Chapter 1
1 The first word I make, O Theophilus, is indeed about all which the Jesus begins to be doing, besides also teaching, 2 until which day, precepting through holy spirit to the commissioners whom he chooses, he was gotten up, 3 to whom he also presents himself living after his suffering, in many tokens, through forty days being seen by them, and saying the things about the Placer’s kingdom. 4 And being salted together, he charges them to not be departing from Jerusalem, but to be remaining about, “for the promise of the Father which you hear of me, 5 it being that John indeed immerses in water, yet you shall be immersed in holy spirit after not many of these days.” 6 The ones coming together, then, indeed asked him, saying, “Master, are you in this time restoring the kingdom to the Israel?” 7 Yet he said toward them, “It is not yours to know times or seasons which the Father placed in his own authority, 8 but you shall be getting power of the holy spirit coming on you, and you shall be testifiers of me, both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and till the last of the land.” 9 And saying these things, they observing, he was lifted up, and a cloud got under him from their sight. 10 And of him going, as they were staring into the heaven, be perceiving, two men in white garments had also stood beside them, 11 who also say, “Men, Galileans, why have you stood looking into the heaven? This Jesus, the one being gotten up from you into the heaven, shall be coming thus, in which manner you gaze at him going into the heaven.” 12 Then they return into Jerusalem from the mountain being called Olivet, which is near Jerusalem, it having a sabbath’s way. 13 And when they entered, they stepped up into the upper apartment where they were remaining, both Peter and John, and James, and Andrew, Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew, James of Alpheus, and Simon the Zealot, and Judas of James. 14 These were all persevering in one accord in the prayer, together with women, and Mary the Jesus’ mother, and his brothers. 15 And in these days, there being besides, a throng of names as if a hundred twenty on the same place, Peter, rising amidst the brothers, said, 16 “Men, brothers, it was a must for the writing to be fulfilled which the holy spirit said before through David’s mouth about Judas, the one becoming a guide to the ones getting the Jesus together, 17 it being that he was numbered among us, and chanced on the allotment of this service.” 18 (This one, indeed then, acquires a freehold out of the wage of the unjustness, and becoming prone, he ruptures amidst, and all his bowels were poured out. 19 And it became known to all the ones indwelling Jerusalem, for that freehold to be called in their own dialect Acheldamach, this is, Freehold of Blood.) 20 “For it has been written in a scroll of Psalms, ‘Let his domicile become desolate, and let no one be dwelling in it, and let a different one be getting his oversight.’ 21 It is a must, then, of all the ones coming together with us in all the time in which the Master Jesus entered and came out on us, 22 beginning from the immersion of John till the day he was gotten up from us, for one of these to become a testifier together with us of his resurrection.” 23 And they stand two: Joseph the one being called Bar-Sabbas, who was called Justus, and Matthias. 24 And praying, they say, “You, Master, heart-knower of all, out of these two, show one whom you choose 25 to be getting the place of this service and commission from which Judas trangressed to be gone into his own place.” 26 And they give allotments to them, and the allotment falls on Matthias, and he is pebbled together with the eleven commissioners.
Chapter 2
1 And in the day of the Pentecost being fulfilled, they were all likewise on the same place. 2 And out of the heaven there suddenly became a resound, even as of a violent blowing being carried, and it fills the whole house where they were sitting. 3 And seen by them were divided tongues as if of fire, and one is seated on each one of them. 4 And they are all filled full of holy spirit, and they begin to be speaking in different tongues, down as the spirit gave to them to be uttering. 5 Into Jerusalem, yet, were Judaans dwelling, pious men from every nation under the heaven. 6 Of this sound becoming, yet, the multitude came together and was confused, it being that each one heard them speaking in his own dialect. 7 They are amazed, yet, and they marveled, saying, “Be perceiving, are not all these speaking Galileans, 8 and how are we hearing it, each in our own dialect in which we were generated? 9 Parthians and Medes and Elamites and the ones indwelling the Mesopotamia, Judea, besides also Cappadocia, Pontus, and the Asia, 10 Phrygia, besides also Pamphylia, Egypt, and the parts of Libya down Cyrene, and the repatriated Romans, Judaans, besides also proselytes, 11 Cretans and Arabs, we are hearing them speaking in our tongues of the great things of the Placer!” 12 All were amazed, yet, and were bewildered, another toward another saying, “What is this thing willing to be?” 13 Yet different ones, jeering, said that, “They are distended of sweet wine!” 14 Yet the Peter, being stood together with the eleven, lifts up his voice and utters to them, “Men, Judeans, and all the ones indwelling Jerusalem, let this be known to you, and put my declarations in your ears. 15 For these are not drunk as you are under getting it, for it is third hour of the day. 16 But this is the thing having been declared through the prophet Joel: 17 ‘And it shall be in the last days, the Placer is saying, I shall be pouring out from my spirit on every flesh, and your sons and daughters shall be prophesying, and your youths shall be seeing sights, and your seniors shall be dreaming in dreams, 18 and surely on my male and female slaves in those days, I shall be pouring out from my spirit, and they shall be prophesying. 19 And I shall be giving miracles up in the heaven, and signs down on the land, blood, and fire, and exhalation of smoke. 20 The sun shall be distorted into darkness, and the moon into blood, ere the great day and appearance of Master is to be coming. 21 And it shall be, every one who is calling on the name of Master shall be saved.’ 22 Men, Israelites, hear these words: Jesus the Nazarene, a man from the Placer, he having been shown into you in powers and miracles and signs which the Placer does through him in your midst, down as you yourselves have perceived, 23 this one, given out in the designated counsel and foreknowledge of the Placer, gibbeting through the hand of lawless ones, you lift away, 24 whom the Placer raises, loosing the travails of the death, down that it was not possible for him to be held under it. 25 For David is saying into him, ‘I saw the Master before me in my sight continually, it being that he is out right of me, that I may not be shaken. 26 Therefore my heart was gladdened and my tongue exults. Yet also, my flesh shall be tenting on an expectation 27 that you shall not be abandoning my soul into the unperceived, neither giving your benign one to be perceiving decay. 28 You make known to me ways of life. You shall be filling me full of gladness with your face.’ 29 Men, brothers, be allowing me to be saying with boldness toward you, about the patriarch David, that he also deceases and was entombed, and his tomb is among us until this day. 30 He inhering as a prophet, then, and having perceived that the Placer swears an oath to him, one out of fruit of his loin to be seated on his throne, 31 perceiving it before, he speaks about the resurrection of the Anointed, it being that he was neither abandoned into the unperceived, nor did his flesh perceive decay. 32 The Placer raises this Jesus, of whom we are all testifiers. 33 He being heightened to the right hand of the Placer, then, besides getting the promise of the holy spirit from the Father, he pours out this which you are observing and hearing. 34 For David did not step up into the heavens. Yet he is saying, ‘The Master said to my Master, be sitting out right of me, 35 till I am placing your enemies under your feet.’ 36 Let every house of Israel be knowing certainly, then, that the Placer makes him both Master and Anointed, this Jesus whom you impale!” 37 Hearing it, yet, their heart was punctured down. They said besides toward the Peter and the rest of the commissioners, “What should we be doing, men, brothers?” 38 Peter is yet averring toward them, “Repent, and let each of you be immersed on the name of Jesus Anointed, into forgiveness of your sins, and you shall be getting the gratuitous gift of the holy spirit. 39 For the promise is to you and to your offspring, and to all the ones afar, as many as Master our Placer may be calling toward him.” 40 In more and different words besides, he certifies and entreated them, saying, “Be saved from this crooked generation!” 41 Indeed then, the ones receiving his word are immersed, and in that day were added as if three thousand souls. 42 They were perservering, yet, in the teaching of the commissioners, and in the participation in the breaking of the bread, and in the prayers. 43 There became fear to every soul, yet, besides many miracles and signs became through the commissioners. 44 All the ones believing, yet, were on the same place, and they had all things common. 45 And they liquidated their acquisitions and belongings, and divided them to all, down as any had need. 46 Day by day, besides perservering in one accord in the sacred place, besides breaking bread house by house, they got nurture in exultation and simplicity of heart, 47 praising the Placer and having grace toward the whole people. The Master, yet, added the ones being saved day by day on the same place.
Chapter 3
1 Peter and John, yet, stepped up into the sacred place on the hour of the prayer, the ninth. 2 And some man, inhering lame out of his mother’s belly, was borne, whom they placed day by day toward the door of the sacred place, the door being said Beautiful, to be requesting alms from the ones going into the sacred place, 3 who, perceiving Peter and John about to be into the sacred place, asked to be getting alms. 4 Staring into him, yet, Peter, together with the John, said, “Look into us.” 5 He attended to them, yet, hoping to be getting something from them. 6 Peter yet said, “Silver and gold are not belonging to me, yet what I am having, this I am giving to you: In the name of Jesus Anointed the Nazarene, be rousing and walking.” 7 And arresting his right hand, he rouses him. Yet instantly his steppers and ankles were solidified, 8 and leaping out, he stood and walked and entered together with them into the sacred place, walking and leaping and praising the Placer. 9 And all the people perceived him walking and leaping and praising the Placer. 10 Yet they recognized him, it being that he was the one sitting toward the alms at the Beautiful gate of the sacred place. And they are filled full of awe and amazement on the thing having befallen him. 11 Of him holding the Peter and the John, yet, all the people ran together toward them at the portico, the one called Solomon’s, they being overawed. 12 Perceiving it, yet, the Peter answers toward the people, “Men, Israelites, why are you marveling on this, or why are you staring to us, as though in our own power or devoutness we had done it for him to be walking? 13 The Placer of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob, the Placer of our fathers, glorifies his boy Jesus, whom you indeed give over and disown down the face of Pilate, that one judging to be releasing him. 14 You, yet, disown the holy and just one, and you request a murderer man to be graced to you. 15 Yet the Chief Leader of the life, you kill, whom the Placer rouses out of dead ones, of which we are testifiers. 16 And on the belief of his name, his name solidifies this one whom you are beholding and have perceived, and the belief through him gives to him this whole allotment in front of you all. 17 And now, brothers, I have perceived that you practice it down ignorance, even as also your chiefs. 18 Yet what the Placer announces before through the mouth of all the prophets, his Anointed to be suffering, he thus fulfills. 19 Repent, then, and turn into the erasing of your sins, which is how seasons of refreshing may be coming from the Master’s face, 20 and he may be commissioning the one having been selected to you, Anointed Jesus, 21 whom it is a must for heaven to indeed receive until the times of restoration of all which the Placer speaks through the mouth of his holy prophets from the duration. 22 Moses indeed said that, ‘Master your Placer shall be raising a prophet to you out of your brothers, he being as me. You shall be hearing him down all, as much as he may be speaking toward you. 23 Yet it shall be, every soul who is not hearing that prophet, shall be wholly ruined out of the people.’ 24 Yet also all the prophets announce these days, from Samuel and the ones down next. 25 You are the sons of the prophets and of the covenant which the Placer covenanted toward your fathers, saying toward Abraham, ‘And in your seed, all the fatherhoods of the land shall be blessed.’ 26 The Placer, raising his boy, commissions him to you first, blessing you in turning each of you from your wickedness.”
Chapter 4
1 Of them speaking toward the people, yet, the priests, and the officers of the sacred place, and the Sadducees, stand by with them, 2 being exasperated because of their teaching the people and announcing in the Jesus the resurrection out of dead ones. 3 And they cast hands on them and placed them into keeping into the morrow, for it was already evening star. 4 Yet many of the ones hearing the word believe, and the number of the men was become as five thousand. 5 It became on the morrow, yet, for their chiefs and seniors and writers to be gathered in Jerusalem, 6 also Annas the chief priest, and Caiaphas, and John, and Alexander, and as many as were out of chief priestly breed. 7 And standing them in the midst, they ascertained up, “In what power or in what name do you do this?” 8 Peter, then, being filled full of holy spirit, said toward them, “Chiefs of the people, and seniors, 9 if we are being examined today on a benefaction of a weak human, in what this one has been saved, 10 let it be known to you all, and to all the people of Israel, that in the name of Jesus Anointed the Nazarene, whom you impale, whom the Placer rouses out of dead ones, in this one, this one stands beside us healthy in your sight. 11 This is the stone being scorned by you builders, the one becoming into head of corner. 12 And the salvation is not in any other, for neither is there a different name under heaven, it being the one having been given among humans, in which, it is a must for us to be saved.” 13 Beholding the boldness of the Peter and John, yet, and grasping that they are illiterate and ordinary humans, they marveled. They recognized them besides, that they were together with the Jesus. 14 Observing the human having been cured, he having stood together with them besides, they had nothing to be contradicting. 15 Ordering them to be coming away from the Sanhedrin, yet, they cast themselves toward one another, 16 saying, “What should we be doing to these humans? For it is indeed known that a sign has become through them to all the ones indwelling Jerusalem. It is apparent, and we are not able to be disowning it. 17 But that it may not be disseminated more into the people, we should be threatening them to by no means still be speaking on this name to any humans.” 18 And calling them, they charge, down the whole thing, to be neither uttering nor teaching on the name of Jesus. 19 The Peter and John answering, yet, said toward them, “If it is just in the Placer’s sight, to be hearing you rather than the Placer, you judge. 20 For we are not able to not be speaking what we perceive and hear.” 21 The ones toward threatening them, yet, release them, finding nothing as to how they may be chastening them, because of the people, it being that all glorified the Placer on the thing having become. 22 For the human on whom this sign of the healing had become, was of more than forty years. 23 Being released, yet, they came toward their own, and they report as much as the chief priests and the seniors say toward them. 24 The ones hearing it, yet, in one accord lift a voice toward the Placer and say, “Owner, you, the one making the heaven, and the land, and the sea, and all the things in them, 25 the one saying through holy spirit of the mouth of our father, your boy David, that, ‘Why do nations snort, and peoples meditate empty things? 26 Standing by are the kings of the land, and the chiefs were gathered on the same place, against the Master and against his Anointed.’ 27 For on truth, gathered in this city on your holy boy Jesus whom you anoint, were both Herod and Pontius Pilate, together with nations and peoples of Israel, 28 to do as much as your hand and your counsel designate before to become. 29 And now, Master, perceive on their threats, and be giving it to your slaves to be speaking your word with every boldness, 30 you stretching out your hand into healing and signs and miracles to become through the name of your holy boy Jesus.” 31 And of them beseeching, the place in which they were gathered was shaken, and they are all filled full of the holy spirit, and they spoke the Placer’s word with boldness. 32 Of the multitude of the ones believing, yet, there was one heart and soul, and not one said any of the belongings to him were to be his own, but all things were common to them. 33 And in great power the commissioners rendered the testimony of the resurrection of the Master Jesus. Great grace, besides, was on them all. 34 For neither was there anyone indigent among them, for as many as inhered as acquirers of freeholds or of houses, selling, they carried the values of the things being liquidated, 35 and they placed them beside the feet of the commissioners. It was distributed to each, yet, down as any ever had need. 36 Joseph, yet, the one being called from the commissioners Barnabas, which being translated is Son of Consolation, he being a Levite, in the breed Cyprian, 37 selling a field belonging to him, carries the money and places it toward the feet of the commissioners.
