Chapter 1
1 Paul, a commissioner of Anointed Jesus, through a will effect of Placer, to the holy ones in Ephesus, and believing in Anointed Jesus: 2 grace to you, and peace, from Placer Father, and Master Jesus Anointed. 3 Blessed is the Placer and Father of our Master Jesus Anointed, the one blessing us in every spiritual blessing among the celestials in Anointed, 4 down as he chooses us in him, before a casting down of a world, we to be holy and flawless in his sight, in love, 5 designating us before, into son-placing, through Jesus Anointed, into him, down the delight of his will effect, 6 into praise of glory of his grace, which graces us in the beloved, 7 in whom we are having the deliverance through his blood, the forgiveness of the offenses, down the riches of his grace, 8 which he abounds into us, in every wisdom and disposition, 9 making known to us the secret of his will effect, down his delight which he purposed in him, 10 into an administration of the fulfillment of the seasons, to head up the all in the Anointed, the all on the heavens, and the all on the land, 11 in him, in whom also, we were alotted, being designated before, down a purpose of the one operating the all, down the counsel of his will effect, 12 into, we to be into praise of his glory, we having expected before in the Anointed, 13 in whom also, you, hearing the word of the truth, the good message of your salvation, in whom also believing, you are sealed in the holy spirit of the promise, 14 which is an earnest of our allotment enjoyment, into deliverance of the procurement, into praise of his glory. 15 Therefore also, I, hearing of the belief down you in the Master Jesus, and of your love into all the holy ones, 16 am not ceasing thanking over you, making reminder on my prayers, 17 that the Placer of our Master Jesus Anointed, the Father of the glory, may be giving to you a spirit of wisdom and revelation, in recognition of him, 18 the eyes of your heart having been enlightened, into, you to perceive what is the expectation of his calling, what are the riches of the glory of his allotment enjoyment in the holy ones, 19 and what is the transcendent greatness of his power into us, the ones believing, down the operation of the holding of his strength, 20 which operates in the Anointed, rousing him out of dead ones, and seating him in right of him among the celestials, 21 up above every chieftainship and authority and power and masterdom and every name being named, in not only this duration, but also in the one about to be, 22 and subjects all under his feet, and gives him, as head over all, to the called out company 23 which is his body, the fulfillment of the one fulfilling the all in all.
Chapter 2
1 And you, being dead in your offenses and sins 2 in which you at a time walk, down the duration of this world, down the chief of the authority of the air, the spirit now operating in the sons of the stubbornness, 3 among whom we also all at a time behaved, in the desires of our flesh, doing the will effects of the flesh and of the comprehensions, we also, were offspring in a nature of indignation, we also, as the rest. 4 Yet the Placer, being rich in mercy, because of his much love which loves us, 5 and we being dead in the offenses, vivifies us together with the Anointed. You are ones having been saved in grace. 6 And he rouses us together, and seats us together among the celestials in Anointed Jesus, 7 that in the oncoming durations he may be displaying the transcendent riches of his grace, in kindness on us in Anointed Jesus. 8 For in the grace, you are ones having been saved through belief, and this is not out of you. It is the approach present of Placer, 9 not out of works, lest someone may be boasting. 10 For we are an achievement of him, being created in Anointed Jesus, on good works which the Placer makes ready before, that we may be walking in them. 11 Wherefore be remembering that at a time you, the nations in flesh, the ones being said uncircumcision under the one being said circumcision, it being hand-made in flesh, 12 that you were in that season apart from Anointed, having been estranged from the citizenship of the Israel, and were guests of the covenants of the promise, having no expectation, and were ones without Placer, in the world. 13 Yet now, in Anointed Jesus, you, who at a time being far off, were become near in the blood of the Anointed. 14 For he is our peace, the one making the both one, and disintegrating the mid-wall of the barrier, the enmity, 15 in his flesh, nullifying the law of the precepts in decrees, that he may be creating the two, in himself, into one new humanity, making peace, 16 and may be reconciling the both, in one body, to the Placer, through the pole, in it, killing the enmity. 17 And coming, he brings a good message of peace to you, the ones afar, and peace to the ones near, 18 it being that through him we, the both, are having the access, in one spirit, toward the Father. 19 Consequently, then, you are not still guests and sojourners, but are fellow citizens of the holy ones, and family members of the Placer, 20 being built on the foundation of the commissioners and prophets, a corner capstone being Anointed Jesus, 21 in whom all the building, being connected together, is growing into a holy temple in Master, 22 in whom also, you are being built together into a dwelling place of the Placer, in spirit.
