3 John


Chapter 1
1 The senior, to Gaius the beloved, whom I am loving in truth. 2 Beloved, about all, I am wishing for you to be prospered and healthy, down as your soul is being prospered. 3 For I was made very joyful, brothers coming and testifying of you being in the truth, down as you are, walking in truth. 4 I am having no greater joy than this, hearing of my offspring walking in the truth. 5 Beloved, you are doing a faithful thing if you are working into the brothers, and this, they being sojourners, 6 who, in the sight of a called out company, testify of your love, whom sending before you worthily of the Placer, you shall be doing ideally. 7 For over the name, they came out, getting nothing from the ones of the nations. 8 We, then, are owing to be getting such ones, that we may become fellow workers in the truth. 9 I write something to the called out company, but Diotrephes, the one fond of being foremost of them, is not receiving us. 10 Therefore if I am coming, I shall be reminding him of his works which he is doing, babbling with wicked words about us. And being not sufficed with these things, neither is he receiving the brothers. And the ones intending to, he is forbidding, and casting them out of the called out company. 11 Beloved, do not be imitating the evil, but the good. The one doing good, is out of the Placer. The one doing evil, has not seen the Placer. 12 Demetrius has been testified by all, and by the truth itself. Yet we also are testifying, and you have perceived that our testimony is true. 13 I had much to write to you, but am not willing to be writing it to you through ink and reed. 14 Yet I am expecting to be perceiving you immediately, and we shall be speaking mouth toward mouth. Peace to you. The friends are greeting you. Be greeting the friends down name.