The Utensil Molder

In Romans 9, Paul tells us God is like a utensil molder, or a pottery maker in some versions. Out of the same material, he makes different kinds of utensils. The utensils may each have a spirit, a soul, and a body, yet come out quite different, depending on what the utensil molder has in mind. It is very clear here that the utensils do not decide what kind of utensil they’re going to be; the molder decides, and makes them accordingly. What if a utensil doesn’t like what it is? Then what? The answer is, “What are you, little utensil? Does the molder not have authority to do what he wants with you?”

Now, aren’t you glad the Molder is a nice guy, despite all appearances? He locks us all into stubbornness, in order to show us what mercy is. He’s also going to make everything new, including all the dissatisfied utensils. The guarantee of this is the death and resurrection of the Molder’s son, who died on behalf of everyone, and was raised because of the justification of everyone. Everyone includes every kind of utensil everywhere. What a relief! Everything is going to be OK after all! When it is OK, every utensil will know, without a doubt, who in charge of everything, and where all the good things come from.


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