Chapter 5
1 Some man, yet, Ananias in name, together with Sapphira his woman, sells an acquisition, 2 and embezzles from the value, the woman also having been conscious of it. And carrying some part, he places it beside the feet of the commissioners. 3 Yet the Peter said, “Ananias, wherefore does the Satan fill your heart for you to falsify the holy spirit, and embezzle from the value of the freehold? 4 Remaining to you, did it not remain? And being liquidated, it belonged in your authority. Why is it that you placed this matter in your heart? You falsify, not to humans, but to the Placer.” 5 The Ananias, hearing these words, yet, falling, lets out his soul. And great fear became on all the ones hearing. 6 Rising, yet, the younger ones put him together, and carrying him out, they entomb him. 7 There became, yet, an interval as of three hours, and his woman entered, not having perceived the thing having become. 8 Peter yet answered toward her, “Be saying to me, if it was so much the freehold rendered to you.” She yet said, “Yes, so much.” 9 The Peter yet said toward her, “Why is it that it was agreed to you to try the spirit of Master? Be perceiving, the feet of the ones entombing your man are at the door, and they shall be carrying you out.” 10 She instantly falls toward his feet, yet, and lets out her soul. Entering, yet, the youths found her dead, and carrying her out, they entomb her toward her man. 11 And great fear became on the whole called out company, and on all the ones hearing these things. 12 Through the hands of the commissioners, yet, there became many signs and miracles among the people, and they were all in one accord in the portico of Solomon. 13 Yet of the rest, no one dared to be joined to them, but the people magnify them. 14 Rather, yet, ones believing in the Master were added, multitudes of both men and women, 15 so as, for them to also be carrying the weak out into the broad areas and place them on cots and pallets, that of Peter coming, his shadow may also be shading on some of them. 16 The multitude also of the cities about Jerusalem came together, yet, carrying weak ones and ones being molested under unclean spirits, who were all cured. 17 Rising, yet, the chief priest and all the ones together with him, they being a sect of the Sadducees, are filled full of jealousy. 18 And they cast hands on the commissioners and placed them in a public keep. 19 Yet a messenger of Master, through night, opening up the doors of the jail, besides leading them out, said, 20 “Be going and be stood. Be speaking in the sacred place to all the people, all the declarations of this life.” 21 Hearing it, yet, they entered, under the early, into the sacred place, and they taught. Coming along, yet, the chief priest and the ones together with him call together the Sanhedrin and all the senate of the sons of Israel, and they commission into the prison for them to be led. 22 The subservients coming along, yet, did not find them in the jail. Returning, yet, they report, 23 saying that, “We found the prison locked in every security, and the guards having stood at the doors. Yet opening up, we found no one within.” 24 As they hear these words, yet, both the officer of the sacred place and the chief priests were bewildered about them, as to what this may ever become. 25 Coming along, yet, someone reports to them that, “Be perceiving, the men whom you placed in the jail are in the sacred place, having stood and teaching the people.” 26 Coming away, then, the officer together with the subservients led them, not with force, for they feared the people lest they be stoned. 27 Leading them, yet, they stand them in the Sanhedrin, and the chief priest inquires of them, 28 saying, “Did we not charge you to not be teaching on this name? And be perceiving, you have filled the Jerusalem full of your teaching. Are you also intending to be leading onto us the blood of this human?” 29 Answering, yet, Peter and the commissioners say, “It is a must to be yielding to Placer rather than to humans. 30 The Placer of our fathers rouses Jesus, whom you lay hands on, hanging on wood. 31 The Placer heightens this Chief Leader and Savior to his right hand, to give repentance to the Israel and forgiveness of sins. 32 And we are testifiers of these declarations, as also the holy spirit which the Placer gives to the ones yielding to him.” 33 The ones hearing, yet, were sawn through, and they intended to be lifting them away. 34 Yet rising, some Pharisee in the Sanhedrin, Gamaliel in name, a law teacher honored among all the people, orders to make the humans be outside a bit. 35 He said besides toward them, “Men, Israelites, on these humans, be heeding to yourselves what you are about to be practicing. 36 For before these days, Theudas rose, saying himself to be someone, to whom were inclined a number of men as of four hundred, who was lifted away, and all, as many as were persuaded to him, were disbanded and became into nothing. 37 After this, Judas the Galilean rose in the days of the registration, and withdrew people behind him. And that one was destroyed, and all, as many as were persuaded to him, are scattered. 38 And now, I am saying to you, be withdrawing from these humans and let them be, it being that if this counsel or work is out of humans, it shall be loosed-down. 39 Yet if it is out of Placer, you shall not be able to loose them down, lest at some time you also be found fighters against Placer.” 40 They are persuaded to him, yet, and calling the commissioners toward them, lashing them, they charge them to not be speaking on the name of the Jesus, and they release them. 41 Indeed then, they went from the face of the Sanhedrin, having joy, it being that they were deemed worthy to be dishonored over the name. 42 Every day besides, in the sacred place and house by house, they did not cease teaching and bringing the good message of the Anointed Jesus.
Chapter 6
1 In these days of the learners multiplying, yet, there became a murmuring of the Greekists toward the Hebrews, that their widows were being overlooked in the daily serving. 2 The twelve, yet, calling the multitude of the learners toward them, say, “It is not pleasing for us, leaving the Placer’s word, to be serving to tables. 3 Yet oversee, brothers, for seven men out of you, ones testified full of spirit and wisdom, whom we shall be constituting on this need. 4 Yet we shall be perservering in the prayer and in the serving of the word.” 5 And the word pleases in the sight of all the multitude. And they choose Stephen, a man full of belief and of holy spirit, and Philip, and Prochoros, and Nicanor, and Timon, and Parmenas, and Nicholas, a proselyte of Antioch, 6 whom they stand in the sight of the commissioners. And praying, they place their hands on them. 7 And the Placer’s word grows up and was multiplied, the number of the learners in Jerusalem being tremendously many. A throng of the priests obeyed the belief besides. 8 Stephen, yet, full of grace and power, did great miracles and signs among the people. 9 Yet some rise out of the gathering place being said Freedmen, also ones of Cyrenians, and of Alexandrians, and of the ones from Cilicia and Asia, discussing with the Stephen. 10 And they were not strong enough to withstand the wisdom and the spirit in which he spoke. 11 Then they suborn men saying that, “We have heard him speaking declarations calumniating into Moses and the Placer.” 12 They together stir both the people and the seniors and the writers, and standing by, they together snatch him and led him into the Sanhedrin. 13 They stand false testifiers besides, saying, “This human is not ceasing speaking declarations against this holy place and the law. 14 For we have heard him saying that this Jesus the Nazarene shall be loosing-down this place and changing the customs which Moses gives over to us.” 15 And staring into him, all the ones seated in the Sanhedrin perceived his face, it being as if of a messenger.
Chapter 7
1 The chief priest, yet, said, “Are these things having it thus?” 2 He averred, yet, “Men, brothers, and fathers, hear! The Placer of the glory was seen by our father Abraham, he being in Mesopotamia ere his dwelling in Haran, 3 and said toward him, ‘Be coming out of your land and out of your relative, and hither into the land which I shall be showing to you.’ 4 Then coming out of land of Chaldeans, he dwells in Haran. And thence, after the dying of his father, he exiles him into this land into which you are now dwelling. 5 And he does not give to him allotment enjoyment in it, nor yet a platform of a foot. And he promises to give it into a tenure to him and to his seed after him, there being no offspring to him. 6 Yet the Placer speaks thus, that his seed shall be a sojourner in an alien land, and they shall be enslaving it and treating it evilly four hundred years. 7 ‘And the nation to which they may be slaving, I shall be judging,’ the Placer said. ‘And after these things, they shall be coming out and offering divine service to me in this place.’ 8 And he gives to him a covenant of circumcision. And thus, he generates the Isaac and circumcised him in the eighth day, and Isaac, the Jacob, and Jacob, the twelve patriarchs. 9 And the patriarchs, being jealous, rendered the Joseph into Egypt, and the Placer was with him, 10 and lifts him out of all his constrictions, and gives to him grace and wisdom in front of Pharoah, king of Egypt, and constitutes him a leading one on his whole house. 11 A famine came on the whole Egypt and Canaan, yet, and a great constriction, and our fathers found no provender. 12 Yet Jacob, hearing of grains being into Egypt, puts our fathers out from him a first time. 13 And in the second time, Joseph is made known again to his brothers, and Joseph’s breed became apparent to the Pharoah. 14 Commissioning, yet, Joseph calls to be with him Jacob his father and every relative among seventy-five souls. 15 And Jacob stepped down into Egypt, and deceases, he and our fathers. 16 And they were transferred into Shechem and placed into the tomb which Abraham purchases of a value of silver from the sons of Hamor in Shechem. 17 Yet down as the time of the promise neared, which the Placer avows to the Abraham, the people grows and was multiplied in Egypt, 18 until a different king rose on Egypt, who had not perceived the Joseph. 19 This one, being astute toward our breed, evilly treats our fathers, making their babes be placed out into being caused to not live, 20 in which season, Moses was generated. And he was handsome to the Placer, who was nurtured up three months in his father’s house. 21 Of him being placed out, yet, Pharoah’s daughter lifts him away, and nurtures him up into a son to herself. 22 And Moses was disciplined in every wisdom of Egyptians, yet was powerful in his words and works. 23 As a forty year time was fulfilled to him, yet, it stepped up on his heart to oversee for his brothers, the sons of Israel. 24 And perceiving someone being injured, he succors him, and does avenging for the one being made miserable, smiting the Egyptian. 25 He inferred, yet, for his brothers to understand, that through his hand, the Placer is giving salvation to them. Yet they do not understand. 26 Besides, in the ensuing day, he was seen by ones fighting, and he interceded with them into peace, saying, ‘Men, brothers, why is it that you are injuring one another?’ 27 Yet the one injuring his associate thrusts him away, saying, ‘Who constitutes you a chief and justice on us? 28 Are you willing to be lifting me away, in which manner you lifted away the Egyptian yesterday?’ 29 In this word, yet, Moses fled, and became a sojourner in land of Midian, where he generates two sons. 30 And of forty years being fulfilled, a messenger was seen by him in the desolate region of the mountain Sinai, in a blaze of a fire of a thorn bush. 31 Perceiving it, yet, the Moses marvels at the sight. Of him coming toward it to consider it, yet, the voice of Master became, 32 ‘I am the Placer of your fathers, the Placer of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.’ Becoming in trembling, yet, Moses did not dare to consider it. 33 Yet the Master said to him, ‘Loose the sandals of your feet, for the place on which you have stood is holy land. 34 Perceiving, I perceived the evil treatment of my people in Egypt, and I hear their groaning, and I stepped down to be lifting them out. And now, hither, that I may be commissioning you into Egypt.’ 35 This Moses whom they disown, saying, ‘Who constitutes you a chief and justice?’ this one has the Placer commissioned to be both a chief and a redeemer, together with the hand of the messenger being seen by him in the thorn bush. 36 This one led them out, doing miracles and signs in Egypt land, and in the Red Sea, and forty years in the desolate region. 37 This is the Moses saying to the sons of Israel, ‘The Placer shall be raising a prophet to you out of your brothers, one as me.’ 38 This is the one becoming in the called out company in the desolate region, with the messenger speaking to him in the mountain Sinai, also of our fathers, who receives living oracles to give to us, 39 to whom our fathers do not will to become obedient, but thrust him away and turned in their hearts into Egypt, 40 saying to the Aaron, ‘Make to us placers who shall be going before us. For this Moses who led us out of land of Egypt, we have not perceived what became of him.’ 41 And they make a calf in those days, and led a sacrifice up to the idol, and they were glad in the works of their hands. 42 Yet the Placer turns and gives them over to be offering divine service to the host of the heaven, down as it has been written in a scroll of the prophets, ‘House of Israel, do you offer to me, slayed ones and sacrifices forty years in the desolate region? 43 You also got up the tent of the Moloch, and the gleamer of your placer Raiphan, the types which you make to be worshiping them. I also, shall be exiling you beyond Babylon.’ 44 The tent of the testimony was with our fathers in the desolate region, down as the one speaking to Moses prescribes, to make it down the type which he had seen, 45 which our succeeding fathers also led with Joshua in the tenure of the nations, which the Placer thrusts out from the face of our fathers, till the days of David, 46 who found grace in the Placer’s sight, and requests to be finding a tent in the house of Jacob. 47 Solomon, yet, builds a house to him. 48 But the Highest is not dwelling in hand-made things, down as the prophet is saying, 49 ‘The heaven is a throne to me, yet the land is a footstool of my feet. What house shall be built to me, Master is saying, or what is a place of my ceasing? 50 Does not my hand make all these things?’ 51 Hard-necks, and uncircumcised in hearts and in the ears, you are ever clashing with the holy spirit! As your fathers, you also! 52 Which of the prophets do your fathers not persecute? And they kill the ones announcing before about the coming of the just one, whose traitors and murderers you now became, 53 who got the law into a prescription of messengers, and do not guard it!” 54 Hearing these things, yet, they were sawn through in their hearts, and they gnashed their teeth at him. 55 Inhering full of holy spirit, yet, staring into the heaven, he perceived glory of Placer, and Jesus having stood out right of the Placer, 56 and he said, “Be perceiving, I am beholding the heavens opened up, and the son of the human having stood out right of the Placer!” 57 Yet crying in a great voice, they pressed their ears and in one accord rush on him. 58 And casting him out of the city, they cast stones. And the testifiers placed from them their garments beside the feet of a young man being called Saul. 59 And they cast stones on the Stephen, he calling and saying, “Master Jesus, receive my spirit!” 60 Placing his knees, yet, he cries in a great voice, “Master, may you not be standing this sin to them!” And saying this, he was reposed.
