2 Thessalonians


Chapter 1
1 Paul and Sylvanus and Timothy, to the called out company of Thessalonians in Placer our Father and in Master Jesus Anointed: 2 grace to you, and peace, from Placer our Father, and Master Jesus Anointed. 3 We are owing to be thanking the Placer always about you, brothers, down as it is worthy, it being that your belief is above growing up, and the love of each of you all is increasing into one another, 4 so, we ourselves to boast in you among the Placer’s called out companies, over your endurance and belief, in all your persecutions and constrictions which you are tolerating, 5 it being a display of the Placer’s just judgment, into, you to be deemed worthy of the Placer’s kingdom, over which also you are suffering, 6 if so be that it is just with Placer to repay constriction to the ones constricting you, 7 and to you being constricted, ease, with us, in the revelation of our Master Jesus from heaven, with messengers of his power, 8 in fire of a blaze, giving out vengeance to the ones not having perceived Placer, and to the ones not obeying the good message of our Master Jesus, 9 they who shall be incurring justice as a durative extermination from the Master’s face and from the glory of his strength, 10 in that day whenever he may be coming to be glorified in his holy ones and to be marveled at in all the believing ones, it being that our testimony on you was believed, 11 into which also, we are always praying about you, that our Placer may be counting you worthy of the calling, and in power may be fulfilling every delight of goodness and work of belief, 12 which is how the name of our Master Jesus may be glorified in you, and you, in him, down the grace of our Placer, and Master Jesus Anointed.
Chapter 2
1 Yet we are asking you, brothers, over the presence of our Master Jesus Anointed and our gathering together on him, 2 into, you to be not swiftly shaken from the mind, nor alarmed, neither through a spirit, nor through a word, nor through a letter as through us, as that the day of the Master has become present. 3 No one should be deluding you down any manner, it being that if it ever is, shall not the withdrawal be coming first, and the human of the lawlessness be revealed, the son of the destruction, 4 the one opposing and being lifted above everything being said a placer or venerated, so, he to be seated in the Placer’s temple, demonstrating himself, that he is Placer? 5 Are you not remembering, that being still toward you, I said these things to you? 6 And now you have perceived the retaining, into, he to be revealed in his season. 7 For the secret of the lawlessness already operating, is only the retainer at present, till he may become out of the midst. 8 And then shall the lawless one (whom the Master Jesus shall be lifting away in the spirit of his mouth, and shall be nullifying in the appearance of his presence) be revealed, 9 whose presence is down an operation of the Satan, in every power and signs and miracles of falsehood, 10 and in every seduction of unjustness among the ones being destroyed, it being in a stead of which, they do not receive the love of the truth, into, they to be saved, 11 and because of this, the Placer is sending to them an operation of straying, into, they to believe in the falsehood, 12 that they may be judged, all the ones not believing in the truth, but delighting in the unjustness. 13 Yet we are owing to be thanking the Placer always about you, brothers beloved under Master, that the Placer prefers you as first fruit into salvation, in holiness of spirit and belief of truth, 14 into which he also calls you, through our good message, into procuring of glory of our Master Jesus Anointed. 15 Consequently then, brothers, be standing firm and be holding the traditions you were taught, whether through a word, whether through a letter of us. 16 May our Master Jesus Anointed himself, yet, and the Placer our Father, the one loving us and giving us durative consolation and a good expectation in grace, 17 be consoling your hearts, and establish you in every good work and word.
Chapter 3
1 The rest is, brothers, be praying about us, that the Master’s word may be racing and being glorified, down as also toward you, 2 and that we may be rescued from the repudiated and wicked humans, for the belief is not of all*. 3 Yet faithful is the Master, who shall be establishing you and guarding you from the wicked one. 4 We have confidence on you in Master, yet, that what we are charging, you are also doing, and shall be doing. 5 May the Master, yet, be fitting your hearts into the Placer’s love and the Anointed’s endurance. 6 We are yet charging to you, brothers, in the name of our Master Jesus Anointed, to be putting yourselves away from every brother walking disorderly and not down the tradition which they got from us. 7 For you yourselves have perceived how it is a must to be imitating us, it being that we are not disorderly among you. 8 Neither did we eat bread gratuitously from anyone, but in toil and labor, night and day, toward being not heavying on any of you, 9 not that we are having no authority, but that we may be giving ourselves as a type to you, into, you to be imitating us. 10 For also, when we were toward you, we charged this to you, that if anyone is not willing to be working, neither let him be eating. 11 For we are hearing that some among you are walking disorderly, working none, but meddling. 12 Yet to the such we are charging and entreating in Master Jesus Anointed, that they may be eating their own bread, working with quietness. 13 Yet, brothers, you should not be despondent in ideal doing. 14 Yet if anyone is not obeying our word through this letter, be signaled to not be mixed up together with him, that he may be abashed. 15 And do not be deeming him as an enemy, but be admonishing him as a brother. 16 May the Master of the peace himself, yet, be continually giving the peace to you in every manner. The Master is with all of you. 17 The greeting is in my hand, Paul’s, which is a sign in every letter; thus am I writing. 18 The grace of our Master Jesus Anointed is with all of you.
*possessed by all, belonging to all.