which he promises to the ones loving him. 13 Being tried, let no one be saying that, “I am being tried from Placer.” For the Placer is not tried of evils. He, yet, is trying no one. 14 Yet each is being tried, being drawn out and lured by his own desire. 15 Thereafter the desire, conceiving, is bringing forth sin. Yet the sin, being consummated, is teeming forth death. 16 Do not be strayed, my beloved brothers! 17 Every good giving and every consummate gratuitous gift is from the top, stepping down from the Father of the lights, with whom there is no mutation or shade from reverting. 18 Being intended, he teems us forth in a word of truth, we to be some first fruit of his creatures. 19 Be perceiving, my beloved brothers, yet let every human be swift to hear, tardy to speak, tardy into indignation. 20 For indignation of a man is not working righteousness of Placer. 21 Wherefore placing from you every filthiness and abundance of evil, in meekness receive the implanted word, the one being able to save your souls. 22 Yet become doers of a word, and not only listeners, beguiling yourselves, 23 it being that if anyone is a listener of a word and not a doer, this one has simulated a man considering in a mirror the face of his generating. 24 For he considers himself, and has come away, and immediately he forgot what kind he was. 25 Yet the one peering into the consummate law of the freedom, and abiding, becoming not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of work, this one shall be happy in his doing. 26 If anyone is seeming to be a ritualist, not bridling his tongue, but seducing his heart, the ritual of this one is vain. 27 Clean and undefiled ritual with the Placer and Father is this: to be overseeing for bereaved ones and widows in their constriction, keeping oneself unspotted from the world.
Chapter 2
1 My brothers, the belief, of our Master Jesus Anointed of the glory, do not be having it in partialities. 2 For if a man with gold rings and a shining garment is entering into your gathering place, yet also a poor one in a filthy garment, 3 yet you are looking on the one wearing the shining garment and saying, “You be sitting ideally, here,” and to the poor one you are saying, “You be standing there, or be sitting under my footstool,” 4 were you not adjudicated among yourselves, and did you not become judges of wicked reasonings? 5 Hear, my beloved brothers. Does not the Placer choose the poor in the world, they being rich in belief, and allotment enjoyers of the kingdom which he promises to the ones loving him? 6 Yet you dishoner the poor one. Are not the rich tyrannizing you, and drawing you into tribunals? 7 Are they not calumniating the ideal name being called on you? 8 Howbeit, if you are consummating a royal law down the writing, “You shall be loving your associate as yourself,” you are doing ideally. 9 Yet if you are being partial, you are working sin, being exposed by the law as transgressors. 10 For whoever may be keeping the whole law, yet tripping in one, has become liable of it all. 11 For the one saying, “You may not be committing adultery,” also said, “You may not be murdering.” Yet if you are not committing adultery, yet you are murdering, you have become a transgressor of law. 12 Thus, be speaking and be doing as ones about to be judged through a law of freedom. 13 For the judgment is merciless to the one not doing mercy. Mercy is boasting against judgment. 14 What is the benefit, my brothers, if someone is saying to be having belief, yet is having no works? Is the belief able to save him? 15 If a brother or sister is inhering naked, and lacking the day’s nurture, 16 yet someone out of you is saying to them, “Be going away in peace, be warmed and satisfied,” yet you are not giving to them the requisites of the body, what is the benefit? 17 Thus also is the belief. If it is not having works, it is dead, down itself. 18 But someone shall be declaring, “You are having belief, and I am having works. Show to me your belief apart from the works, and I shall be showing to you the belief, out of my works.” 19 You are believing that the Placer is one? You are doing ideally. The demons are also believing, and are shuddering. 20 Yet are you willing to know, O empty human, that the belief apart from the works is non-working? 21 Abraham our father, was he not justified out of works, carrying up Isaac his son on the altar? 22 You are observing that the belief worked together with his works, and out of the works, the belief was consummated. 23 And the writing was fulfilled, the one saying, “Yet Abraham believes the Placer, and it is reckoned to him into righteousness.” And he was called a friend of Placer. 24 You are seeing that a human is being justified out of works, and not out of belief only. 25 Yet likewise, Rahab the prostitute also was justified out of works, receiving the messengers and casting them out to a different way. 26 For even as the body apart from spirit is dead, thus also, the belief apart from works is dead.
Chapter 3
1 Do not become many teachers, my brothers, having perceived that we shall be getting greater judgment. 2 For we all are tripping much. If someone is not tripping in a word, this is a consummate man, able also to bridle the whole body. 3 If we, yet, are casting the horses’ bits into their mouths, into, they to be persuaded to us, we are also steering their whole body. 4 Be perceiving, the boats also, being prodigious and driven by hard winds, are being steered by a most inferior rudder, where the impulse of the one straightening is intending. 5 Thus also, the tongue is a little member, and is spouting great things. Be perceiving, a prime fire is kindling prime material. 6 And the tongue is a fire, as is the world of the unjustness. The tongue is being constituted among our members as the one spotting the whole body, and making ablaze the wheel of the generating, and being made ablaze by the Gehenna. 7 For every nature, both of wild beasts, of flyers, both of reptiles and of salt sea creatures, is being tamed and has been tamed, to the human nature. 8 Yet not one of humans is able to tame the tongue. It is a turbulent evil, distended of death-carrying venom. 9 In it we are blessing the Master and Father, and in it we are cursing the humans, the ones having become down a likeness of Placer. 10 Out of the same mouth is coming out blessing and cursing. There is no need, my brothers, for these things to become thus. 11 Is there a spring venting the sweet and the bitter out of the same hole? 12 No fig tree, my brothers, is able to make olives, or a grapevine, figs. Neither is saltiness able to make water sweet. 13 Who is wise and adept among you? Let him show it, out of the ideal behavior, his works being in a meekness of wisdom. 14 Yet if you are having bitter jealousy and strife in your heart, are you not boasting and falsifying against the truth? 15 This is not the wisdom coming down from the top, but is terrestrial, soulish, demonic. 16 For where there is jealousy and strife, there is turbulence and every foul matter. 17 Yet the wisdom from the top, is indeed first pure, thereafter peacable, lenient, compliant, distended of mercy and good fruits, unadjudicating, unhypocritical. 18 Fruit of righteousness, yet, is being sown in peace, in the ones making peace.