Chapter 8
1 Saul, yet, was delighting together with his lifting. In that day, yet, there became a great persecution on the called out company in Jerusalem. All (not the commissioners however) were dispersed, yet, down the countries of the Judea and Samaria. 2 Pious men, yet, fetch the Stephen together, and they do great grieving on him. 3 Saul, yet, devastated the called out company, entering down the houses. Dragging both men and women, he gave them over into jail. 4 The ones being dispersed, then, indeed came through, bringing the word as a good message. 5 Philip, yet, coming down into the city of the Samaria, proclaimed the Anointed to them. 6 In hearing the things being said by the Philip, yet, the throngs heeded them in one accord, also observing the signs which he did. 7 For from many of the ones having unclean spirits, they came out, imploring in a great voice. Yet many paralyzed and lame were cured. 8 There became, yet, much joy in that city. 9 Some man, yet, Simon in name, inhered in the city before, doing magic and amazing the nation of the Samaria, saying himself to be someone great, 10 to whom all heeded, from little till great, saying, “This man is called the great power of the Placer.” 11 They heeded him, yet, because of the time in the magics being enough to have amazed them. 12 Yet when they believe the Philip bringing the good message about the Placer’s kingdom and the name of Jesus Anointed, both men and women were immersed. 13 Simon also believes, yet, and being immersed, was perservering with the Philip. Beholding signs and great powers becoming, he is amazed. 14 The commissioners in Jerusalem, yet, hearing that the Samaria has received the Placer’s word, they commission toward them Peter and John, 15 who stepping down, pray about them, which is how they may be getting holy spirit, 16 for it was not as yet fallen on any of them, they having been immersed only. Yet they did inhere into the name of the Master Jesus. 17 Then they place their hands on them, and they got holy spirit. 18 The Simon, yet, perceiving that the spirit is being given through the placing on of the hands of the commissioners, he offers them monies, 19 saying, “Be giving this authority to me also, that on whomever I place my hands, he may be getting holy spirit.” 20 Yet Peter said toward him, “May your silver be into destruction together with you, it being that you infer to be acquiring the Placer’s grutuitous gift through monies. 21 There is neither part nor allotment to you in this word, for your heart is not straight in front of the Placer. 22 Repent from this evil of you, then, and beseech the Master, if consequently the notion of your heart shall be forgiven you. 23 For I am seeing you are into a bile of bitterness and a bond of unjustness.” 24 Answering, yet, the Simon said, “You beseech over me toward the Master, which is how none of what you have declared may be coming on me!” 25 Indeed then, the ones testifying and speaking the Master’s word returned into Jerusalem. They brought the good message to many villages of the Samaritans besides. 26 A messenger of Master speaks toward Philip, yet, saying, “Be rising and going down midday, on the way stepping down from Jerusalem into Gaza.” This is a desolate region, 27 and rising, he was gone. And be perceiving, there was a man, an Ethiopian eunuch, a potentate of Candace queen of Ethiopians, who was on all her exchequer, who had come into Jerusalem to be worshiping. 28 He was returning besides, and sitting on his chariot, also read the prophet Isaiah. 29 The spirit said to Philip, yet, “Be coming toward and be joined to this chariot.” 30 Running toward him, yet, the Philip hears him reading Isaiah the prophet, and said, “Consequently, you are surely knowing what you are reading.” 31 Yet he said, “For how may I ever be able, unless someone shall be guiding me?” He entreats the Philip besides, stepping up, to be seated together with him. 32 The context of the writing which he read, yet, was this: “He was led as a sheep on slaying, and as a lamb in front of the one shearing him is soundless, thus, he is not opening up his mouth. 33 In his lowness, his judgment was lifted. Who shall be relating his generation, it being that his life is lifted from the land?” 34 Answering, yet, the eunuch said to the Philip, “I am beseeching you, about whom is the prophet saying this? About himself, or about someone different?” 35 Opening up his mouth, yet, and beginning from this writing, the Philip brings the Jesus to him as the good message. 36 As they went down the way, yet, they came on some water, and the Eunuch is averring, “Be perceiving, water! What is forbidding me to be immersed?” 37 (nothing here in this version) 38 And he orders the chariot to stand, and both Philip and the eunuch stepped down into the water, and he immerses him. 39 When they stepped up out of the water, yet, spirit of Master snatches the Philip, and the eunuch did not still perceive him, for he went his way, having joy. 40 Philip, yet, was found into Azotus, and coming through, he brought all the cities the good message, till his coming into Caesarea.
Chapter 9
1 The Saul, yet, still blowing threat and murder into the Master’s learners, coming toward the chief priest, 2 he requests from him letters into Damascus toward the gathering places, which is how, if he is finding any of the way, both men and women, they having been bound, he may be leading them into Jerusalem. 3 In his going, yet, it became for him to be nearing the Damascus. Suddenly besides, a light out of the heaven flings gleam about him. 4 And falling on the land, he hears a voice saying to him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” 5 He said, yet, “Who are you, Master?” He yet said, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. 6 But be rising and entering into the city, and it shall be spoken to you what is a must for you to be doing.” 7 The men journeying together with him, yet, had stood dumbfounded, indeed hearing the sound, yet beholding no one. 8 Saul, yet, was roused from the land. Having opened up his eyes, yet, he observed nothing. Hand-leading him, yet, they led him into Damascus. 9 And he was three days observing nothing, and he neither ate nor drank. 10 Some learner was in Damascus, yet, Ananias in name, and in a sight, the Master said toward him, “Ananias.” He, yet, said, “Be perceiving, it is I, Master.” 11 The Master yet said toward him, “Rising, be gone on the street called Straight, and in the house of Judas, seek a Tarsian, Saul in name, for be perceiving, he is praying. 12 And he perceived a man in a sight, Ananias in name, entering and placing is hands on him, which is how he may be up observing.” 13 Yet Ananias answered, “Master, I hear from many about this man, as much evil as he does to the holy ones in Jerusalem. 14 And here he is having authority from the chief priests to bind all the ones calling on your name.” 15 Yet the Master said toward him, “Be going, it being that this one is a choice utensil to me, to bear my name in the sight of both nations and kings, sons of Israel besides. 16 For I shall be intimating to him as much as is a must for him to be suffering over my name.” 17 Ananias came away, yet, and entered into the house. And placing his hands on him, he said, “Saul, brother, the Master Jesus, the one seen by you in the way in which you came, has commissioned me, which is how you may be observing and be filled full of holy spirit.” 18 And immediately, it is as peelings fall from his eyes, and he observes. Besides also rising, he is immersed. 19 And getting nurture, he is strengthened. He became, yet, some days with the learners in Damascus. 20 And immediately in the gathering places he proclaimed the Jesus, that this one is the Placer’s son. 21 All the ones hearing are amazed, yet, and they said, “Is this not the one into Jerusalem, ravaging the ones calling on this name? And he had come here into this, that having bound them, he may be leading them on the chief priests.” 22 Yet Saul was empowered rather, and confused the Judaans dwelling in Damascus, deducing that this one is the Anointed. 23 As enough days were fulfilled, yet, the Judaans counsel together to be lifting him away. 24 Yet their plot is known to the Saul. They also kept beside the gates both day and night, yet, which is how they may be lifting him away. 25 The learners, yet, getting him of night, let him down through the wall, lowering him in a hamper. 26 Coming along into Jerusalem, yet, he tried to be joined to the learners, and all feared him, not believing that he is a learner. 27 Barnabas, yet, getting him, led him toward the commissioners and relates to them how, in the way, he perceived the Master and that he speaks to him, and how in Damascus he is bold in the Jesus’ name. 28 And he was with them into Jerusalem, entering and going out, being bold in the Master’s name. 29 He spoke besides, and discussed toward the Greekists. They, yet, took it in hand to be lifting him away. 30 Recognizing it, yet, the brothers led him down into Caeserea, and they put him out from them, into Tarsus. 31 Indeed then, the called out company down the whole of the Judea and Galilee and Samaria had peace, being built. And going in the fear of the Master and in the consolation of the holy spirit, it was multiplied. 32 It became, yet, for Peter, coming through all, to be coming down also toward the holy ones indwelling Lydda. 33 He found some human there who was paralyzed, yet, Eneas in name, out of eight years lying down on a pallet. 34 And the Peter said to him, “Aneas, Jesus Anointed is healing you; be rising and strew yourself.” And immediately he rose. 35 And all the ones indwelling Lydda and the Saron perceive him, and turn to the Master. 36 In Joppa, yet, there was some learner, Tabitha in name, which being translated is being said Dorcas. This one was full of good works and alms which she did. 37 It became in those days, yet, for her, being weak, to be dying. Bathing her, yet, they place her in an upper apartment. 38 Of Lydda being near to the Joppa, yet, the learners, hearing that Peter is in it, they commission two men toward him, “May you not be slothful in coming through till of us.” 39 Rising, yet, Peter came together with them, whom, becoming along, they led up into the upper apartment. And beside him stand all the widows, lamenting and showing tunics and garments, as many as the Dorcas made, being with them. 40 Casting them all outside, yet, the Peter also placing his knees, prays. And turning back toward the body, he said, “Tabitha, be rising.” She, yet, opens up her eyes, and perceiving the Peter, is seated up. 41 Giving a hand to her, yet, he raises her. Voicing for the holy ones and the widows, yet, he presents her living. 42 It became known down the the whole of the Joppa, yet, and many believe on the Master. 43 It became, yet, for him to remain enough days in Joppa with some Simon, a tanner.
Chapter 10
1 Some man was in Caesarea, yet, Cornelius in name, a centurion out of a band being called Italian, 2 he being devout and fearing the Placer together with all his house, doing many alms to the people and beseeching the Placer continually. 3 He perceived manifestly in a sight, as if about ninth hour of the day, a messenger of the Placer entering toward him and saying to him, “Cornelius.” 4 He, yet, staring to him and becoming in fear, said, “What is it, Master?” He yet said to him, “Your prayers and alms stepped up into a reminder in front of the Placer. 5 And now, send men into Joppa and send after some Simon who is being called Peter. 6 This one is lodging with some Simon a tanner, to whom is a house beside the sea.” 7 As the messenger speaking to him came away, yet, voicing for two of the domestics and a devout warrior of the ones perservering with him, 8 and unfolding it all to them, he commissions them into the Joppa. 9 On the morrow, yet, those journeying and nearing to the city, Peter stepped up on the housetop to pray, about sixth hour. 10 He became hungry, yet, and willed to taste food. Of them preparing it, yet, amazement became on him, 11 and he is beholding the heaven opened up, and some utensil as a great sheet with four beginnings, stepping down, being let down on the land, 12 in which inhered all the quadrapeds and reptiles of the land, and flyers of the heaven. 13 And a voice became toward him, “Peter, rising, sacrifice and be eating.” 14 Yet the Peter said, “Simultaneously no, Master, it being that I never ate anything contaminating and unclean!” 15 And out of a second time, a voice is again toward him, “Things which the Placer cleanses, do not be saying they are contaminating.” 16 This became on thrice, yet, and immediately the utensil was gotten up into the heaven. 17 As the Peter was bewildered in himself, yet, as to what the sight which he perceived may ever be, be perceiving, the men having been commissioned by the Cornelius are asking for the house of the Simon. They stand at the gate, 18 and voicing, they ascertained up if Simon, the one being called Peter, is yet lodging in this place. 19 The Peter, being yet engrossed about the sight, the spirit said to him, “Be perceiving, three men are seeking you. 20 But rising, be stepping down and going together with them, adjudicating nothing, it being that I have commissioned them.” 21 Stepping down, yet, Peter said toward the men, “Be perceiving, I am whom you are seeking. What is the cause because of which you are present?” 22 They, yet, say, “Cornelius, a centurion, a just man and fearing the Placer, besides being testified by the whole nation of the Judaans, is apprised by a holy messenger to send after you to be into his house, and for him to hear declarations from you.” 23 Calling them into there, then, he lodges them. Rising on the morrow, yet, he came out together with them, and some of the brothers from Joppa came together with him. 24 On the morrow, yet, he entered into the Caesarea. The Cornelius, yet, was hoping for them, calling together his relatives and necessary friends. 25 As the Peter became to be entering, yet, meeting together with him, the Cornelius, falling at his feet, worships. 26 Yet the Peter rouses him, saying, “Be rising; I myself also am a human.” 27 And conversing together with him, he entered and is finding many having come together. 28 He averred besides toward them, “You are adept, as it is repudiated for a Judaan man to be joined to or coming toward another tribe. The Placer also shows to me, to not be saying any human is contaminating or unclean. 29 Wherefore, being sent after, I also came with no balking. I am ascertaining up, then, in what word did you send after me?” 30 And the Cornelius averred, “From a fourth day unto this ninth hour, I was praying in my house, and be perceiving, a man stood in my sight, in a shining garment, 31 and he is averring, ‘Cornelius, your prayer is hearkened to, and your alms are remembered in the Placer’s sight. 32 Send into Joppa, then, and call for Simon who is being called Peter. This one is lodging in a house of Simon, a tanner beside the sea.’ 33 Forthwith, then, I send toward you. You besides, do ideally, becoming with us. Now, then, in the Placer’s sight, we are all present to hear all the things having been set toward you by the Master.” 34 Peter, yet, opening up his mouth, said, “On truth, I am grasping that the Placer is not partial, 35 but in every nation, the one fearing him and working righteousness is receivable to him. 36 The word which he commissions to the sons of Israel, bringing a good message of peace, is through Jesus Anointed. This one is Master of all. 37 You have perceived the declaration, it becoming down the whole Judea, beginning from the Galilee after the immersion which John proclaims. 38 Jesus is the one from Nazareth, as the Placer anoints him with holy spirit and power, who came through, working good and healing all the ones being tyrannized by the Adversary, it being that the Placer was with him. 39 And we are testifiers of all which he does, both in the country of the Judaans and in Jerusalem, whom they also lift away, hanging him on wood. 40 This one, the Placer rouses in the third day, and gives him to become disclosed, 41 not to all the people, but to testifiers having been selected before by the Placer, to us, who ate and drank together with him after his rising out of dead ones. 42 And he charges us to proclaim to the people and certify: that this is the one having been designated by the Placer, to be Judge of living and of dead ones. 43 All the prophets are testifying to this. Every one believing into him, is to be getting forgiveness of sins through his name.” 44 Of the Peter still speaking these declarations, the holy spirit falls on all the ones hearing the word. 45 And the believers out of circumcision, as many as had come together with the Peter, were amazed, it being that the gratuitous gift of the holy spirit has been poured out on the nations also. 46 For they heard them speaking in tongues and magnifying the Placer. 47 Then Peter answered, “Is it possible to forbid the water for any of these to be immersed, who also got the holy spirit as we?” 48 He sets it toward them, yet, to be immersed in the name of Jesus Anointed. Then they ask him to remain on some days.
