2 Corinthians


Chapter 1
1 Paul, a commissioner of Anointed Jesus through a will effect of Placer, and Timothy the brother, to the Placer’s called out company in Corinth, together with all the holy ones in the whole Achaia: 2 Grace to you, and peace, from Placer our Father, and Master Jesus Anointed. 3 Blessed is the Placer and Father of our Master Jesus Anointed, the Father of the pities, and Placer of every consolation, 4 the one consoling us on our every constriction, into, we being enabled to be consoling the ones in every constriction, through the consolation with which we ourselves are being consoled by the Placer, 5 it being that, down as the Anointed’s sufferings are abounding into us, thus through the Anointed, our consolation also is abounding. 6 Yet whether we are being constricted over your consolation and salvation, or whether we are being consoled over your consolation, it operating in endurance of the same sufferings which we also are suffering, our expectation over you is confirmed, 7 having perceived that as you are participants of the sufferings, you are thus of the consolation also. 8 For we are not willing for you to be unknowing, brothers, over our constriction becoming in Asia, that we were heavied down transcendence, above ability, so, as to be made despairing of living. 9 But we have had the same rescript of the death in ourselves, that we may be having confidence, not on ourselves, but on the Placer, the one rousing the dead ones, 10 who rescues us out of the prodigious death, and shall be rescuing, he on whom we have expected. And he shall be rescuing still, 11 you also assisting together in the petition over us, that out of many faces, the grace effect being into us through many, he may be thanked over us. 12 For our boast is this, the testimony of our conscience, that in singleness and sincerity of the Placer, not in fleshly wisdom, but in grace of Placer, we behaved ourselves in the world, yet more abundantly toward you. 13 For we are not writing to you things other than what you are reading or also recognizing. Yet I am expecting that you shall be recognizing till of consummation, 14 down as you recognized us from a part, that we are a boast of you, even as you also are of us, in the day of our Master Jesus. 15 And in this confidence I formerly intended to be coming toward you, that you may be having a second grace, 16 and through you, to be coming through into Macedonia, and from Macedonia to be coming toward you again, and by you to be sent forward into Judea. 17 Intending this, then, do I consequently use lightness? Or things which I am counseling, am I counseling down flesh, that the “Yes is yes,” and the “No is no,” may be beside me? 18 Yet the Placer is faithful, it being that our word toward you is not yes and no. 19 For the Placer’s son, Jesus Anointed, the one being proclaimed among you through us, through me and Silvanus and Timothy, did not become yes and no, but has become “Yes!” in him. 20 For as many promises as are of Placer, in him is the, “Yes!” Wherefore, through him also is the, “Amen!” to the Placer, toward glory through us. 21 The one confirming us together with you into Anointed, yet, and anointing us, is Placer, 22 the one also sealing us, and giving the earnest of the spirit in our hearts. 23 I am calling on the Placer, yet, as a testifier on my soul, that it was a sparing of you, that I did not still come into Corinth, 24 not that we are being master of your belief, for we are fellow workers of your joy, for you have stood in the belief.
Chapter 2
1 For I judge this in myself, to not be coming toward you again in sorrow. 2 For if I am sorrowing you, who also is gladdening me, if not the one being sorrowed out of me? 3 And I write this same thing, that coming, I may not be having sorrow from whom it was a must for me to be rejoicing, having confidence on you all, that my joy is the joy of all of you. 4 For out of much constriction and pressure of heart I write to you, through many tears, not that you may be sorrowed, but that you may be knowing the love which I am having more abundantly into you. 5 Yet if anyone has caused sorrow, he has sorrowed not me, but from a part (that I may not be heavying), you all. 6 Enough to the such, is this rebuke by the majority. 7 So, the thing rather is for you to grace and console him, lest somehow the such may be swallowed down in the more abundant sorrow. 8 Wherefore I am entreating you to validate love for him. 9 For I also write into this, that I may be knowing your approvedness, if you are obedient into all things. 10 Yet to whom you are gracing anything, I am also. For what I have graced, if I have graced anything, it is because of you, in the face of Anointed, 11 that we may not be exploited under the Satan. For we are not unknowing of his mind effects. 12 Coming into the Troas, yet, into the good message of the Anointed, and a door having opened up to me in Master, 13 I had no ease in my spirit, not finding my brother Titus. But setting out from them, I came out into Macedonia. 14 Yet grace to the Placer, the one always triumphing us in the Anointed, and manifesting the odor of the knowledge of him through us in every place, 15 it being that we are a fragrance of Anointed in the Placer, in the ones being saved, and in the ones being destroyed. 16 To some we are indeed an odor out of death, into death, yet to some, an odor out of life, into life. And who is enough for these things? 17 For we are not as the many, peddling the Placer’s word, but we are speaking as out of sincerity, as out of Placer, in the sight of Placer, in Anointed.
