These Three Things

The following is a response I wrote this morning to a dear friend and brother who sent us a manuscript of a book he recently finished, called “these three things”:

Your chapter on love slowed me way down, and I think it’s because of the subject, God’s love. It’s a love that doesn’t stop; it can’t stop. It drives him to pursue his object, no matter how much pain and sacrifice it brings him. This is something that’s never dawned on me like this, until I read this chapter. This chapter also made my gut hurt for awhile. But I’m beginning to realize that 2×4’s in the gut are good things! I’ve realized before that love is actually him, flowing from infinite depths, subjecting logic and reason to his omnipotence. But I’ve never realized with such clarity before, that he experiences much pain and sacrifice giving himself to his creation. Why it’s this way, I have no idea. The whole thing, he, just baffles me and makes me cry. All I can say is, “Thank you, Papa, for making me and giving yourself to me. And thank you for making all of us, and giving yourself to all of us.”

I don’t know what else to say about this chapter. Obviously this chapter and this book are more than a treatise on the meaning of three words found in the Bible. It’s a distillation of all the experiences God has given you, he becoming the faith, hope, and love that are operating in you, in a crazy opposing world full of unbelief, hopelessness, and hate. Through it all, he proves himself to be all we really need. And he also lets us know he very much enjoys and loves us too.

Thank you, brother Jerry, for sending us this book. It’s a gift from Papa, Papa himself, coming to us as new and deeper flows of his wonderful holy sprit. Thank you, Papa. Thank you for making us and becoming everything in us, in Jesus’ holy and wonderful name. Amen.


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