Chapter 11
1 The commissioners and the brothers down the Judea hear, yet, that the nations also receive the Placer’s word. 2 Yet when Peter stepped up into Jerusalem, the ones out of circumcision adjudicated toward him, 3 saying that, “You entered toward men having uncircumcision, and ate together with them?” 4 Beginning, yet, Peter placed it out to them consecutively, saying, 5 “I was in Joppa city praying, and I perceived in an amazing sight, some utensil as a great sheet with four beginnings, stepping down, being let down out of the heaven, and it came until me, 6 into which staring, I considered. And I perceived the quadrapeds of the land, and the wild beasts, and the reptiles, and the flyers of the heaven. 7 Yet I also hear a voice saying to me, ‘Rising, Peter, sacrifice and be eating.’ 8 Yet I said, ‘Simultaneously no, Master, it being that a contaminating or unclean thing has never entered into my mouth!’ 9 Yet out of a second time, a voice answered out of the heaven, ‘Things which the Placer cleanses, do not be saying they are contaminating.’ 10 This became on thrice, yet, and it is all pulled up again into the heaven. 11 And be perceiving, three men stand by at the house in which we were, they having been commissioned from Caesarea toward me. 12 The spirit, yet, said to me, ‘Be coming together with them, adjudicating nothing.’ Yet these six brothers also came together with me, and we entered into the man’s house. 13 He reports to us, yet, how he perceived the messenger in his house, being stood and saying, ‘Commission into Joppa and send after Simon, the one being called Peter, 14 who shall be speaking declarations toward you, in which you and all your house shall be saved.’ 15 In my beginning to be speaking, yet, the holy spirit falls on them, even as also on us at a beginning. 16 I am reminded, yet, of the Master’s declaration as he said, ‘John indeed immerses in water, yet you shall be immersed in holy spirit.’ 17 If, then, the Placer gives also to them the equal gratuitous gift as to us, believing on the Master Jesus Anointed, was I somone able to forbid the Placer?” 18 Hearing these things, yet, they are quiet and glorify the Placer, saying, “Consequently, the Placer gives also to the nations the repentance into life.” 19 Indeed then, the ones being dispersed from the constriction becoming on Stephen, came through till of Phoenicia, and Cyprus, and Antioch, speaking the word to no one except Judaans only. 20 Some men out of them, yet, were Cyprians and Cyrenians who, coming into Antioch, spoke also toward the Greekists, bringing the Master Jesus as the good message. 21 And Master’s hand was with them; a vast number besides, believing, turn to the Master. 22 The word about them is heard, yet, into the ears of the called out company in Jerusalem, and they put Barnabas out from them to be coming through till Antioch, 23 who, coming along and perceiving the Placer’s grace, was having joy, and entreated all to be remaining with purpose of heart toward the Master, 24 it being that he was a good man and full of holy spirit and belief. And a throng enough was added to the Master. 25 He came out into Tarsus, yet, to seek up Paul. 26 And finding him, he led him into Antioch. It also became to them, yet, to be gathered a whole year in the called out company, and to teach enough of a throng, to apprise besides, firstly in Antioch, the learners as “Anointedians.” 27 In these days, yet, prophets came down from Jerusalem, into Antioch. 28 Rising, yet, one out of them, Agabus in name, signifies through the spirit, a great famine about to be on the whole habitance, which became on Claudius. 29 Down as any of the learners thrived, yet, each of them designate it into service, to send it to the brothers dwelling in Judea, 30 which they also do, commissioning it toward the seniors through the hand of Barnabas and Saul.
Chapter 12
1 Down that season, yet, Herod the king cast his hands to treat evilly some of the ones from the called out company. 2 James the brother of John, yet, he lifted away with a sword. 3 Perceiving that it is pleasing to the Judaans, yet, he proceeded to be getting Peter together also (the days, yet, were those of unfermented breads), 4 whom also arresting, he placed into jail, giving him over to four quaternions of warriors to be guarding him, intending to be leading him up to the people after the Passover. 5 Indeed then, the Peter was kept in the jail, yet prayer about him toward the Placer was earnestly becoming by the called out company. 6 When the Herod was about to be leading him before them, yet, in that night, the Peter was reposing between two warriors, having been bound in two chains. Two guards besides, before the door, kept the jail. 7 And be perceiving, a messenger of Master stood by, and light shines in the room. Smiting the Peter’s side, yet, he rouses him, saying, “Rise, in swiftness.” And the chains fall out of his hands. 8 The messenger yet said toward him, “Gird yourself and bind on your soles.” He does thus, yet, and he is saying to him, “Be casting your cloak about you, and be following me.” 9 And coming out, he followed, and he had not perceived that the thing becoming through the messenger is true. He seemed, yet, to be observing a sight. 10 Coming through a first and second jail, yet, they come on the iron gate, the one carrying into the city, which was spontaneously opened up to them. And coming out, they came one street before them, and immediately the messenger withdrew from him. 11 And becoming in himself, the Peter said, “Now I have truly perceived that the Master puts out his messenger and lifts me out of Herod’s hand and of all the hope of the people of the Judaans.” 12 Besides being conscious, he came on the house of Mary the mother of John, the one being called Mark, where enough were convened together and praying. 13 Of him knocking at the door of the gate, yet, a maid, Rhoda in name, came toward it to obey. 14 And recognizing Peter’s voice, from the joy, she does not open up the gate; yet running into there, she reports the Peter to have stood before the gate. 15 Yet they say toward her, “You are mad!” Yet she was strong to be having it thus. Yet they said, “It is his messenger.” 16 Yet the Peter remained on, knocking. Opening up, yet, they perceive him and were amazed. 17 Gesturing to them with his hand to be hushing, yet, he relates to them how the Master led him out of the jail. He said besides, “Report these things to James and to the brothers.” And coming out, he was gone into a different place. 18 Of day becoming, yet, there was a not slight disturbance among the warriors, about what consequently became of the Peter. 19 Herod, yet, seeking and not finding him, examining the guards, orders them to be led away. And coming down from the Judea into Caesarea, he tarried there. 20 He, yet, was feeling a fight with Tyrians and Sidonians. They, yet, in one accord were present toward him. And persuading Blastus, the one on the king’s bed-chamber, they requested peace, because of their being nurtured from the king’s country. 21 In a set day, yet, the Herod, slipping into a kingly garment and being seated on the platform, harangued toward them. 22 The public retorted, yet, “A voice of a placer, and not of a human!” 23 Instantly, yet, a messenger of Master smites him, in a stead of which he does not give the glory to the Placer. And becoming worm feed, he lets out his soul. 24 The Placer’s word, yet, grows up and was multiplied. 25 Barnabas and Saul, yet, return into Jerusalem, fulfilling the service, getting together with them John, the one being called Mark.
Chapter 13
1 Down the called out company in Antioch, yet, were prophets and teachers, both Barnabas and Simeon, the one being called Niger, and Lucius the Cyrenian, besides Manean, the tetrarch of Herod’s foster brother, and Saul. 2 Of them officiating to the Master and fasting, yet, the holy spirit said, “By all means sever to me the Barnabas and Saul, into the work toward which I have called them.” 3 Fasting and praying, then, and placing their hands on them, they release them. 4 Indeed then, they being sent out by the holy spirit, they came down into Seleucia. Thence besides, they float away into Cyprus. 5 And becoming in Salamis, they announced the Placer’s word in the gathering places of the Judaans. They also, yet, had John as a subservient. 6 Coming through the whole island until Paphos, yet, they found some man, a magician, a Judaan false prophet to whom was the name Bar-Jesus, 7 who was together with the proconsul Sergius Paul, an intelligent man. This one, calling Barnabas and Saul toward him, seeks to hear the Placer’s word. 8 Yet Elymas the Magician, for thus is his name after being translated, withstood them, seeking to pervert the proconsul from the belief. 9 Saul, yet, the one also Paul, being filled full of holy spirit, staring into him, 10 said, “O son of Adversary, full of every fraud and knavery, enemy of every righteousness, shall you not cease perverting the straight ways of the Master? 11 And now, be perceiving, the hand of Master is on you, and you shall be blind, not observing the sun until a season.” Instantly besides, a fog and darkness falls on him. And going about, he sought someone to hand-lead him. 12 The proconsul then, perceiving the thing having become, believes, being astonished on the Master’s teaching. 13 Being led up from the Paphos, yet, the ones about Paul came into Perga of the Pamphylia. John, yet, departing from them, returns into Jerusalem. 14 Coming through from the Perga, yet, they became into Antioch of the Pisidia. And entering into the gathering place in the day of the sabbaths, they are seated. 15 After the reading of the law and the prophets, yet, the chiefs of the gathering place commission toward them, saying, “Men, brothers, if there is in you any word of consolation toward the people, be saying it.” 16 Paul, yet, rising and gesturing with his hand, said, “Men, Israelites, and the ones fearing the Placer, hear! 17 The Placer of this people Israel chooses our fathers, and he heightens the people in the sojourn into land of Egypt, and with a high upper arm he led them out of it. 18 And as a forty year time, he nurtures and carries them in the desolate region. 19 And lifting down seven nations in Canaan land, he distributes their land, 20 in as four hundred fifty years. And after these things, he gives judges till Samuel the prophet. 21 And hence they request a king, and the Placer gives to them the Saul, son of Kish, a man out of tribe Benjamin, forty years. 22 And transposing him, he rouses the David into a king to them, to whom testifying, he also said, ‘I found David, the one of Jesse, a man down my heart, who shall be doing all my will effects.’ 23 From the seed of this one, down a promise, the Placer led to the Israel a Savior, Jesus, 24 John proclaiming, before the face of his entrance, an immersion of repentance to all the people of Israel. 25 As John fulfilled his running, yet, he said, ‘What you are suspecting me to be, I am not. But be perceiving, after me is coming one, the sandal of whose feet I am not worthy to loose.’ 26 Men, brothers, sons of Abraham breed, and the ones among you fearing the Placer, to us was the word of this salvation put out. 27 For the ones dwelling in Jerusalem and their chiefs, unknowing of this one, they also fulfill the voices of the prophets being read down every sabbath, judging him. 28 And they request of Pilate, he finding not one cause of death, for him to be lifted away. 29 As they consummate all the things having been written about him, yet, lifting him down from the wood, they place him into a tomb. 30 Yet the Placer rouses him out of dead ones, 31 who was seen on more days by the ones stepping up together with him from the Galilee into Jerusalem, who are now testifiers of him toward the people. 32 And we are bringing the good message to you, it being that this promise becoming toward the fathers, the Placer has fulfilled to the offspring, to us, raising Jesus, 33 as it has also been written in the second Psalm, ‘You are my son; today I have generated you.’ 34 It being that he raises him out of dead ones, yet, he by no means still about to be returning into decay, he has thus declared that, ‘I shall be giving you the faithful benignities of David.’ 35 Wherefore also, in a different place, he is saying, ‘You shall not be giving your benign one to be perceiving decay.’ 36 For David indeed, subserving in his own generation, in the Placer’s counsel, was reposed and was added toward his fathers, and perceived decay. 37 Yet he whom the Placer rouses, did not perceive decay. 38 Let it be known to you, then, men, brothers, that through this one, forgiveness of sins is being announced to you. 39 And from all which you were not enabled to be justified in the law of Moses, in this one, every one believing is being justified. 40 Be looking out, then, that the thing having been declared in the prophets may not be coming on you, 41 ‘Be perceiving, despisers, and marvel, and be disappearing, it being that I am working a work in your days, a work which you may by no means be believing, if someone is detailing it to you.’ ” 42 Of them being out, yet, they entreated for these declarations to be spoken to them into the sabbath between. 43 Of the gathering place being loosed, yet, many of the Judaans and revering proselytes follow the Paul and the Barnabas, who speaking toward them, persuaded them to be remaining toward the Placer’s grace. 44 In the coming sabbath, yet, almost all the city was gathered to hear the Master’s word. 45 The Judaans, yet, perceiving the throngs, are filled full of jealousy, and they contradicted the things being spoken by Paul, calumniating. 46 Being bold, both the Paul and the Barnabas say, “It was necessary for the Placer’s word to be spoken to you first. Since in fact, you are thrusting it away and judging yourselves not worthy of the durative life, be perceiving, we are turning into the nations. 47 For thus has the Master precepted to us, ‘I have placed you into a light of nations, you to be into salvation till the last of the land.’ ” 48 Hearing it, yet, the nations rejoiced and glorified the Master’s word. And as many as were set into durative life, believe. 49 The Master’s word excelled, yet, through the whole country. 50 The Judaans, yet, instigate the revering respectable women and the foremost of the city, and they rouse persecution on the Paul and Barnabas, and they cast them out from their boundaries. 51 Yet quivering the dust from their feet on them, they came into Iconium. 52 The learners besides, were filled full of joy and holy spirit.
Chapter 14
1 It became down the same in Iconium, yet, for them to be entering into the gathering place of the Judaans and to speak thus, so as, for a vast multitude of both Judaans and Greeks to believe. 2 Yet the stubborn Judaans rouse, and evilly treat the souls of the nations, to be against the brothers. 3 They indeed tarry enough time, then, being bold on the Master, he testifying on the word of his grace, giving signs and miracles to become through their hands. 4 Yet the multitude of the city is split, and ones indeed were together with the Judaans, yet ones were together with the commissioners. 5 As there became a rush of the nations, yet, besides also of Judaans together with their chiefs, to treat them outrageously and cast stones, 6 being conscious of it, they fled down into the cities of the Lycaonia, Lystra, and Derbe, and the country about. 7 And there they were bringing the good message. 8 And in Lystra, some man, unable in his feet, sat there, who never walks, being lame out of his mother’s belly. 9 This one hears the Paul speaking, who, staring to him and perceiving that he is having belief to be saved, 10 said in a great voice, “Be rising upright on your feet!” And he leaps, and walked. 11 The throngs besides, perceiving what Paul does, lift up their voice, saying in Lycaonian, “The placers, being made like humans, have stepped down toward us!” 12 Besides, they called the Barnabas Zeus, yet the Paul, Hermes, since in fact he was the leading one of the word. 13 Besides, the priest of the Zeus, the one being before the city, willed to be sacrificing together with the throngs, carrying bulls and garlands at the gates. 14 Yet the commissioners Barnabas and Paul, hearing it, bursting through their garments, spring out into the throng, crying 15 and saying, “Men, why are you doing these things? We also are humans, made to suffer like you, bringing a good message to you, to be turning from these vain things, onto a living Placer, who makes the heaven and the land and the sea and all the things in them, 16 who, in the generations having gone by, leaves all the nations to be going their ways, 17 though he also does not let himself be untestified, working good to you from heaven, giving wetness and fruit-carrying seasons, having filled your hearts full of nurture and gladness.” 18 And saying these things, they hardly cease the throngs so as to not be sacrificing to them. 19 Yet Judaans from Antioch and Iconium come on, and persuading the throngs, also stoning the Paul, they dragged him out of the city, inferring he to have died. 20 Yet of his learners surrounding him, rising, he entered into the city. And on the morrow he came out together with the Barnabas, into Derbe. 21 Bringing the good message to that city besides, and making enough learners, they return into the Lystra, and into Iconium, and into Antioch, 22 establishing the souls of the learners, entreating them to be remaining in the belief, and saying that, “It is a must for us to be entering into the Placer’s kingdom through many constrictions.” 23 Called out company by called out company, yet, selecting seniors to them, praying with fastings, they committed them to the Master into whom they had believed. 24 And coming through the Pisidia, they came into the Pamphylia. 25 And speaking the word in Perga, they stepped down into Attalia. 26 And thence they float away into Antioch, whence they were given over to the Placer’s grace, into the work which they fulfill. 27 Coming along and gathering the called out company, yet, they informed them of as much as the Placer does with them, and that he opens up a door of belief to the nations. 28 They tarried, yet, not a brief time, together with the learners.
