God is Good

From Mark 10: “. . . one running toward him and falling on his knees toward him, inquired of him, “Good teacher, what shall I be doing, that I may be lot-appropriating durative life?” Yet Jesus said to him, “Why are you saying I am good? No one is good except one, God.”

From Romans 6: “. . . the rations of the sin are death, yet God’s grace effect is durative life, in Christ Jesus our Master.”

From Romans 8: “. . . the law of the spirit of the life in Christ Jesus frees you from the law of the sin and death.”

From Ephesians 2: “And you, being dead in your offenses and sins in which you at a time walk, down the duration of this world, down the chief of the authority of the air, the spirit now operating in the sons of the stubbornness, among whom we also all at a time behaved, in the desires of our flesh, doing the will effects of the flesh and of the comprehensions, we also, were offspring in a nature of indignation, also as the rest. Yet God, being rich in mercy, because of his much love which loves us, and we being dead in the offenses, vivifies us together with the Christ. You are ones having been saved in grace. And he rouses us together, and seats us together among the celestials in Christ Jesus, that in the oncoming durations he may be displaying the transcendent riches of his grace, in kindness on us in Christ Jesus. For in the grace, you are ones having been saved, through belief, and this is not out of you. It is the approach present of God, not out of works, lest someone may be boasting. For we are an achievement of him, being created in Christ Jesus, on good works which God makes ready before, that we may be walking in them.”

From Romans 11: “. . . God locks the all together into stubbornness, that he may be giving mercy to the all. O depth of riches, and wisdom, and knowledge of God, as unsearchable are his judgments, and untraceable his ways! For who knew the mind of Master? Or who became his advisor? Or who gives before to him and it is repaid, it being that the all is out of him, and through him, and for him? To him is the glory, into the durations! Amen.”


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