2 John


Chapter 1
1 The senior, to a chosen lady and her offspring, whom I am loving in truth, and not I only, but also all the ones having known the truth, 2 because of the truth remaining in us. And it shall be with us, into the duration. 3 With us, shall be grace, mercy, peace, from Placer Father, and from Jesus Anointed, the son of the Father, in truth and love. 4 I was made very joyful, it being that I have found out that your offspring are walking in truth, down as we got precept from the Father. 5 And now I am asking you, lady, not as writing to you a new precept, but one which we had from a beginning: that we be loving one another. 6 And the love is this: that we be walking down his precepts. This is the precept, down as you hear from a beginning, that you may be walking in it, 7 it being that many strayers came out into the world. The ones not avowing Jesus Anointed coming in flesh, this is the strayer and the in-stead anointed. 8 Be looking out for yourselves, that you may not be destroying things which we work, but may be getting a full wage. 9 Every one leading before, and not remaining in the teaching of the Anointed, is not having Placer. The one remaining in the teaching, this one is having the Father and the son. 10 If anyone is coming toward you, and is not carrying this teaching, do not be getting him into a house, and do not be saying to be having joy with him. 11 For the one saying to be having joy with him, is participating in his wicked works. 12 Having much to be writing to you, I am intended to not do it through paper and ink, but am expecting to be coming toward you and to speak mouth toward mouth, that our joy may be fulfilled. 13 The offspring of your chosen sister are greeting you.