Chapter 4
1 Whence are battles, and whence are fightings among you? Are they not hence, out of your gratifications, the ones warring in your members? 2 You are desiring, and are not having. You are murdering and are jealous, and are not able to be encountering. You are fighting and battling. You are not having, because of your not requesting. 3 You are requesting and not getting, because you are requesting evilly, that you may be spending in your gratifications. 4 Adulteresses, have you not perceived that the fondness of the world is an enmity of the Placer? Whoever, then, may be intending to be a friend of the world, is being constituted an enemy of the Placer. 5 Or is it seeming to you, that the writing, “The spirit which dwells is us, is longing, toward envy,” is saying it emptily? 6 Yet he is giving greater grace. Wherefore he is saying, “The Placer is resisting proud ones, yet he is giving grace to low ones.” 7 You, then, may be subjected to the Placer. Yet withstand the Adversary, and he shall be fleeing from you. 8 Near to the Placer, and he shall be nearing to you. Cleanse your hands, sinners, and purify your hearts, double-souled. 9 Be wretched, and mourn, and lament. Let your laughter be distorted into mourning, and your joy, into dejection. 10 Be made low in the sight of Master, and he shall be heightening you. 11 Do not be speaking against one another, brothers. The one speaking against a brother, or judging his brother, is speaking against law, and is judging law. Yet if you are judging law, you are not a doer of law, but a judge. 12 One is Lawgiver and Judge, the one able to save and to destroy. Yet who are you, the one judging your associate? 13 Be leading now, the ones saying, “Today or tomorrow we shall be going into the city, and we shall be doing a year there, and we shall be going in, and we shall be gaining.” 14 You who are not adept at the thing of tomorrow, what is your life? For you are an exhalation, appearing briefly, and thereafter disappearing. 15 In a stead of this, you are to be saying, “If the Master is willing, we also shall be living, and doing this or that.” 16 Yet now, you are boasting in your ostentations. Every such boasting is wicked. 17 To one having perceived to be doing the ideal, then, and not doing it, it is sin.
Chapter 5
1 The rich ones, be leading now. Lament, howling on your wretchednesses coming on you. 2 Your riches have rotted, and your garments have become moth feed. 3 Your gold and silver have become venemous, and their venom shall be into a testimony to you, and shall be eating your flesh as fire. You accumulate in last days. 4 Be perceiving, the wage of the workers mowing your country places, the ones having been deprived from you are crying, and the implorings of the ones reaping have come into the ears of Master of hosts. 5 You luxuriate on the land, and squander. You nurture your hearts in a day of slaying. 6 You convict, you murder the just one. He is not resisting you. 7 Be patient, then, brothers, till the presence of the Master. Be perceiving, the farmer is awaiting the valuable fruit of the land, being patient on it, till he may be getting first and late fruit. 8 Be patient and establish your hearts, it being that the presence of the Master has neared. 9 Do not be groaning against one another, brothers, that you may not be judged. Be perceiving, the Judge has stood before the doors. 10 As an example of the suffering of evil and of the patience, be getting the prophets, who speak in the name of Master. 11 Be perceiving, we are counting happy the ones enduring. You hear of the endurance of Job, and you perceived the consummation of Master, that the Master has bowels of compassion and is pitiful. 12 Yet before all, my brothers, do not be swearing, neither by the heaven, nor by the land, nor any other oath. Yet let your yes be yes, and your no be no, that you may not be falling under judgment. 13 Is someone among you suffering evil? Let him be praying. Is someone feeling well? Let him be playing music. 14 Is someone among you weak? Let him call the seniors of the called out company, and let them pray on him, rubbing him with olive oil in the name of the Master. 15 And the vow of the belief shall be saving the one faltering, and the Master shall be rousing him, and if he has done sins, it shall be forgiven him. 16 Be avowing your sins to one another, then, and be wishing over one another, which is how you may be healed. An operative petition of a just one is strong for much. 17 Elijah was a human with sufferings like us, and in a prayer he prays for it to not rain, and it does not rain on the land three years and six months. 18 And again he prays, and the heaven gives wetness, and the land germinates its fruit. 19 My brothers, if ever anyone among you is strayed from the truth, and someone is turning him back, 20 let him be knowing, that the one turning back a sinner out of his way of straying, shall be saving his soul out of death, and shall be covering a multitude of sins.