Infinite Satisfaction

Infinite satisfaction is coming to every human conceived. Your infinite spirit source knows you, loves you, and has wonderful plans for you. Every aborted one, hungry one, starving one, imprisoned one, crucified one, thirsty one, scared one, sick one, suffering one, tormented one, poor one, naked one, rich one, happy one, busy one, entertained one, deceived one, stupid one, wise one, disabled one, disadvantaged one, strong one, weak one, good one, bad one, dying one, dead one, everyone, no exceptions, is on a ride through a creation subjected to pain and trouble, through death and resurrection, into a new creation of infinite satisfaction. Rest assured, you will arrive there, no exceptions. Our wise and capable Papa is operating all existence toward this end. The first death and resurrection (of durative life) happened to a human named Jesus, nearly 2000 years ago. Now, in and through him, all creation is being carried in capable hands to its destination. Enjoy the ride if you can. If you’re unable to enjoy the ride, know that all happening to you is for the infinite good of all, including every non-human critter. Infinite blessings of spirit, life, peace, love, kindness, humility, goodness, patience, happiness, every good thing, are on you and yours, no exceptions, believe it or not. What about the bad people? Papa has ways to get everyone straightened out. 🙂


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