God’s Expectation

According to Paul, God is expecting to free all creation from the slavery of corruption. Since, as God said through Isaiah, he does whatever he pleases, I’m expecting all creation will in fact be freed from corruption some day. Paul also said our salvation in Christ is in this expectation of God, that is, it’s part of God’s work toward freeing all creation from vanity and corruption, starting with us, the ones having the first fruit of the spirit, the spirit coming out of him through his son, the resurrected and glorified Jesus. An expectation is something we don’t yet see, but are expecting it to happen, like expecting the sun to come up in the morning when it’s still dark. The spirit God gives us is the spirit of his son, who fills our hearts with God’s expectation, giving us endurance through trials, to wait with patience for the wonderful things to come, despite the not so wonderful things still surrounding us.


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