After happily believing the good message of their justification and salvation through the death and resurrection of God’s son, the Galatians later received a letter from Paul asking, “Who has bewitched you?” Someone had come around, telling them God wasn’t happy with them unless they had done or were doing this, that, or another thing. This other kind of message brought the Galatian believers into a wicked spell, thinking they had to do something, in order to make or keep God happy with them. God doesn’t supply his spirit through such messages, and so the Galatian believers became lost in a dead religion that was robbing them of their enjoyment of the living God living in them. Our wise Father has such things happen, to show us the infinite difference between him and anything else. When Paul came, God spoke through Paul. The spirit of God came, through his good message, into the Galatians. The fruit of God’s spirit is things like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, self-restraint. God’s genuine fruit can’t be imitated or produced by anyone but him. If we’ve been bewitched and are lost in a dead religion trying to please God with our own efforts, our good Father will eventually break the spell for us and bring us back to enjoying him as our life and everything, we being freely justified by him, not by anything we do, but by him, through the death and resurrection of his son, Jesus the Christ.


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