Chapter 15
1 And some coming down from the Judea taught the brothers that, “If you are not being circumcised in the custom to the Moses, you are not able to be saved.” 2 Yet there becoming a not slight standing and seeking with the Paul and the Barnabas toward them, they set Paul and Barnabas and some others to be stepping up out of them into Jerusalem, toward the commissioners and seniors about this question. 3 Indeed then, the ones being sent before by the called out company came through both Phoenicia and Samaria, detailing the turning of the nations, and they made great joy to all the brothers. 4 Coming along into Jerusalem, yet, they were received from the called out company and the commissioners and the seniors. They inform them besides, of as much as the Placer does with them. 5 Some rise out, yet, from the sect of the Pharisees having believed, saying that, “It is a must for them to be circumcising, to be charging them besides, to be keeping the law of Moses.” 6 Both the commissioners and the seniors were gathered to be perceiving about this word. 7 Of much questioning becoming yet, rising, Peter said toward them, “Men, brothers, you are adept, that from beginning days among you, the Placer chooses through my mouth for the nations to hear the word of the good message and to believe. 8 And Placer, the Heart-knower, testifies to them, giving them the holy spirit down as to us also, 9 and adjudicates nothing between both us and them, cleansing their hearts in the belief. 10 Now then, why are you trying the Placer, placing on the neck of the learners a yoke which neither our fathers nor we are strong enough to bear? 11 But through the grace of the Master Jesus, we are believing to be saved, down which manner those are also.” 12 All the multitude hushes, yet, and they heard Barnabas and Paul unfolding as much as the Placer does through them, there being signs and miracles among the nations. 13 After their hushing, yet, James answered, saying, “Men, brothers, hear me. 14 Simon unfolds down as the Placer first oversees, to be getting out of nations a people to his name. 15 And to this the words of the prophets are agreeing, down as it has been written, 16 ‘After these things I shall be returning and rebuilding David’s tent, the one having fallen and been dug down; I shall be rebuilding and making it upright again, 17 which is how the ones left of the humans may ever be seeking the Master, including all the nations on whom my name has been called on them, Master is saying, doing these things.’ 18 This is known from the duration. 19 Wherefore I am judging to not be harassing the ones from the nations turning to the Placer, 20 but to have a letter to them, they to be having themselves away from the ceremonial pollutions of the idols, and the prostitution, and the thing strangled, and the blood. 21 For Moses, out of beginning generations, city by city, is having the ones proclaiming him in the gathering places, being read down every sabbath.” 22 Then it seems to the commissioners and the seniors, together with the whole called out company, choosing men out of them, to send them into Antioch together with the Paul and Barnabas: Judas the one called Bar-Sabbas, and Silas, leading men among the brothers, 23 writing through their hand, “The commissioners and the senior brothers, to the brothers down the Antioch and Syria and Cilicia, the ones out of nations, be having joy! 24 Since in fact, we hear that some (whom we did not assign) coming out of us disturb you in words dismantling your souls, 25 it seems to us, becoming in one accord, to send toward you men together with our beloved Barnabas and Paul, 26 humans having given over their souls, over the name of our Master Jesus Anointed. 27 We have commissioned Judas and Silas, then, and they, through a word, are reporting the same things. 28 For it seems to the holy spirit and to us, to be placing nothing more heavy on you than these essentials however: 29 to be having yourselves away from idol sacrifices, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from prostitution, out of which keeping yourselves, you shall be practicing well. Be faring well!” 30 Indeed then, the ones being dismissed came down into Antioch, and gathering the multitude, they give them the letter. 31 Reading it, yet, they were having joy on the consolation. 32 Besides, Judas and Silas, they also being prophets, through much word they entreat and establish the brothers. 33 Doing it some time, yet, they were dismissed with peace from the brothers, toward the ones commissioning them. 34 (nothing here in this version) 35 Yet Paul and Barnabas tarried in Antioch, teaching and bringing, with many others also, the good message of the Master’s word. 36 After some days, yet, Paul said toward Barnabas, “Turning back, we may by all means be overseeing the brothers down every city in which we announce the Master’s word, how they are having it.” 37 Barnabas, yet, intended to be getting the John together with them, the one being called Mark. 38 Yet Paul deemed him not worthy to be gotten together with them, he being the one withdrawing from them from Pamphylia, and not coming together with them into the work. 39 There became a sharpening with them, yet, so, as for them to be recoiled from one another, for the Barnabas besides, to get the Mark, to float out into Cyprus. 40 Yet Paul, saying on Silas, came out, being given over to the Master’s grace by the brothers. 41 He came through the Syria and the Silicia, yet, establishing the called out companies.
Chapter 16
1 He situates into Derbe, yet, into Lystra also, and be perceiving, some learner was there, Timothy in name, a son of a believing Judaan woman, yet of a Greek father, 2 who was testified by the brothers in Lystra and Iconium. 3 The Paul wills for this one to be coming out together with him. And getting him, he circumcised him because of the Judaans being in those places; for they all had perceived that his father inhered as a Greek. 4 As they went through the cities, yet, they gave it over to them to be guarding the decrees having been judged by the commissioners and the seniors in Jerusalem. 5 Indeed then, the called out companies were solidified in the belief, and they abounded in number day by day. 6 They came through the Phrygia, yet, and Galatian country, being forbidden by the holy spirit to speak the word in the Asia. 7 Coming down the Mysia, yet, they tried to be gone into the Bithynia, and the spirit of Jesus does not let them. 8 Passing by the Mysia, yet, they stepped down into Troas. 8 And through the night, a sight was seen by Paul: Some Macedonian man was having stood, and entreating him and saying, “Stepping through into Macedonia, help us!” 10 As he perceived the sight, yet, we immediately seek to be coming out into Macedonia, deducing that the Placer has called us to bring the good message toward them. 11 Being led up from Troas, yet, we run straight into Samothrace, yet in the ensuing day, into Neapolis, 12 and thence into Philippi, which is a colony, a foremost city of part of the Macedonia. We were tarrying some days in this city, yet. 13 In the day of the sabbaths besides, we came outside the gate beside a river, where we inferred prayer to be. And being seated, we spoke to the women coming together. 14 And some woman, Lydia in name, a purple-seller of Thyatira city, revering the Placer, heard, whose heart the Master opens up to be heeding the things being spoken by the Paul. 15 As she and her house are immersed, yet, she entreats, saying, “If you have judged me to be faithful to the Master, entering into my house, be remaining.” And she urges us. 16 It became, yet, of our going into the prayer, for some maid to meet us, she having an ascertainer spirit, who being mad, tendered much work to her masters. 17 Following down to the Paul and us, she cried, saying, “These humans are slaves of the highest Placer, who are announcing to you a way of salvation!” 18 She did this on many days, yet. Paul, being exasperated, yet, and turning, said to the spirit, “I am charging you, in the name of Jesus Anointed, to be coming out from her!” And it came out in the same hour. 19 Her masters, yet, perceiving that the expectation of their work came out, getting onto the Paul and the Silas, they draw them into the market, onto the chiefs. 20 And leading them toward the officers, they say, “These humans are out disturbing our city, inhering as Judaans, 21 and they are announcing customs which it is not allowed to us to be receiving, neither to be doing, being Romans.” 22 And the throng stood together against them, and the officers, bursting their garments about, ordered for them to be rodded. 23 Besides placing many blows on them, they cast them into jail, charging the warden to be keeping them securely, 24 who, getting such a charge, casts them into the interior jail, and secures their feet into the wood. 25 Down the midnight, yet, Paul and Silas, praying, hymned the Placer. The prisoners, yet, listened on them. 26 Yet suddenly, there became a great quaking, so as, for the foundations of the prison to be shaken. Instantly, yet, all the doors were opened up, and the bonds of all were slacked. 27 The warden, yet, becoming out of sleep and perceiving the doors of the jail having been opened up, pulling his sword, was about to be lifting himself away, inferring the prisoners to have escaped. 28 In a great voice, yet, Paul voices, saying, “You should not be practicing anything evil to yourself! For we are all yet in this place.” 29 Requesting for lights, yet, he springs into there, and becoming in trembling, he falls toward the Paul and Silas. 30 And preceding them out, he averred, “Masters, what is a must for me to be doing, that I may be saved? 31 They yet say, “Believe on the Master Jesus, and you shall be saved, you and your house.” 32 And they speak the Master’s word to him, together with all the ones in his house. 33 And getting them in that hour of the night, he bathes them from their blows, and he and all his are immersed instantly. 34 Leading them up into his house besides, he places a table with them and exults with all his house, having believed the Placer. 35 Of day becoming, yet, the officers commission the constables, saying, “Release those humans.” 36 The warden, yet, reports these words toward the Paul, that, “The officers have commissioned that you may be released. Now then, coming out, be going in peace.” 37 Yet the Paul averred toward them, “Lashing us publicly, uncondemned humans inhering as Romans, they cast us into jail. And now they are casting us out covertly? For no, but they coming, let them be leading us out.” 38 The constables, yet, report these declarations to the officers. 39 Hearing that they are Romans, yet, they were afraid. 39 And coming, they entreat them, and leading them out, asked them to be coming away from the city. 40 Coming out from the jail, yet, they entered toward the Lydia, and perceiving the brothers, they console them, and come out.
Chapter 17
1 Journeying through the Amphipolis and the Apollonia, yet, they came into Thessalonica, where there was a gathering place of the Judaans. 2 Down the custom to the Paul, yet, he entered toward them, and on three sabbaths, he argues with them from the writings, 3 opening it up and placing with them that it was a must for the Anointed to be suffering and to rise out of dead ones, and that, “This one is the Anointed, the Jesus whom I am announcing to you.” 4 And some out of them are persuaded, and they were allotted toward the Paul and the Silas, a vast multitude of the revering Greeks besides, the foremost women besides, not a few. 5 The Judaans, yet, being jealous, and getting toward them some wicked men of the market occurrences, also making a throng, they tumulted the city. And standing by the house of Jason, they sought to be leading them into the public. 6 Yet not finding them, they dragged Jason and some brothers onto the city chiefs, imploring that, “The ones standing* up the habitance, these are present in yet this place also, 7 ones whom Jason has entertained. And all these are practicing things in front of the decrees of Caesar, saying there is to be a different king, Jesus.” 8 They disturb the throng, yet, also the city chiefs hearing these things. 9 And getting enough from Jason and the rest, they release them. 10 Immediately through night, yet, the brothers send both the Paul and the Silas out into Berea, who coming along, are away into the gathering place of the Judaans. 11 These, yet, were more well-generated than the ones in Thessalonica, who receive the word with every eagerness, day by day examining the writings, if these may be having it thus. 12 Indeed then, many out of them believe, also of the respectable Greek women and men, not a few. 13 Yet as the Judaans from the Thessalonica know that the Placer’s word was announced by the Paul in the Berea also, they came there also, shaking and disturbing the throngs. 14 Yet immediately, the brothers then put the Paul out away, to be going till at the sea. Besides, both the Silas and the Timothy endure there. 15 The ones conducting the Paul, yet, led him till Athens. And getting a precept toward the Silas and the Timothy, that they may be coming most swiftly toward him, they are out. 16 In the Athens, yet, the Paul, waiting for them, his spirit was sharpened in him, beholding the city being idol-ridden. 17 Indeed then, he argued in the gathering place with the Judaans and the revering ones, and in the market, down every day, toward the ones happening along. 18 Yet some of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers also cast together with him, and some said to him, “What may this seed collector ever be willing to be saying?” some yet, “He is seeming to be an announcer of strange demons,” it being that he brought the Jesus and the resurrection as a good message. 19 Getting onto him besides, they led him onto the Areopagus, saying, “Are we able to know, what is this new teaching being spoken by you? 20 For what you are carrying into our hearing is strange. We are intending to know, then, what these things are willing to be.” 21 All Athenians and the repatriated guests, yet, are well-seasoned into nothing different than to be saying something or hearing something newer. 22 The Paul, yet, being stood amidst the Areopagus, averred, “Men, Athenians, down all, I am beholding you as being quite religious. 23 For coming through and contemplating your venerations, I found also a pedestal on which you had written, ‘To an unknown placer.’ The one, then, to whom you are being unknowingly devout, this one I am announcing to you. 24 The Placer, the one making the world and all the things in it, this one, inhering as Master of heaven and of land, is not dwelling in hand-made temples. 25 Neither is he being cured by human hands, requiring anything, he himself giving life and breath and the all to all. 26 Besides, out of one, he makes every nation of humans to be dwelling on every face of the land, designating previously set seasons and the bounds of their dwelling, 27 they to be seeking the Placer, if consequently surely they may touch him and be finding him. And surely, he is inhering not far from each one of us, 28 for in him we are living and moving and are, as also some of the poets down you have declared, ‘For we also are a breed of him.’ 29 Inhering as a breed of the Placer, then, we are not owing to be inferring the divine to be like gold or silver or stone, an emblem of art and human feeling. 30 Indeed then, condoning the times of unknowledge, the Placer is now charging all the humans everywhere to be repenting, 31 down that he stands a day in which he is about to be judging the habitance in righteousness, in a man whom he designates, tendering belief to all, raising him out of dead ones.” 32 Hearing of resurrection of dead ones, yet, some indeed jeered. Yet ones say, “We shall be hearing you about this again also.” 33 Thus the Paul came out of their midst. 34 Yet some men, being joined to him, believe, among whom were both Dionysius and a woman, Damaris in name, and others together with them.
