2 Timothy


Chapter 1
1 Paul, a commissioner of Anointed Jesus, through a will effect of Placer, down a promise of the life in Anointed Jesus, 2 to Timothy, a beloved offspring: grace, mercy, peace, from Placer Father, and Anointed Jesus our Master. 3 I am having grace to the Placer, to whom I am offering a divine service from ancestors, in a clean conscience, as I am having unintermittent remembrance about you in my petitions night and day, 4 remembering your tears, longing to be perceiving you, that I may be filled full of joy, 5 getting a reminder of the unhypocritical belief which is in you, which first dwells in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice. Yet I have been persuaded that it is in you also, 6 because of which, I am reminding you to be rekindling the Placer’s grace effect which is in you through the placing of my hands on you. 7 For the Placer gives us a spirit, not of dread, but of power and love and sanity. 8 You may not be ashamed, then, of the testimony of our Master, nor of me his prisoner. But suffer evil together with the good message, down power of Placer, 9 the one saving us and calling us with a holy calling, not down our works, but down his own purpose and grace, it being given to us in Anointed Jesus before durative times, 10 yet now being manifested through the appearance of our Savior Anointed Jesus, nullifying indeed the death, yet illuminating life and incorruption, through the good message, 11 into which I was placed as a proclaimer and commissioner and teacher, 12 because of which cause, I am also suffering these things. But I am not ashamed, for I have perceived whom I have believed, and have been persuaded that he is able to guard what is placed with me, into that day. 13 Be having a pattern of healthy words which you hear from me, in the belief and love in Anointed Jesus. 14 Guard the ideal thing placed with you, through the holy spirit dwelling in us. 15 You have perceived this, that all the ones in Asia were turned from me, of whom are Phygellus and Hermogenes. 16 May the Master be giving mercy to the house of Onesiphorus, it being that he refreshes me many times, and was not ashamed of my chain, 17 but becoming in Rome, he diligently seeks and found me. 18 May the Master be giving to him to be finding mercy in that day. And as many as he serves in Ephesus, you are knowing quite well.
Chapter 2
1 You, then, my offspring, be empowered in the grace in Anointed Jesus. 2 And what things you hear from me through many testifiers, be placing these with faithful humans who shall be enough to teach others also. 3 Suffer evil together as an ideal warrior of Anointed Jesus. 4 Warring, one is being not braided in with the matters of the livelihood, that he may be pleasing to the one enlisting him. 5 Yet also, if one is competing, he is not being wreathed, if he is not competing lawfully. 6 It is a must for the toiling farmer to be first to be partaking of the fruits. 7 Be apprehending what I am saying, for the Master shall be giving you understanding in it all. 8 Be remembering Jesus Anointed, he having been roused out of dead ones, out of seed of David, down my good message, 9 in which I am suffering evil, unto bonds as an evil worker. But the Placer’s word has not been bound. 10 Therefore I am enduring it all, because of the chosen ones, that they also may be happening on the salvation in Anointed Jesus, with durative glory. 11 Faithful is the word, “For if we died together, we shall also be living together. 12 If we are enduring, we shall also be reigning together. If we are disowning him, that one shall also be disowning us. 13 If we are disbelieving, that one is remaining faithful, for he is not able to disown himself.” 14 Be reminding of these things, certifying in the Placer’s sight, to not be word fighting on nothing useful, upsetting the ones hearing. 15 Be diligent to present yourself approved to the Placer, as an unashamed worker, correctly cutting the word of the truth. 16 Yet into the profane empty voices, be standing about. For they shall be progressing to more irreverence, 17 and their word shall be having pasture as gangrene, of whom are Hymeneus and Philetus, 18 who deviate about the truth, saying the resurrection has already become, and are subverting the belief of some. 19 Howbeit, the Placer’s solid foundation has stood, having this seal: “Master knew the ones who are his, and let every one naming the Master’s name be withdrawing from unjustness.” 20 In a great house, yet, there are not only gold and silver utensils, but also wooden and earthenware ones. And some indeed are into honor, yet some are into dishonor. 21 If anyone is cleaning himself out from these, then, he shall be a utensil into honor, having been made holy, well-useful to the owner, having been made ready into every good work. 22 Yet be fleeing the youthful desires. Yet be pursuing righteousness, belief, love, peace, with the ones calling on the Master out of a clean heart. 23 Yet be refusing the stupid and undisciplined seekings, having perceived that they are generating fightings. 24 It is a must, yet, for a slave of Master to be not fighting, but gentle toward all, apt to teach, not outmaneuvered by evil, 25 in meekness disciplining the ones antagonizing, lest it is, when the Placer may be giving them repentance into recognition of truth, 26 and they shall be sobering up out of the Adversary’s trap, having been live caught under him, into that one’s will effect.
