The Great Reward

God told Abraham, “I am your exceeding great reward.” The writer of Hebrews said that God rewards one who diligently seeks him. Yet Paul tells us, quoting from Psalms, that none of us seek him. Later in Romans, quoting from Isaiah, Paul writes, “I was found by ones not seeking me.” So, if I happen to be someone who would like to know God, what is the best procedure, to seek or not to seek? Paul said in Acts that God put us all here where we are, that we might seek him and perhaps find him, groping for him, though he’s not far from us, for we live, move, and are in him. So, even though I don’t seek him, according to Paul, also according to Paul, God put me here to do just that. Who cares about all this? I just want to know and enjoy God, the Great Reward. How can I do that? I have an idea: God, please let me know and enjoy you as my great reward. Amen.


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