Beneficial experience

We humans are born into an amazing world, and a maze it is, with a confounding blend of experiences that leave us wondering what it’s all about. I’m here to tell you, the entirety of this biological experience will prove to have been very beneficial, every part of it, when our Maker turns us all on to him, he who is the real reason for our existence. And turn every one of us on he will some day, no religion withstanding. But everything’s running on his schedule, not ours, and that’s one of the lessons we’re learning. He’s in charge, not us, of everything. Every I AM that isn’t him, is going to run smack dab into a wall some day, where they’ll discover what’s what and who’s who. And they’ll be very very thankful for that wall, as we all will for everything we’ve experienced, when the results infinitely justify the process. Pie in the sky, is on its way, but we don’t get it, ’til Daddy says OK. Now, all this being said, it still doesn’t hurt to pester the hell out of him for some of that pie. He just might give you a chunk that will permanently blow your socks beyond the heavens.


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