Chapter 18
1 After these things, being separated out of the Athens, he came into Corinth. 2 And finding some Judaan, Aquila in name, of Pontas in the breed, and Priscilla his woman (they recently having come from the Italy because of Claudius having prescribed for all the Judaans to be separating from the Rome), he came toward them. 3 And because of they being of like art, he remained with them and worked, for they were tentmakers in the art. 4 Down every sabbath, yet, he argued in the gathering place. He persuaded both Judaans and Greeks. 5 As both the Silas and the Timothy came down from the Macedonia, yet, the Paul was pressed in the word, certifying to the Judaans, Jesus to be the Anointed. 6 Yet of them resisting and calumniating, he, quivering out his garments, said toward them, “Your blood is on your head! I am clean of you! From the now, I shall be going into the nations.” 7 And proceeding thence, he entered into a house of someone, Titus Justus in name, one revering the Placer, whose house was adjacent to the gathering place. 8 Yet Crispus, the chief of the gathering place, believes the Master, together with his whole house. And many of the Corinthians, hearing, believed and were immersed. 9 The Master, yet, in night through a sight, said to the Paul, “Do not be fearing, but be speaking, and no one shall be placing it on you to treat you evilly, 10 because there are many people to me in this city.” 11 He is seated a year and six months, yet, teaching the Placer’s word among them. 12 Of Gallio being proconsul of the Achaia, yet, the Judaans in one accord stood up against the Paul, and they led him onto the platform, 13 saying that, “This one is up persuading the humans to be revering the Placer, beside the law.” 14 Of the Paul about to be opening up his mouth, yet, the Gallio said toward the Judaans, “If indeed it was some injury or wicked knavery, O Judaans, down a reckoning, I would have tolerated you. 15 Yet if it is questions about a word, and of names, and of the law down you, you shall be seeing them. I am not intending to be a judge of these.” 16 And he drives them away from the platform. 17 They all, yet, getting onto Sosthenes the chief of the gathering place, beat him in front of the platform. And the Gallio cared about none of these things. 18 The Paul, yet, still remaining enough days toward the brothers, setting away, floated out into the Syria, and Priscilla and Acquila together with him, his head being shorn in Cenchrea, for he had a vow. 19 They, yet, situate into Ephesus, and he left them there. Entering into the gathering place, yet, he argues with the Judaans. 20 Of them asking him to remain more time, he does not consent. 21 But setting away and saying, “The Placer willing, I shall be coming back toward you again,” he was led up from the Ephesus. 22 And coming down into Caesarea, stepping up and greeting the called out company, he stepped down into Antioch. 23 And doing some time, he came out, coming consecutively through the Galatian country and Phrygia, establishing all the learners. 24 Some Judaan, yet, Apollos in name, Alexandrian in the breed, a scholarly man, situates into Ephesus, being able in the writings. 25 This one was instructed in the Master’s way, and was zealous in the spirit. He spoke and taught accurately the things about the Jesus, being adept only in the immersion of John. 26 This one besides, begins to be bold in the gathering place. Hearing him, yet, Priscilla and Acquila got him toward them, and placed out to him more exactly the Placer’s way. 27 Of him intending to be coming through into the Achaia, yet, the brothers, promoting it, write to the learners to receive him, who becoming along, cast much together with the ones having believed through the grace. 28 For he strenuously confuted the Judaans publicly, through the writings showing Jesus to be the Anointed.
Chapter 19
1 In the Apollos being in Corinth, yet, it became for Paul, coming through the upper parts, to be coming down into Ephesus. And finding some learners, 2 he said besides toward them, “Believing, did you get holy spirit?” They yet said toward him, “But neither do we hear if there is holy spirit.” 3 He said besides, “Into what, then, are you immersed?” They yet say, “Into the immersion of John.” 4 Paul yet said, “John immerses an immersion of repentance, saying to the people, that they should be believing into the one coming after him, this is, into the Jesus.” 5 Hearing, yet, they are immersed into the name of the Master Jesus. 6 And of the Paul placing his hands on them, the holy spirit came on them. Besides, they spoke in tongues and prophesied. 7 All the men, yet, were as if twelve. 8 Entering into the gathering place, yet, he was bold on three months, arguing and persuading about the Placer’s kingdom. 9 Yet as some were hardened and stubborn, saying evil of the way in the sight of the multitude, withdrawing from them, he severs the learners, arguing day by day in the school of Tyrannus. 10 This became on two years, yet, so as, for all the ones indwelling the Asia to hear the Master’s word, both Judaans and Greeks. 11 Not the usual happenings, the Placer did powers through the hands of Paul besides, 12 so as also for handkerchiefs or aprons to be carried from his cuticle, onto the ones being weak, and the diseases to be clearing from them, the wicked spirits to be going out besides. 13 Some of the wandering Judaans, yet, exorcists, also took it in hand to be naming the Master Jesus’ name on the ones having the wicked spirits, saying, “I am adjuring you by the Jesus whom Paul is proclaiming!” 14 Doing this, yet, were some of seven sons of Sceva, a Judaan priest. 15 Answering, yet, the wicked spirit said to them, “I am indeed knowing Jesus, and I am adept about the Paul. But who are you?” 16 And the human in whom was the wicked spirit, leaping on them, mastering down both, is strong against them, so as for them to be naked and wounded, escaping out of that house. 17 This became known to all the ones indwelling Ephesus, yet, both Judaans and Greeks, and fear falls on them all, and the name of the Master Jesus was magnified. 18 Besides, many of the ones having believed came avowing and informing of their practices. 19 Enough of the ones practicing meddling works, yet, carrying their scrolls together, burned them down in the sight of all. And they pebble* their values together, and they found it to be fifty thousand pieces of silver. 20 Thus, down the Master’s holding, the word grows up and was strong. 21 As these things were fulfilled, yet, the Paul had it placed in the spirit, coming through the Macedonia and the Achaia, to be going into Jerusalem, saying that, “After my becoming there, it is a must for me to be perceiving Rome also.” 22 Yet commissioning two of the ones serving him, Timothy and Erastus, he attended into the Asia a time. 23 Down that season, yet, there became a disturbance, not slight, about the way. 24 For some silversmith, Demetrius in name, making silver temples of Artemis, tendered work, not slight, to the artisans, 25 whom convening together, including the workers about such things, said, “Men, you are adept that our thriving is out of this work. 26 And you are beholding and hearing that not only of Ephesus, but almost all of the Asia, this Paul, persuading, transposes enough of a throng, saying that the placers becoming through hands are not placers. 27 Yet this is endangering to not only us, the part of we coming into confutation, but also, the sacred place of the great goddess Artemis, it being reckoned into nothing. Besides also, about to be lifted down, is the magnificence of her whom the whole Asia and the habitance is revering!” 28 Hearing it, yet, and becoming full of fury, they cried, saying, “Great is the Artemis of Ephesians!” 29 And the city is filled full of the confusion. Besides, they rush in one accord into the theater, snatching together Gaius and Aristarchus, Macedonians, fellow travelers of Paul. 30 Of Paul intending to be entering into the public, yet, the learners did not let him. 31 Some of the Asia chiefs, yet, also being friends to him, sending toward him, entreated him to not give himself into the theater. 32 Others, indeed then, cried some other thing, for the called out company was confused, and the majority had not perceived on what account they had come together. 33 Out of the throng, yet, they unite on Alexander, casting him before the Judaans. The Alexander, yet, gesturing his hand, willed to be defending to the public. 34 Yet recognizing that he is a Judaan, there became one voice out of all, as on two hours, crying, “Great is the Artemis of Ephesians!” 35 Composng the throng, yet, the writer is averring, “Men, Ephesians, for who of humans is not knowing, the city of Ephesians is being temple janitor of the great Artemis and of the Zeus fall? 36 These things not being gainsaid, then, it is a must for you to be inhering composed, and to be practicing nothing rash. 37 For you led these men, they being neither despoilers of a sacred place, nor calumniators of our goddess. 38 Indeed then, if Demetrius and the artisans together with him are having a word toward anyone, market occurrences are being led, and proconsuls are there; let them be indicting one another. 39 If you are on seeking about anything different, it shall be explained in the legal called out company. 40 For also, we are endangering ourselves to be indicted about the standing today, there inhering not one cause about which we shall be able to render a word about this run-together.” 41 And saying these things, he dismisses the called out company.
Chapter 20
1 After the tumult ceased, yet, the Paul, sending after the learners, consoling and greeting them, he came out to be going into Macedonia. 2 Coming through those parts, yet, and entreating them in many a word, he came into the Greece, 3 doing three months besides. There becoming a plot on him by the Judaans, he about to be led up into the Syria, he became of an opinion to be returning through Macedonia. 4 Said to be together with him, yet, was Sopater of Pyrrus, a Berean; of Thesslonicans, yet, were Aristarchus, and Segundus, and Gaius, a Derbian, and Timothy; Asians, yet, were Tychicus and Trophimus. 5 These, yet, coming before, remained for us in Troas. 6 After the days of the unfermented breads, yet, we float out from Philippi and came toward them into the Troas until five days, where we tarry seven days. 7 In one of the sabbaths, yet, we having been gathered together to break bread, the Paul argued with them. About to be out on the morrow, he prolonged the word besides, unto midnight. 8 There were enough torches, yet, in the upper apartment where we were gathered. 9 Some young man, yet, Eutychus in name, being seated on the window, is being carried down in a deep sleep. Of Paul arguing on more, being carried down from the sleep, he falls down below from the third roof, and was lifted dead. 10 Stepping down, yet, the Paul falls on him, and embracing him, said, “Do not be tumulting, for his soul is in him.” 11 Stepping up, yet, and breaking the bread and tasting, conversing on enough besides until daybreak, he came out thus. 12 They led the little boy living, yet, and were immeasurably consoled. 13 We, yet, coming before on the boat, were led up on to the Assos, thence about to be getting the Paul. For thus it had been prescribed, he being about on foot. 14 As he cast together with us into the Assos, yet, getting him, we came into Mitylene. 15 And floating from thence, in the ensuing day, we situate abreast of Chios. In a different day, yet, we cast beside into Samos. In the next, yet, we came into Miletus. 16 For Paul has judged to float by the Ephesus, which is how it may become to him to not linger in the Asia, for he was diligent, if it may be possible to him, to become into Jerusalem the day of the Pentecost. 17 From the Miletus, yet, sending into Ephesus, he calls to be with him the seniors of the called out company. 18 As they came along toward him, yet, he said to them, “You are adept, from the first day from which I stepped into the Asia, how I became with you all the time, 19 slaving to the Master with every humility, and tears, and trials of the things befalling me in the plots of the Judaans, 20 as I did not shrink from informing you of any of the things expedient to you, and taught you publicly and down homes, 21 certifying to both Judaans and Greeks, the repentance into Placer, and belief into our Master Jesus. 22 And now, be perceiving, having been bound in the spirit, I am going into Jerusalem, not having perceived the things meeting togther with me in it. 23 However, city by city, the holy spirit certifies to me, saying that bonds and constrictions are remaining. 24 But I am making it a word of nothing, my soul being not valuable to myself, so as to consummate my running and the service which I got from the Master Jesus, to certify the good message of the Placer’s grace. 25 And now, be perceiving, I have perceived that you shall not still be seeing my face, all you among whom I came through, proclaiming the kingdom. 26 Wherefore I am testifying to you in the day today, that I am clean from the blood of all. 27 For I did not shrink from informing you of all the Placer’s counsel. 28 Be heeding to yourselves and to all the flocklet, among which the holy spirit placed you as overseers, to be shepherding the Placer’s called out company which he procures through the blood of his own. 29 I have perceived that after my being away from reach, heavy wolves shall be entering into you, not sparing the flocklet. 30 And out of you yourselves, men shall be rising, speaking perverse things, to be pulling the learners away behind them. 31 Wherefore be watching, remembering that three years, night and day, I did not cease admonishing with tears each one. 32 And now, I am placing you with the Placer, and with the word of his grace, the one able to build you and give you the allotment enjoyment among all the ones having been made holy. 33 I desire no silver or gold or garmenting. 34 You yourselves are knowing that these hands subserve the needs of me and the ones being with me. 35 I intimate all things to you, that toiling thus, it is a must to be supporting the weak ones, to be remembering besides, the words of the Master Jesus, that he said, ‘It is happiness to be giving, rather than getting.’ ” 36 And saying these things, placing his knees together with them all, he prays. 37 There became enough lamenting of all, yet, and falling on Paul’s neck, they kissed him, 38 being especially pained on the word which he had declared, that they are about to be not still beholding his face. They sent him before them, yet, into the boat.