Chapter 3
1 On grace* of this, I, Paul, am the prisoner of Anointed Jesus, over you of the nations, 2 if surely you hear the administration of the Placer’s grace given to me into you. 3 Down revelation, the secret was made known to me, down as I write before in brief, 4 toward which, ones reading are able to apprehend my understanding in the secret of the Anointed, 5 which in other generations is not made known to the sons of the humans as it was now revealed to his holy commissioners and prophets: In spirit, 6 the nations are to be joint allotment enjoyers, and a joint body, and joint partakers of the promise in Anointed Jesus, through the good message 7 of which I became a server, down the gratuitous gift of the Placer’s grace, it being given to me down the operation of his power. 8 To me, the most inferior of all holy ones, was this grace given, to bring a good message of the untraced riches of the Anointed, 9 and to enlighten all as to what is the administration of the secret, concealed from the durations, in the Placer, the one creating the all, 10 that now, to the chieftainships and authorities among the celestials, the Placer’s multifarious wisdom may be made known, through the called out company, 11 down a purpose of the durations, a purpose which he makes in the Anointed Jesus our Master, 12 in whom we are having the boldness and access, in confidence, through his belief. 13 Wherefore I am requesting there to be no one being despondent in my constrictions over you, which are a glory of you. 14 On grace* of this, I am bowing my knees toward the Father, 15 out of whom every fatherhood in heavens and on land is being named, 16 that he may be giving to you, down the riches of his glory, to be made staunch in power, through his spirit into the humanity within, 17 the Anointed to dwell, through the belief, in the hearts of you 18 having been rooted and grounded in love, that you may be strong to be grasping, together with all the holy ones, what is the breadth and length and height and depth, 19 to know besides, the knowledge-transcending love of the Anointed, that you may be fulfilled into all the Placer’s fulfillment. 20 To the one able, yet, to do above, abundantly above, all which we are requesting or apprehending, down the power operating in us, 21 to him is the glory, in the called out company and in Anointed Jesus, into all the generations of the duration of the durations. Amen.
Chapter 4
1 I am entreating you, then, I, the prisoner in Master, to walk worthily of the calling of which you were called, 2 with every humility and meekness, with patience, tolerating one another in love, 3 being diligent to be keeping the oneness of the spirit, in the bond of the peace, 4 there being one body and one spirit, down as also you were called in one expectation of your calling, 5 there being one Master, one belief, one immersion, 6 one Placer and Father of all, the one on all, and through all, and in all. 7 To each one of us, yet, the grace was given down the measure of the gratuitous gift of the Anointed. 8 Wherefore he is saying, “Stepping up into height, he captures captivity, he gives gifts to the humans.” 9 Yet the, “He stepped up,” what is it, if not that he also stepped down, into the lower parts of the land? 10 The one stepping down, is the same one also stepping up, up above all of the heavens, that he may be fulfilling the all. 11 And he indeed gives the commissioners, yet the prophets, yet the good-message bringers, yet the shepherds and teachers, 12 toward the equipping of the holy ones, into work of serving, into building of the Anointed’s body, 13 unto, we all situating into the oneness of the belief, and the recognition of the Placer’s son, into a consummate humanity, into the measure of the prime of the Anointed’s fulfillment, 14 that we may by no means still be minors, being surged and carried about in every wind of the teaching in the caprice of the humans, in cleverness toward the method of the straying. 15 Yet being true, in love, we may be growing the all into him who is the head, Anointed, 16 out of whom, all the body, being connected and united through every touch of the supply, down operation in measure of each one part, the body’s growth is being made into building of itself in love. 17 I am saying this, then, and I am testifying in Master: By no means are you to still be walking down as the nations also are walking, in vanity of their mind, 18 having been darkened in the comprehension, being estranged from the Placer’s life, because of the unknowledge being in them, because of the callousness of their heart, 19 who having pined away, give themselves over to the wantonness, into every work of uncleanness, in greed. 20 You, yet, did not thus learn the Anointed, 21 if surely you hear him and were taught in him, down as truth is, in the Jesus, 22 you, down the former behavior, to be putting away the old humanity, the one being corrupted down the desires of the seduction, 23 yet to be rejuvenated in the spirit of your mind, 24 and slipped into the new humanity, the one being created down Placer, in righteousness and benignity of the truth. 25 Wherefore putting away the falsehood, be speaking truth, each with his associate, it being that we are members of one another. 26 Are you being made indignant, and are not sinning? Do not let the sun be slipping on your vexation, 27 nor be giving a place to the Adversary. 28 The one stealing, let him by no means still be stealing. Yet rather, let him be toiling, working the good with his own hands, that he may be having it to be sharing with the one having need. 29 Every rotten word, let it not be going out of your mouth. But if any is good toward building, being of the need that it may be giving grace to the one hearing, let it be going out. 30 And do not be sorrowing the Placer’s holy spirit, in which you are sealed into a day of deliverance. 31 Every bitterness and fury and indignation and clamor and calumny, let it be lifted from you, together with every evil. 32 Yet become kind into one another, well-bowelled, gracing yourselves, down as also the Placer graces you in Anointed.
