Holy Spirit

From Luke 11, Jesus speaking to his learners: “If you, then, inhering as wicked, have perceived to be giving good gifts to your offspring, how much rather shall your Father out of heaven be giving holy spirit to the ones requesting of him?”

From Ephesians 1: “. . . the Christ, in whom also, you, hearing the word of the truth, the good message of your salvation, in whom also believing, you are sealed in the holy spirit of the promise, which is an earnest of our lot-appropriation, into deliverance of the procurement, into praise of his glory . . .”

From Ephesians 5: “”Be rousing, drowsing one, and rise out of the dead ones, and the Christ shall be appearing on you.” Be observing accurately how you are walking, then, not as unwise, but as wise ones, buying out the season, it being that the days are wicked. Therefore do not become foolish, but be understanding what is the will effect of the Master, and do not be drunk in wine, in which is profligacy, but be fulfilled, in spirit . . .”


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