Chapter 21
1 As it became for us to be led up, yet, being pulled away from them, running straight, we came into the Coos, in the next day, yet, into the Rhodes, and thence into Patara. 2 And finding a boat ferrying into Phoenicia, stepping on it, we were led up. 3 The Cyprus appearing, yet, and leaving it to the left, we were floating into Syria, and came down into Tyre. For there the boat was carrying away its repleteness. 4 Finding the learners, yet, we remain there seven days, who through the spirit said to the Paul to not be stepping on into Jerusalem. 5 When the days became for us to equip out, yet, coming out, sending us before them, we all, together with women and offspring, went till out of the city. And placing our knees on the beach, praying, 6 we greet away from one another, and stepped up into the boat. Those, yet, return into their own things. 7 Terminating the floating from Tyre, yet, we arrive into Ptolemais. And greeting the brothers, we remain one day with them. 8 On the morrow, yet, coming out, we came into Caesarea. And entering into the house of Philip the good message bringer, he being out of the seven, we remain with him. 9 To this one, yet, were four daughters, virgins, prophesying. 10 Remaining on more days, yet, some prophet, Agabus in name, came down from the Judea. 11 And coming toward us and lifting the Paul’s girdle, binding his own feet and hands, he said, “The holy spirit is yet saying, ‘Thus shall the Judaans in Jerusalem be binding the man whose girdle this is, and they shall be giving him over into hands of nations.’ ” 12 As we hear these things, yet, both we and the ones in the place entreated him to not be stepping up into Jerusalem. 13 Then the Paul answered, “What are you doing, lamenting and enervating my heart? For over the name of the Master Jesus, I am readily having it to not only be bound, but to also be dying into Jerusalem.” 14 Of him not being persuaded, yet, we be quiet, saying, “Let the will of the Master become.” 15 After these days, yet, being utensiled, we stepped up into Jerusalem. 16 Ones of the learners from Caesarea came together with us, yet, leading us to whom we should be lodged, to Mnason, some Cyprian, a learner from the beginning. 17 Of us becoming into Jerusalem, yet, the brothers gratifiedly receive us. 18 In the ensuing day, yet, the Paul, together with us, had been into being toward James. All the seniors came along besides. 19 And greeting them, he unfolded, one by one, each of the things which the Placer does among the nations through his serving. 20 The ones hearing, yet, glorified the Placer. They said besides to him, “Brother, you are beholding how many ten thousands there are among the Judaans having believed, and all are inhering as zealouts of the law. 21 They were instructed about you, yet, that you are teaching all the Judaans down the nations, withdrawal from Moses, saying for them to not be circumcising their offspring nor be walking in the customs. 22 What is it, then? By all means they shall be hearing that you have come. 23 Do this which we are saying to you, then. With us are four men having a vow on themselves. 24 Getting these, be purified together with them, and spend on them that they shall be shaving their head, and all shall be knowing that what they have been instructed about you is nothing, but you yourself also are observing the elements, guarding the law. 25 About the ones of nations having believed, yet, we have a letter, judging for them to be guarded from both the idol sacrifice and blood, and what is strangled, and prostitution.” 26 Then the Paul, in the next day, getting the men, being purified together with them, had been into the sacred place, publishing the fulfillment of the days of the purification, till the offering was offered over each one of them. 27 As the seven days were about to be concluded, yet, the Asia Judaans, gazing at him in the sacred place, poured all the throng together, and they cast their hands on him, 28 crying, “Men, Israelites, be helping! This is the human, the one teaching all everywhere against the people, the law, and this place! Besides still, he also led Greeks into the sacred place and has contaminated this holy place!” 29 For having before seen Trophimus the Ephesian together with him in the city, they inferred that the Paul had led him into the sacred place. 30 The whole city was stirred besides, and there became a run-together of the people. And getting onto the Paul, they drew him outside the sacred place, and the doors are immediately locked. 31 Of them seeking to kill him besides, an allegation stepped up to the captain of the band, that the whole Jerusalem is being confused, 32 who forthwith, getting warriors and centurions, ran down on them. Perceiving the captain and the warriors, yet, they cease beating the Paul. 33 Nearing then, the captain got onto him, and orders for him to be bound in two chains. And he ascertained up, who he may be, and what he has done. 34 Others in the throng, yet, retorted another thing. Of him not being able to know the certainty, yet, because of the tumult, he orders for him to be led into the camp. 35 When he became on the steps up, yet, it befell for him to be carried by the warriors, because of the force of the throng. 36 For the multitude of the people followed, crying, “Be lifting him!” 37 About to be led into the camp besides, the Paul is saying to the captain, “Is it allowed to me to be saying something toward you?” He, yet, averred, “You are knowing Greek. 38 Consequently you are not the Egyptian, the one before these days, standing up and leading out into the desolate region the four thousand men of the assassins.” 39 The Paul yet said, “I indeed am a Judaan human, a Tarsian of the Cilicia, a citizen of a city not insignificant. Yet I am beseeching you, permit me to speak toward the people.” 40 Of him permitting it, yet, the Paul, having stood on the steps up, gestures with his hand to the people. 41 Of a vast hush becoming, he voices toward them in the Hebrew dialect, saying,
Chapter 22
1 “Men, brothers, and fathers, hear my defense toward you now!” 2 Hearing that he voiced toward them in the Hebrew dialect, yet, they tendered quietness rather, and he is averring, 3 “I am a Judaan man, having been generated in Tarsus of the Cilicia, yet nurtured up in this city beside the feet of Gamaliel, having been disciplined down the exactitude of the hereditary law, inhering as a zealot of the Placer, down as you all are today, 4 I, who persecute this way until death, binding and giving over both men and women into jails. 5 As to me, the chief priest and all the seniorship are also testifying, from whom also, receiving letters toward the brothers into Damascus, I went, leading also the ones being there, they having been bound, into Jerusalem, that they may be punished. 6 It became to me, yet, in going and nearing to the Damascus, about midday, suddenly out of the heaven, for enough light to fling gleam about me. 7 I fall besides, into the level, and I hear a voice saying to me, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?’ 8 I answered, yet, ‘Who are you, Master?’ He said besides toward me, ‘I am Jesus the Nazarene, whom you are persecuting.’ 9 The ones being together with me, yet, indeed gaze at the light, yet they do not hear the voice of the one speaking to me. 10 I yet said, ‘What shall I be doing, Master?’ The Master yet said toward me, ‘Rising, be going into Damascus, and there it shall be spoken to you about all which has been set to you to do.’ 11 As I did not observe, yet, from the glory of that light, being hand-led by the ones together with me, I came into Damascus. 12 Ananias, yet, some man pious down the law, being testified by all of the Judaans dwelling there, 13 coming toward me and standing by, said to me, ‘Saul, brother, look up.’ And in the same hour, I look up into him. 14 He yet said, ‘The Placer of our fathers selects you to know his will effect, and to be perceiving the just one, and to hear the voice out of his mouth, 15 it being that you shall be a testifier to him toward all humans, of what you have seen and hear. 16 And now, why are you being about? Rising, be immersed, and be bathed from your sins, calling on his name.’ 17 It became to me, yet, returning into Jerusalem, and praying in the sacred place, to become in an ecstasy, 18 and to be perceiving him saying to me, ‘Be diligent, and in swiftness be coming out of Jerusalem, because they shall not be receiving your testimony about me.’ 19 And I said, ‘Master, they are adept that down the gathering places I was jailing and lashing the ones believing on you. 20 And when the blood of Stephen your testifier was poured out, I myself was standing by and delighting together with it, also guarding the garments of the ones lifting him away.’ 21 And he said toward me, ‘Be going, it being that I shall be putting you far out, away, into nations.’ ” 22 They heard him, yet, until this word, and they lift up their voice, saying, “Be lifting such a one from the land, for it is not befitted for him to be living!” 23 Of them clamoring besides, and tossing their garments, and casting dust into the air, 24 the captain orders for him to be led into the camp, saying for him to be interrogated up, that he may be recognizing the cause because of which they thus retort to him. 25 As they stretch him in the straps before them, yet, the Paul said toward the centurion having stood there, “Is it allowed to you to scourge a human if he is Roman and uncondemned?” 26 Hearing it, yet, coming toward the captain, the centurion reports, saying, “What are you about to be doing? For this human is a Roman.” 27 Coming toward him, yet, the captain said to him, “Be saying to me, are you a Roman?” He yet averred, “Yes.” 28 The captain yet answered, “I acquire this citizenship of a vast head*.” The Paul yet averred, “And I, yet, have been generated one.” 29 Immediately, then, the ones about to be up interrogating him withdraw from him. And the captain, yet, was afraid, recognizing that he is a Roman and that he was having him bound. 30 On the morrow, yet, intending to know the certainty of why he is being accused by the Judaans, he looses him and orders for the chief priests and all the Sanhedrin to be coming together. And leading the Paul down, he stands him into them.
Chapter 23
1 The Paul, yet, staring at the Sanhedrin, said, “Men, brothers, I have been a citizen to the Placer, in every good conscience, until this day.” 2 The chief priest Ananias, yet, enjoins to the one having stood by him to be beating his mouth. 3 Then the Paul said toward him, “The Placer is about to be beating you, whitewashed wall. And you are sitting, judging me down the law, and beside law, are ordering me to be beaten?” 4 The ones having stood by, yet, say, “Are you reviling the Placer’s chief priest?” 5 The Paul averred besides, “I had not perceived, brothers, that he is a chief priest. For it has been written that, ‘You shall not be declaring evilly of a chief of your people.’ ” 6 The Paul, yet, knowing that the one part is of Sadducees, yet the different, of Pharisees, he cried in the Sanhedrin, “Men, brothers, I am a Pharisee, a son of Pharisees! I am being judged about an expectation and resurrection of dead ones!” 7 Of him saying this, yet, there became a standing of the Pharisees and Sadducees, and the multitude is split. 8 For Sadducees are indeed saying there is no resurrection, nor messenger, nor spirit, yet Pharisees are avowing the both. 9 There became a great clamor, yet, and some of the writers of the part of the Pharisees, rising, fought out, saying, “We are finding nothing evil in this human! What if, yet, a spirit speaks to him, or a messenger?” 10 Of there becoming a vast standing, yet, the captain, being afraid, that the Paul may not be pulled through by them, orders the war troop, stepping down, to snatch him out of their midst, leading him besides into the camp. 11 In the ensuing night, yet, the Master, standing by him, said, “Be having courage. For as you certify the things about me into Jerusalem, thus is it a must for you to testify into Rome also.” 12 Of it becoming day, yet, the Judaans, making a conspiracy, anathemize themselves, saying to be neither eating nor drinking till they may be killing the Paul. 13 The ones making this cabal, yet, were more than forty, 14 who, coming toward the chief priests and the seniors, say, “We anathemize ourselves in an anathema, to taste nothing till we may be killing the Paul. 15 Now then, you disclose to the captain, together with the Sanhedrin, as though we are about to be investigating more exactly the things about him, which is how he may be leading him down into you. Before his nearing, yet, we are ready to be lifting him away.” 16 Hearing of the ambush, yet, the son of Paul’s sister, becoming along and entering into the camp, reports it to the Paul. 17 The Paul, yet, calling one of the centurions toward him, averred, “Be leading this young man away toward the captain, for he is having something to report to him.” 18 Indeed then, getting him, he led him toward the captain and is averring, “The prisoner Paul, calling me toward him, asks me to be leading this youth toward you, he having something to speak to you.” 19 Getting onto his hand, yet, the captain, also retiring privately, ascertained up, “What is it which you are having to report to me?” 20 He, yet, said that, “The Judaans agreed to ask you, which is how tomorrow you may be leading the Paul down into the Sanhedrin, as about to be ascertaining up somewhat more exactly about him. 21 You then, should not be persuaded to them, for more than forty men out of them are ambushing him, who anathemize themselves to be neither eating nor drinking till they may be lifting him away. And they are now ready toward receiving the promise from you.” 22 Indeed then, the captain dismisses the youth, charging him to, “Speak out to no one that you disclose these things toward me.” 23 And calling two of the centurions toward him, he said, “Make ready two hundred warriors, which is how they may be gone till of Caesarea, also seventy horsemen and two hundred slingers, from third hour of the night. 24 Present beasts besides, that mounting the Paul, they may be saving him through toward Felix the leader.” 25 He is writing a letter having this type: 26 “Claudius Lysias, to the most holding leader Felix, be having joy! 27 This man, being gotten together by the Judaans and about to be lifted away by them, I lift out, standing by together with the war troop, learning that he is a Roman. 28 Intending besides, to recognize the cause because of which they indicted him, I led him down into their Sanhedrin. 29 I found him being indicted about questions of their law, yet having not one indictment worthy of death or of bonds. 30 Of it being divulged to me, yet, of a plot that shall be into the man, I forthwith send him toward you, also charging to the accusers to be saying the things toward him on you.” 31 Indeed then, down the thing having been prescribed to them, the warriors, getting the Paul, led him through night into the Antipatris. 32 On the morrow, yet, they return into the camp, leaving the horsemen to be coming away together with him, 33 who, entering into the Caesarea and giving the letter over to the leader, present the Paul also to him. 34 Reading it, yet, and inquiring out of which prefecture he is, and ascertaining that he is from Cilicia, 35 he averred, “I shall be giving you a hearing whenever your accusers may be coming along,” ordering for him to be guarded in the Herod’s pretorium.
Chapter 24
1 After five days, yet, Ananias the chief priest stepped down with some seniors and some declarer Tertullus, who disclose against the Paul to the leader. 2 Of him being called, yet, the Tertullus begins to be accusing, saying, “Of much peace happening through you, and reforms becoming to this nation through your forethought, 3 in both every way and everywhere we are welcoming it with thanking, most-holder Felix! 4 That I may not be hindering you more, yet, I am entreating you to hear us concisely in your leniency: 5 For we are finding this man a pestilence, and stirring standings* among all the Judaans down the habitance, a ringleader besides of the sect of the Nazarenes, 6 who also tries to profane the sacred place, whom, we also hold. 7 (nothing here in this version) 8 From him, examining him yourself about all of these things, you shall be able to recognize what we are accusing him of.” 9 And the Judaans yet agreed, alleging these things to be having it thus. 10 The Paul answered besides, the leader nodding to him to be saying, “Out of many years, you being an adept judge to this nation, I am cheerfully defending the things about myself, 11 you being enabled to recognize that there are not more than twelve days to me from which I stepped up into Jerusalem to be worshipping. 12 And they did not find me arguing toward anyone, or making a standing of a throng, not in the sacred place, neither in the gathering places, nor down the city. 13 Neither are they able to present to you things about which they are now accusing me. 14 Yet I am avowing this to you, that down the way which they are saying is a sect, thus am I offering divine service to the hereditary Placer, believing all the things down the law and the things having been written in the prophets, 15 having an expectation into the Placer, which these themselves also are toward receiving, a resurrection about to be, that shall be of both just and unjust ones. 16 In this, I am also exerting myself to be having a non-stumbling conscience toward the Placer and the humans, continually. 17 Through years, yet, I became along, doing more alms into my nation, offerings also, 18 in which they found me, having been purified in the sacred place, not with a throng, neither with a tumult. Yet there were some Judaans from the Asia, 19 for whom it was a must to be present on you and to be accusing, if they may be having something toward me. 20 Or let these themselves say what injury they found, of me standing at the Sanhedrin, 21 or about this one voice which I cry out, having stood among them, that, ‘It is about resurrection of dead ones, I am being judged on you today.’ ” 22 The Felix, yet, having perceived more exactly the things about the Way, postponed them, saying, “Whenever Lysias the captain may be stepping down, I shall be investigating the things down you,” 23 prescribing to the centurion for him to be kept, to be having ease besides, and to be forbidding no one of his own to be subserving to him. 24 After some days, yet, the Felix, together with his own woman, she being Judaan, sends after the Paul, and hears him about the belief into Anointed Jesus. 25 Yet of him arguing about righteousness, and restraint, and the judgment about to be, the Felix, becoming in fear, answered, “For the now, be having it to be going. Getting a season, yet, I shall be calling you,” 26 simultaneously also expecting that monies shall be given to him by the Paul. Wherefore also, sending after him, he conversed with him more frequently. 27 Of a two year time being fulfilled, yet, the Felix got a successor, Porcius Festus. Willing besides, to place graces down to the Judaans, the Felix left the Paul bound.
