He Does It

He does it. He makes it happen. What am I talking about? Knowing God, the holy and infinite spirit in whom we live, move, and are, the one who gives life, breath, and all to all. We can pray, read the Bible, read the Koran, believe the Bible, celebrate the birth of Jesus, serve God as if he needed something, make a decision for Christ, accept Christ as our personal savior as if he isn’t a savior of the entire universe, ask Jesus into our heart, go to church, read books, listen to this teacher or that, “allow” God to do all kinds of things to us or for us, exercise faith, put our faith here or there, exercise our spirit, sing songs, join movements, join groups, have discussions, do rain dances, do good things, be nice to people, attempt to change the world, explore the universe, meditate, contemplate, all kinds of things, but still not know the infinite spirit who’s closer us than our own breath. We can try this, try that, do this, do that, grope here, grope there, but still not know him, until he makes himself known to us. He makes it happen, not us. He does it. That’s just the way it is, folks. If we have a desire to know him, the best thing I know to do is ask him, “Please let me know you.” But it’s still completely up to him, as to when he’ll do it. He’s put me here to tell everyone, you absolutely will know him, if not in this life, beyond death and resurrection. And there definitely is judgment coming for all of us, for everything we’ve done and said, believer and unbeliever alike, so we needn’t worry about bad people getting away with bad things, or things not being fair. Everything’s going to be rectified, no problem, and everyone is going to know, love, enjoy, and transmit the infinite spirit called God, for a long, long, long time. He’s going to make it happen, not us. He does it, just like he makes flowers grow. If he enables us, we can plant, we can water, we can weed, but he’s the one who makes things grow. In effect, then, we’re nothing, and he’s everything, and he has wonderful plans for everyone. Watch if you can, then, and see, no matter how much hell he takes you through, everything’s going to be fine and more.


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