Chapter 5
1 Become imitators of the Placer, then, as beloved offspring, 2 and be walking in love, down as also Anointed loves us, and over us, gives himself over, as an offering and sacrifice to the Placer, into an odor of fragrance. 3 Yet prostitution and every uncleanness, or greed, let it neither be named among you, down as is behooving to holy ones, 4 and vileness and stupid talking, or repartee, which are not proper, but be thanking rather. 5 For you are perceiving this, knowing that no paramour or unclean one, or greedy one, who is an idolater, is having allotment enjoyment in the kingdom of the Anointed and of Placer. 6 Let no one be seducing you with empty words, for because of these things, the Placer’s indignation is coming on the sons of the stubbornness. 7 Do not become joint partakers of them, then. 8 For you at a time were darkness, yet now are light in Master. Be walking as offspring of light. 9 For the fruit of the light is in every goodness and righteousness and truth, 10 proving what is well-pleasing to the Master. 11 And do not be participating together with the unfruitful works of the darkness. Yet rather, be exposing them. 12 For the things becoming hidden under them, it is shameful even to be saying. 13 Yet the all, being exposed under the light, is being made apparent. For light, is everything being made apparent. 14 Wherefore he is saying, “Be rousing, drowsing one, and rise out of the dead ones, and the Anointed shall be appearing on you.” 15 Be observing accurately how you are walking, then, not as unwise, but as wise ones, 16 buying out the season, it being that the days are wicked. 17 Therefore do not become foolish, but be understanding what is the will effect of the Master. 18 And do not be drunk in wine, in which is profligacy, but be fulfilled, in spirit, 19 speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, 19 singing and playing music in your heart to the Master, 20 thanking always, over all things, in the name of our Master Jesus Anointed, to the Placer and Father, 21 being subject to one another in fear of Anointed, 22 the women to their own men, as to the Master, 23 it being that a man is head of the woman, as also the Anointed is head of the called out company, he being Savior of the body. 24 But as the called out company is being subject to the Anointed, thus also are the women to be to the men, in all things. 25 The men, be loving your women, down as also the Anointed loves the called out company, and over it, gives himself over, 26 that he may be making it holy, cleansing it in the bath of the water in declaration, 27 that he may be presenting it glorious to himself, the called out company having no spot or wrinkle or any such things, but that it may be holy and flawless. 28 Thus are the men owing to be loving the women of themselves, as the bodies of themselves. The one loving the woman of himself, is loving himself. 29 For no one at a time hates the flesh of himself, but is nourishing and cherishing it, down as also the Anointed does the called out company, 30 it being that we are members of his body. 31 In a stead of this, “A human shall be leaving his father and mother and be joined toward his woman, and the two shall be into one flesh.” 32 This secret is great, yet I am saying it into Anointed and into the called out company. 33 However, you also, each one, be loving the woman of himself thus, as himself, yet that the woman may be fearing the man.
Chapter 6
1 Offspring, be obeying your parents, in Master, for this is just. 2 Be honoring your father and mother, which is a foremost precept, with a promise 3 that it may become well with you, and you may be a long time on the land. 4 And the fathers, do not be vexing your offspring, but be nurturing them in discipline and admonition of Master. 5 The slaves, be obeying your down-flesh masters, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as to the Anointed, 6 not down eye-slavery as human-pleasers, but as slaves of Anointed, doing the will effect of the Placer, out of a soul 7 with assent, slaving as to the Master and not to humans, 8 having perceived that if anyone is doing good, this he shall be requited from Master, whether slave, whether free. 9 And the masters, be doing the same things toward them, slacking the threat, having perceived that the Master of both them and you is in heavens, and there is no partiality with him. 10 Of the rest, be empowered in Master, and in the holding of his strength. 11 Slip into the panoply of the Placer, toward being enabled to stand toward the methods of the Adversary, 12 it being that to us, the wrestling is not toward blood and flesh, but toward the chieftainships, toward the authorities, toward the world-holders of this darkness, toward the spiritual ones of the wickedness among the celestials. 13 Therefore be getting the panoply of the Placer, that you may be enabled to withstand in the wicked day, and effecting all, to stand. 14 Be standing, then, being girded about your loin in truth, and slipping into the cuirass of the righteousness, 15 and your feet sandaled in a readiness of the good message of the peace, 16 in all, getting the large shield of the belief, in which you shall be able to extinguish all the fiery arrows of the wicked one. 17 And receive the helmet of the salvation, and the sword of the spirit, which is declaration of Placer, 18 through every prayer and petition, praying in every season, in spirit, and being vigilant into it, in every perseverance and petition about all of the holy ones, 19 and over me, that word may be given to me in opening up of my mouth in boldness, to make known the secret of the good message, 20 over which I am being an ambassador in a chain, that in it, I may be bold as is a must for me to speak. 21 Yet that you may also be perceiving the things down me, what I am practicing, Tychicus shall be making it all known to you, the beloved brother and faithful servant in Master, 22 whom I send toward you into this same thing, that you may be knowing the things about us, and he may be consoling your hearts. 23 Peace to the brothers, and love with belief, from Placer Father, and Master Jesus Anointed. 24 The grace is with all of the ones loving our Master Jesus Anointed in incorruption.