All His Desire

Yahweh tells us in Isaiah that he does all his desire, whatever he pleases, in heaven and on earth. He also tells us the end, from the beginning. He not only knows what is going to happen; he’s making it happen. Paul tells us in Ephesians that God is operating (in-working, working within) the all (everything and everyone everywhere), according to the counsel of his will effect (what he has planned). What he has planned is called later in Ephesians the purpose (before-placing, plan) of the durations (ages, eons, time periods). According to Galatians, the present duration is a wicked duration, out of which Christ’s believers are being lifted (extricated). According to Hebrews, sin will be repudiated (un-placed, put away) at the conclusion of the durations. But before the conclusion of the durations, during the durations (ages) to come, believers in Christ will be on display to the universe, as specimens of God’s grace and kindness in Christ Jesus, he who is Master of the universe, the one in whom, according to Paul in Ephesians, God is going to head (sum) up the all (everything and everyone everywhere). We can see in Colossians, this heading up includes the reconciliation of the all, the all in the heavens and the all on the earth, peace having been made through the blood of God’s son. When the all (everything and everyone everywhere) is headed up in Christ, death itself being nullified, all who are dying in Adam being given life in Christ, the son himself will be subjected to his Father. He will deliver his endless (having no consummation) kingdom over to his God and Father, so that the one God, Yahweh, may be all (everything) in all (everything and everyone), in a kingdom that will have no consummation (end), a kingdom where the infinite God will be ruling all creation pleasantly from within, it being greatly appreciated after having experienced the vanity, corruption, and trouble during the seemingly long and excruciating durations (ages).

What about God’s judgments, the lake of fire, the second death, and all of that? All of those things will be part of God’s discipline in preparation for reconciliation and deliverance from sin and corruption. They will be an excellent lesson for all, enhancing appreciation for the good things to come in the newly created universe, where the one Creator of the all will be endlessly all in all.


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