About Jeff

Jeff is a 62 year old retired farmer who lives with his lovely wife Jean. In younger days he attended a university for a year, but then realized he had other fish to fry, one of them being to discover the true meaning, purpose, and goal of existence. Being a believer of the Bible since childhood, Jeff was sometimes tormented and depressed, thinking many people would some day be “eternally lost, tormented forever and ever.” He thought this because that’s what his Bible and Christian teachers taught him. In his late forties he was blessed to discover his Bible had some significant translation errors in it.
At that time, reading the sub-linear ultra-literal translation of the Concordant Greek Text published by Concordant Publishing Concern, Jeff began to drink the clean water that inspired the original writings. He continued this for more than a decade, forming his own sentences and choosing words that seemed most appropriate to him, resulting in the New Testament you see at this site. In his words: “Though it has involved some struggles for me, this project has been a spiritual drink of clean water, a breath of fresh air, an illumination and confirmation that the one ‘creating the all’ is also truly ‘operating the all,’ that he ‘may be all in all,’ Thus, all truly is ‘working together into good.’ Having been immersed in these transformative writings for some time, the spirit that inspired them now fills and satisfies me beyond description. I would recommend this to anyone anywhere. Does the Placer engage in ‘eternal punishment,’ or is it ‘durative chastening,’ with a view toward correction and reconciliation? ‘For the Placer locks the all together into stubbornness, that he may be mercying the all.’ ”
He claims that to the best of his ability, with the publications available, this New Testament is true to the Greek manuscripts, yet still readable and understandable in English, even with its unconventional words, grammar, punctuation, etc. Jeff still enjoys reading this New Testament daily, making changes as he sees fit. This New Testament with its most recent updates may be viewed at http://www.worddispensary.wordpress.com.

Jeff may be reached at dispenser1@hotmail.com.