Chapter 25
1 Festus, then, stepping onto the prefecture, after three days stepped up into Jerusalem from Caesarea. 2 The chief priests and the foremost of the Judaans besides, disclose against the Paul to him, and they entreated him, 3 requesting a grace against him, which is how he may be sending after him to be into Jerusalem, they making an ambush to be lifting him away down the way. 4 Indeed then, the Festus answered for the Paul to be kept into Caesarea, yet he himself was about to be going out in swiftness. 5 He is averring, “The ones able among you, then, stepping down together with me, let them be accusing him, if there is something repudiated in the man.” 6 Tarrying among them not more than eight or ten days, yet, stepping down into Caesarea, on the morrow being seated on the platform, he orders for the Paul to be led. 7 Of him coming along, yet, about him stand the Judaans having stepped down from Jerusalem, carrying many and heavy causes against him, which they were not strong enough to demonstrate, 8 the Paul defending that, “Neither into the law of the Judaans, neither into the sacred place, neither into Caesar, did I sin any.” 9 The Festus, yet, willing to place a grace down to the Judaans, answering to the Paul, said, “Are you willing, stepping up into Jerusalem, to be judged on me there about these things?” 10 Yet the Paul said, “I am having stood on Caesar’s platform, where it is a must for me to be judged. I injure Judaans none, as you also more ideally are recognizing. 11 Indeed then, if I am injuring and have practiced anything worthy of death, I am not refusing to be dying. Yet if there is nothing of which these are accusing me, no one is able to grace me to them. I am calling on Caesar.” 12 Then the Festus, speaking together with the council, answered, “You have called on Caesar, to Caesar you shall be going.” 13 Of some days elapsing, yet, Agrippa the king and Bernice situate into Caesarea, greeting the Festus. 14 As they tarried more days there, yet, Festus submitted the things down the Paul, saying, “Some man is here, a prisoner having been left by Felix, 15 about whom, of me becoming into Jerusalem, the chief priests and the seniors of the Judaans disclose, requesting a conviction against him, 16 toward whom I answered that it is not a custom to Romans to be gracing any human ere the one being accused may be having the accusers face to face, besides, getting a place of defense about the indictment. 17 Of them coming together in this place, then, making not one postponement, in the next day, being seated on the platform, I order for the man to be led, 18 about whom, being stood, the accusers carried not one cause of wicked things of which I suspected. 19 Yet they had some questions toward him about their own religion, and about some Jesus, having died, whom the Paul alleged to be living. 20 Being perplexed about these things, yet, seeking, I asked if he may be intending to be going into Jerusalem, and to be judged there about these things. 21 Yet of the Paul appealing for him to be kept into the venerated investigation, I order for him to be kept till I shall be sending him toward Caesar.” 22 Agrippa yet said toward the Festus, “I myself also intended to hear the human.” He is averring, “You shall be hearing him tomorrow.” 23 On the morrow, then, the Agrippa and the Bernice, coming with much appearance, and entering into the listening place, together with both captains and the prominent men of the city, and of the Festus ordering, the Paul was led. 24 And the Festus is averring, “King Agrippa, and all the men present together with us, you are beholding this one about whom all the multitude of the Judaans pled to me in both Jerusalem and in this place, imploring it is a must for him to by no means still be living. 25 Yet I grasped nothing worthy of death for him to have practiced. Yet of he himself calling on the venerated one, I judge to be sending him, 26 about whom, I am not having anything certain to write to the master. Wherefore I led him before you, and especially on you, King Agrippa, which is how, of the examination becoming, I may be having something I shall be writing. 27 For it is seeming illogical to me, sending a prisoner, to not also signify the causes against him.”
Chapter 26
1 Agrippa, yet, averred toward the Paul, “It is permitted to you to be saying about yourself.” Then the Paul, stretching out his hand, defended, 2 “About all which I am being indicted by Judaans, King Agrippa, I have deemed myself happy to be defending on you today, 3 especially, you being a knower both of all the customs and questions down Judaans. Wherefore I am beseeching you to patiently hear me. 4 Indeed then, my life out of youth from the beginning, was becoming in my nation, in Jerusalem besides, as all the Judaans have perceived, 5 knowing me before from the top, if they may ever be willing to be testifying, that I live as a Pharisee, down the most exact sect of our ritual. 6 And now I have stood, being judged on an expectation of the promise into our fathers, it becoming by the Placer, 7 into which, our twelve tribes, in a stretch, offering divine service night and day, are expecting to situate, an expectation about which I am being indicted by Judaans. 8 King, why is it being judged unbelievable with you, if the Placer is rousing dead ones? 9 Indeed then, I suppose to myself, it to be a must to practice many things contrary toward the name of Jesus the Nazarene, 10 which I also do in Jerusalem. And I lock down many of the holy ones in jails besides. And getting authority from the chief priests, I carry a pebble* against them, they being lifted away besides. 11 And down all the gathering places, many times punishing them, I necessitated them to be calumniating. Being abundantly in madness with them besides, I persecuted them till also in the cities outside, 12 among which, going into the Damascus, with the authority and permission of the chief priests, 13 of day midst, down the way, I perceived, King, a light above the shine of the sun, shining about me and the ones going together with me. 14 Besides all of us falling down into the land, I hear a voice saying toward me in the Hebrew dialect, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? Is it hard to you, to be kicking against the lances?’ 15 I, yet, say, ‘Who are you, Master?’ The Master yet said, ‘I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. 16 But be rising, and be standing on your feet. For I was seen by you into this: you to be selected as a subservient and testifier of, besides things which you perceived, things of which I shall be seen by you besides, 17 lifting you out of the people and out of the nations into whom I am commissioning you, 18 to open up their eyes, turning them from darkness into light, and from the authority of the Satan, onto the Placer, they to be getting forgiveness of sins, and allotment enjoyment among the ones having been made holy in the belief into me.’ 19 Whence, King Agrippa, I did not become stubborn to the heavenly sight, 20 but first to the ones in both Damascus and Jerusalem, all the country of the Judea besides, and all the nations, I reported to be repenting and turning to the Placer, practicing works worthy of the repentance. 21 On account of these things, the Judaans, getting me together in the sacred place, attempted to lay hands on me. 22 Happening on assistance from the Placer, then, I have stood until this day, testifying to both little and great, saying nothing outside of which both the prophets and Moses speak, of things about to become, 23 if it be the Anointed suffering, if it be he first out of resurrection of dead ones, about to be announcing light to the people and to the nations.” 24 Of him defending these things, yet, the Festus, in a great voice, is averring, “You are mad, Paul! The many writings are reverting you about into madness!” 25 Yet the Paul is averring, “I am not mad, most-holding Festus, but am uttering declarations of truth and sanity. 26 For the king, toward whom I am speaking and being bold, is adept about these things. For I am not persuaded that any of these things are eluding him. For this is nothing having been practiced in a corner. 27 You are believing in the prophets, King Agrippa. I have perceived that you are believing them.” 28 The Agrippa averred toward the Paul, yet, “In brief, you are persuading, to make me an Anointedian.” 29 The Paul yet averred, “May I ever wish to the Placer, both in brief and in great, for not only you, but also all the ones hearing me today, to also become such a kind as I am, outside of these bonds.” 30 Both the king and the leader rose, the Bernice besides, and the ones sitting together with them, 31 and retiring, they spoke toward one another, saying that, “This human is practicing nothing worthy of death or of bonds.” 32 Agrippa averred to the Festus, yet, “It was possible for this human to have been released, if he had not called on Caesar.”
*calculation, determination
Chapter 27
1 As it was judged, yet, for us to be floating away into the Italy, they gave over both the Paul and some other prisoners to a centurion, Julius in name, of a venerated band. 2 Stepping on to a boat in Adramyttium, yet, about to be floating into the places down Asia, we were led up, together with us being Aristarchus, a Thessalonican Macedonian. 3 In the different day besides, we were led down into Sidon. The Julius besides, humanely permits it to the Paul, using it, to be gone toward his friends, to be happening on care. 4 And thence, being led up, we float under the Cyprus, because of the wind being contrary. 5 Besides floating through the ocean down the Cilicia and Pamphylia, we came down into Myra of the Lycia. 6 And there the centurion, finding an Alexandrian boat sailing into the Italy, has us step into it. 7 In enough days, yet, floating tardily and hardly becoming down the Cnidus, the wind not letting us toward it, we float under the Crete, down Salmone. 8 Besides hardly skirting it, we came into some place being called Ideal Lakes, to which a city Lasea was near. 9 Of enough time becoming, yet, and the floating already being hazardous, also because the Fast was already passed by, the Paul exhorted, 10 saying to them, “Men, I am beholding that the floating is about to be with outrage and much forfeit, of not only the load and the boat, but our souls also.” 11 Yet the centurion was persuaded to the steerer and the nautical allotment, rather than to the thing being said by Paul. 12 Of the lake* inhering of no fitness toward wintering, the majority placed a counsel to be led up thence, if somehow they may be able, situating into Phoenix, to winter there, it being a lake* of the Crete, looking down southwest and down northwest. 13 Of a south wind blowing, supposing their purpose to have held, lifting anchor, they layed close beside the Crete. 14 Not much after, yet, a hurricane wind called a northeaster casts itself against it. 15 The boat being snatched together and unable to be luffing to the wind, yet, giving on, we were carried. 16 Running under some islet called Cauda, yet, we are hardly strong enough to become ahold of the skiff, 17 which lifting, they used as helps, undergirding the boat. Fearing besides, lest they be falling into the drag, lowering the utensil, they were carried thus. 18 We being tremendously wintered, yet, they did the next casting out. 19 And in the third day, those same hands toss the boat’s utensil. 20 Of neither sun nor gleamers appearing on more days, besides a not slight winter lying on us, for the rest, every expectation of us being saved was lifted from about us. 21 Of much abstinence inhering besides, the Paul, being stood in their midst, said, “It was a must indeed, O men, to be yielding to me, to not be led up from the Crete to gain both this outrage and forfeit. 22 And now I am exhorting you to be cheerful, for there shall be a casting away of not one soul out of you; there shall be of the boat, however. 23 For this night, a messenger of the Placer whose I am, and to whom I am offering divine service, stood beside me, 24 saying, ‘Do not be fearing, Paul, it is a must for you to stand beside Caesar; and be perceiving, the Placer has graced to you all the ones floating with you.’ 25 Wherefore be cheerful, men, for I am believing the Placer, that it shall be thus, down which manner it has been spoken to me. 26 It is a must for us, yet, to be falling out into some island.” 27 As it became a fourteenth night, yet, of we being carried through in the Adria, down the midst of the night, the mariners suspected to be leading toward some country. 28 And checking, they found twenty fathoms. There being an interval a bit, and checking again, they found fifteen fathoms. 29 Fearing besides, lest we may be falling out down where there are rough places, tossing four anchors out of the stern, they wished for day to become. 30 Of the mariners seeking to be fleeing out of the boat, yet, and lowering the skiff into the sea, in pretense as about to be stretching anchors out of the prow, 31 the Paul said to the centurion and the warriors, “If these are not remaining in the boat, you are not able to be saved.” 32 Then the warriors strike away the ropes of the skiff, and they let it be falling out. 33 Until day was about to become, the Paul entreated all to be getting nurture, saying, “Today is a fourteenth day hoping. You are constantly abstinent, getting nothing toward you. 34 Wherefore I am entreating you to be getting nurture, for this is inhering toward your salvation. For not a hair from the head of one of you shall be destroyed.” 35 Saying these things and getting bread, yet, he thanks the Placer in the sight of all, and breaking it, he begins to be eating. 36 All becoming cheerful, yet, they also got nurture toward themselves. 37 All the souls in the boat, yet, we were two hundred seventy-six. 38 Being sated of nurture, yet, they buoyed the boat, the grain being cast out into the sea. 39 When day became, yet, they did not recognize the land. Yet they considered some bosom having a beach, into which they counselled, if they may be able, to thrust the boat out. 40 And lifting the anchors about, they left them into the sea, simultaneously slacking the yoke-instrument of the rudders. And lifting up the foresail to the blowing wind, they had it down into the beach. 41 Falling about into a channel place, yet, they propel the craft on it, and the prow indeed sticking, remains unshakeable. The stern, yet, was loosed by the force of the billows. 42 A counsel became of the warriors, yet, that they may be killing the prisoners, lest some, swimming out, may be fleeing. 43 Yet the centurion, intending to save the Paul, forbids them from their intention. He orders besides, the ones able to be swimming, tossing themselves away, to be first out on the land, 44 and the rest, ones indeed on planks, yet ones on something from the boat. And thus, all became saved, on the land.
Chapter 28
1 Being saved, we also then recognized that the island is called Melita. 2 The barbarians besides, tendered to us a fondness for humanity, not the usual happening. 2 For touch-lighting a fire, they got us all toward them, because of the wetness having stood by, and because of the cold. 3 The Paul, yet, turning together some multitude of kindling, and placing it on the fire, a viper is coming out from the warmth, and fastens on his hand. 4 As the barbarians perceived the wild beast hanging out of his hand, yet, they said toward one another, “By all means this human is a murderer, whom, being saved out of the sea, the justice does not let be living.” 5 Indeed then, quivering the wild beast away into the fire, he suffered nothing evil. 6 They hoped, yet, for him about to be inflamed, or suddenly falling down dead. Yet on hoping much, and beholding nothing repudiated becoming into him, retracting, they said he is a placer. 7 In the areas about that place, yet, freeholds belonged to the foremost man of the island, Publius in name, who up receiving us, amiably lodges us three days. 8 It became, yet, for the father of the Publius to be lying down, pressed in fevers and dysenteries, toward whom, the Paul, entering and praying, placing his hands on him, heals him. 9 Of this becoming, yet, also the rest of the ones in the island having weaknesses came toward him and were cured, 10 who also honor us with many honors. And in our leading up, they placed on us the things toward our needs. 11 After three months, yet, we were led up in an Alexandrian boat, Dioscuri in ensign, it having wintered in the island. 12 And being led down into Syracuse, we remain on three days, 13 whence, lifting about, we situate into Rhegium. And after one day of a south wind becoming on, we came second day into Puteoli, 14 where, finding brothers, we were entreated to remain with them seven days. And thus, we come into the Rome. 15 And thence, the brothers, hearing the things about us, come until Appii Forum and Three Taverns, into a meeting with us, whom perceiving, the Paul, thanking the Placer, got courage. 16 When we entered into Rome, yet, it was permitted to the Paul to be remaining by himself, together with the warrior guarding him. 17 After three days, yet, it became for him to call together the foremost of the Judaans. Of them coming together, yet, he said toward them, “Men, brothers, I, doing nothing contrary to the people or to the hereditary customs, being a prisoner out of Jerusalem, was given over into the hands of the Romans, 18 who, examining me, intended to release me, because of not one cause of death inhering in me. 19 Yet of the Judaans contradicting, I am necessitated to call on Caesar, but not as of me having anything to be accusing the nation. 20 Because of this cause, then, I call you beside me: for you to be perceiving, and and for me to speak toward you. For this chain is laid about me on account of the expectation of the Israel.” 21 Toward him, yet, they say, “From the Judea, we receive no writings about you, nor coming along, do any of the brothers report or speak anything wicked about you. 22 Yet we are counting it worthwhile to hear from you, things which you are disposing. For indeed, about this sect, it is known to us that it is being contradicted everywhere.” 23 Setting a day with him, yet, more came toward him into the lodging, to whom he placed it out, certifying the Placer’s kingdom, persuading them besides, about the Jesus, from the law of Moses and the prophets besides, from morning till evening star. 24 And ones were indeed persuaded to the things being said, yet ones disbelieved. 25 There being disagreements toward one another, yet, they were dismissed, the Paul saying one declaration that, “The holy spirit speaks ideally through Isaiah the prophet toward your fathers, 26 saying, ‘Be gone toward this people and say, ‘In hearing, you shall be hearing, and by no means be understanding, and looking, you shall be looking, and by no means be perceiving. 27 For the heart of this people is stoutened, and with their ears they hear heavily, and they shut their eyes, lest at some time they be perceiving with their eyes, and hearing with their ears, and understanding in their heart, and they be turning, and I shall be healing them.’ ‘ 28 Let it be known to you, then, that this salvation of the Placer was commissioned to the nations, and they shall be hearing it.” 29 (nothing here in this version) 30 He remains two whole years in his own hired house, yet, and he received all the ones going in toward him, 31 proclaiming the Placer’s kingdom and teaching the things about the Master Jesus Anointed, with every boldness, unforbidden.