The pages (to access pages click on the three bars above and to the right) at this site display a personal version of a collection of writings called The New Testament. To the best of my ability, with the publications available to me, it’s a version true to the Greek manuscripts, yet still readable and understandable. It’s derived from the ultra-literal sub-linear translation of the Concordant Greek Text, published by Concordant Publishing Concern. Concordant Publishing Concern has not reviewed or endorsed it, but publications are available to check its accuracy.
Though it has involved some struggles for me, this project of more than a decade has been a spiritual drink of clean water, a breath of fresh air, an illumination and confirmation that the one “creating the all” is also truly “operating the all,” that he “may be all in all.” Thus, all truly is “working together into good.” Having been immersed in these transformative writings for some time, the spirit that inspired them now fills and satisfies me beyond description. I would recommend this to anyone anywhere.
Does the Placer engage in “eternal punishment,” or is it “durative chastening,” with a view toward correction and reconciliation? “For the Placer locks the all together into stubbornness, that he may be mercying the all.”
Jeff Bohlender