Chapter 3
1 Be knowing this, yet, that in last days, ferocious seasons shall be present. 2 For the humans shall be fond of themselves, fond of money, ostentatious, proud, calumniators, stubborn to parents, ungrateful, unbenign, 3 without natural affection, implacable, adversaries, uncontrollable, unmild, unfond of good, 4 traitors, rash, conceited, fond of gratification rather than fond of Placer, 5 having a form of devoutness, yet having disowned its power. And be reverting out from these. 6 For out of these are the ones slipping into the households and capturing little women, having been heaped with sins, being led in various desires, 7 always learning and yet not once able to be coming into recognition of truth. 8 Yet in which manner Jannes and Jambres withstand Moses, thus are these also withstanding the truth, being humans corrupted down the mind, unapproved about the belief. 9 But they shall not be progressing more. For their unthinking shall be evident to all, as it also became of those. 10 Yet you, closely follow me in the teaching, the leading, the purpose, the belief, the patience, the love, the endurance, 11 the persecutions, the sufferings, such as came to me in Antioch, Iconium, Lystra, the persecutions under which I bear, and the Master rescues me out of them all. 12 Yet all the ones willing to be living devoutly in Anointed Jesus shall also be persecuted. 13 Yet wicked humans and swindlers shall be progressing on to the worse, straying others and being strayed. 14 Yet you, be remaining in what you learned and were entrusted, having perceived from whom you learned it, 15 and that from a babe you have perceived the sacred writings, the ones able to make you wise into salvation through the belief in Anointed Jesus. 16 Every Placer-spirited writing is also beneficial toward teaching, toward exposing, toward correction, toward the discipline in righteousness, 17 that the Placer’s human may be equipped, having been fully equipped out, toward every good work.
Chapter 4
1 I am certifying in the sight of the Placer, and of Anointed Jesus, the one about to be judging living ones and dead ones, down his appearance and his kingdom: 2 Proclaim the word, be standing by it, in good seasons and in every season. Expose, rebuke, entreat, in every patience and teaching. 3 For there shall be a season when they shall not be tolerating the healthy teaching, but they shall be heaping on teachers to themselves, down their own desires, the hearing being tickled. 4 And they shall indeed be turning the hearing away from the truth, yet be reverted out on the myths. 5 Yet you, be sober in all things. Suffer evil. Do work of a good-message bringer. Fully carry out your serving. 6 For I am already a libation, and the season of my breaking loose has stood by. 7 I have contended the ideal contest. I have consummated the running. I have kept the belief. 8 For the rest, being reserved to me is the wreath of the righteousness, which the Master, the just Judge, shall be rendering to me in that day, yet to not me only, but also to all having loved his appearance. 9 Be diligent to be swiftly coming toward me; 10 for Demas abandoned me, loving the duration that now is, and went into Thessalonica. Crescens is into Galatia, Titus, into Dalmatia. 11 Only Luke is with me. Getting Mark, be leading him with yourself, for he is well-useful to me into serving. 12 Tychicus, yet, I commission into Ephesus. 13 Coming, be carrying the traveling cloak which I left in Troas with Carpus, and the scrollets, especially the parchments. 14 Alexander the Coppersmith displays many evils to me. The Master shall be rendering to him down his works, 15 against whom, you also be guarding. For he has very much withstood words of ours. 16 In my first defense, no one came along with me, but all abandoned me. May it not be reckoned to them. 17 Yet the Master stood with me and empowers me, that through me the proclamation may be fully carried out, and all the nations may be hearing, and I am rescued out of the mouth of a lion. 18 The Master shall be rescuing me from every wicked work, and he shall be saving me into his celestial kingdom, he to whom is the glory, into the durations of the durations. Amen. 19 Greet Prisca and Aquila, and the house of Onesiphorus. 20 Erastus remains in Corinth. Yet Trophimus, I left in Miletus, he being weak. 21 Be diligent to be coming before winter. Eubulus is greeting you, and Pudens, and Linus, and Claudia, and all the brothers. 22 The Master is with your spirit. The grace is with you.