Believing God

Abraham believed God, being fully assured that what God had promised, God was able also to do. Abraham believed God, and God reckoned Abraham’s belief into righteousness. This means God reckoned Abraham righteous, because Abraham believed God.

God is doing this same thing today. Paul tells us he was not ashamed of the good message brought by him, because it is power of God for salvation, to everyone believing it. Paul’s message is a message from God: that Jesus is God’s son, who by God was given over to death because of our offenses, and was resurrected because of our justification. Now, if we happen to believe this good message, God reckons us righteous.

From Romans 4: “To the one not working, yet believing on the one justifying the irreverent, his belief is being reckoned into righteousness, even as David is saying of the happiness of the human to whom God is reckoning righteousness apart from works, “Happy are they whose lawless deeds were forgiven, and whose sins were covered! Happy is the human whose sin the Master shall by no means be reckoning!””

This good message from God is very powerful indeed, to the ones believing it. It frees us from the sin, yet enslaves us to our wonderful life-giving Creator, who justifies us and makes us holy fruit producers. We cease from our own works, and do works of God, who operates with power within us.

The ability to believe God is a gift from God, called faith. God is able to give us faith, and increase our faith. God is even able to become our faith, living and operating within and upon us. God is able to do infinitely beyond anything we can ask or think. He is infinite in every way, someone to get involved with, definitely, a father, a friend, a life, an everything. He’s not far from us; he’s in us, and we’re in him, all the time, giving us our very existence and everything we have, moment by moment. He’s closer and more intrinsic to us than we are to ourselves, quite a guy really, working within every atom, energy wave, all existence everywhere. He has everything on a perfect course toward a perfect goal, all being done with infinite wisdom, a hidden wisdom of which the present world is oblivious.

Even if we don’t fully understand what he’s up to, the faith he gives us can cause us to thank him always for all things. But when he brings us up to speed about what he’s up to, thanking him always for all things becomes a very logical thing to do.


2 thoughts on “Believing God

  1. Thank you for this post, mirroring much of my thoughts. I have stopped trying to figure anything, but living in anticipation day by day, waiting for the wonder of His revelation, His presence and joy. Blessings ~ Fran

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  2. Amen, brother. He is good! I’ve stopped trying to figure too. He gets me up to this computer and shows me what to type. The living water and whatever else he is, flows, from within and from above. If he’s for us, who can be against us? What shall we say to these things? I say, “Thank you, Papa, for everything, always.” He is unimaginably wonderful. If he gives us sufferings, we take them too, from his infinitely good and wise hands. Amen, Father.


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