The Unwilling Made Willing

From John 5, Jesus speaking: “You are searching the writings, supposing to be having durative life in them. They also are testifying about me, and you are not willing to be coming toward me that you may be having life.”

From John 12, Jesus speaking: “”If I am heightened out of the land, I shall be drawing all toward myself.” (Yet he said this, signifying what death he was about to be dying.)”

From 1 Corinthians 15, Paul writing: “Yet now, Christ has been roused out of dead ones, a first fruit of the ones having been reposed . . . For even as all are dying in the Adam, thus also, all shall be vivified in the Christ.”

It appears to me all will be drawn toward the Christ and be vivified in him, including these mentioned in Revelation 21: “. . . the dreaders, and the unbelieving, and ones having been abominated, and murderers, and paramours, and druggers, and idolaters, and all the false ones, their part is in the lake burning with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

According to 1 Corinthians 15, death will be the last enemy nullified.

According to Romans 5, the death operating in the human race is what causes the sinning . . . “the death, on which all sinned, came through into all humans.” When life is lacking, corruption sets in.

The life of God operating in Christ Jesus disperses the death, even as light disperses the darkness. The entire situation is planned and operated by the infinite Creator, Operator, and Satisfier of all creation. All the unpleasant things now in effect are for our good, and less than a blink of an eye in duration, compared to the endless good to come for all, when the Placer will be “all in all”.

“The Placer locks the all together into stubbornness, that he may be giving mercy to the all.”


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