Everything in a Nutshell

Everything in a nutshell is this: The God, living in his son, is becoming all in all.

That’s why we exist, and that’s what happening in and to the entire universe. Chances are, you don’t believe me. Here’s why:

From Romans 11: “. . . the Placer locks the all together into stubbornness, that he may be giving mercy to the all . . . the all being out of him and through him and into him . . .”

The stubbornness tends to make belief of truth impossible, until the mercy arrives.

The word “theos” from Greek, translated “god”, means “placer”. The Greek “theos” is translated from a Hebrew expression that means “subjector”. And here’s where everything is headed:

From 1 Corinthians 15: “. . . when the all, outside of the one subjecting, is subjected to the son, then the son himself shall also be subjected to the one subjecting the all to him, that the Placer may be all in all.”

This ain’t no democracy, folks, never has been, never will be. Have we ever with our so-called free will chosen one of our bad days? Neither have we chosen the good days to come. It’s his will, not ours, that’s being done, and it’s infinitely better, all appearances notwithstanding.

Here’s a summary from Romans 8: “. . . the creation was involuntarily subjected to the vanity, because of the one subjecting it, on an expectation that the same creation shall also be freed, from the slavery of the corruption, into the freedom of the glory of the Placer’s offspring.”

From John 1: “. . . offspring of Placer . . . who were generated, not out of bloodlines, neither out of a will effect of flesh, neither out of a will effect of a man, but out of Placer.”


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