Chapter 3
1 Are we again beginning to be commending ourselves? Or as some, are we needing letters of commendation toward you or out of you? 2 You are our letter, having been written in our hearts, being known and read by all humans, 3 you being manifest that you are a letter of Anointed, being served by us, having been written not in ink, but in spirit of a living Placer, written not in stone tablets, but in fleshy heart tablets. 4 Yet we are having such confidence, through the Anointed, toward the Placer, 5 not that we are enough from ourselves, to reckon anything as out of ourselves, but our enoughness is out of the Placer, 6 who also makes us enough as servers of a new covenant, it being not of writing, but of spirit. For the writing is killing, yet the spirit is vivifying. 7 Yet if the serving of the death, in writing beaten in stones, became in glory, so, for the sons of Israel to be unable to stare into Moses’ face, because of the glory of his face, that glory being nullified, 8 how shall not rather the serving of the spirit be in glory? 9 For if the serving of the condemnation was a glory, much rather is the serving of the righteousness abounding in glory! 10 For also, the thing having been glorified has not been glorified in this, the part on account of the transcending glory. 11 For if the one being nullified was through glory, the one remaining is rather in much glory! 12 Having such an expectation, then, we are using much boldness, 13 and are not as Moses. He placed a cover effect on his face, toward, the sons of Israel to not stare into the consummation of the thing being nullified. 14 But their mind effects were calloused. For until the day today, the same cover effect is remaining on the reading of the old covenant, it not being uncovered that it is being nullified in Anointed. 15 But till today, if ever Moses is being read, a cover effect is lying on their heart. 16 Yet if it is ever turning toward Master, the cover effect is being lifted from about it. 17 The Master, yet, is the spirit. Yet where the spirit of Master is, there is freedom. 18 We all, yet, with face uncovered, are down seeing the glory of Master. We are being transformed into the same image, from glory, into glory even as, from spirit of Master!
Chapter 4
1 Therefore, having this service, down as we were mercied, we are not despondent. 2 But we spurn the hidden things of the shame, not walking in cleverness, nor adulterating the Placer’s word, but in the manifestation of the truth, commending ourselves toward every conscience of humans, in the Placer’s sight. 3 Yet if our good message is covered, it is covered in the ones being destroyed, 4 in whom the placer of this duration blinds the mind effects of the unbelieving ones, into, the illumination to not be radiant to them, it being of the good message of the glory of the Anointed, who is an image of the Placer. 5 For we are proclaiming, not ourselves, but Master Jesus Anointed. Yet we ourselves are slaves of you, because of Jesus, 6 it being that the Placer, the one saying, “Out of darkness, light shall be shining,” is who shines in our hearts, toward illumination of the knowledge of the Placer’s glory, in the face of Jesus Anointed. 7 Yet we are having this store in earthenware utensils, that the transcendence of the power may be of the Placer, and not out of us. 8 In everything we are being constricted, but not distressed, perplexed, but not despairing, 9 persecuted, but not abandoned, cast down, but not destroyed, 10 always carrying about the deadening of Jesus in our body, that the life also of Jesus may be manifested in our body. 11 For we, the ones living, are ever being given over into death, because of Jesus, that the life also of Jesus may be manifested in our dying flesh. 12 So, the death is operating in us, yet the life, in you. 13 Having the same spirit of the belief, yet, down what has been written, “I believe, wherefore I speak,” we also are believing, wherefore we are also speaking, 14 having perceived that the one rousing the Master Jesus, shall be rousing us also, together with Jesus, and shall be presenting us together with you. 15 For the all is because of you, that as the grace is increasing through the more, the thanking may be abounding into the Placer’s glory. 16 Wherefore we are not despondent. But also, if our outward humanity is decaying, our within is but being renewed day by day. 17 For the momentary lightness of our constriction, is producing in us, down transcendence, into transcendence, a durative heaviness of glory, 18 we noting not the things being observed, but the things not being observed. For the things being observed are seasonal, yet the things not being observed are durative.
Chapter 5
1 For we have perceived that if our terrestrial house of the tent is being loosed-down, we are having a building out of Placer, a house un-hand-made, durative, in the heavens. 2 For in this we are also groaning, longing to be slipped into our habitation out of heaven, 3 if surely also, slipping out, we shall not be found naked. 4 For also, the ones being in the tent are groaning, being heavied, on which we are willing, not to be slipped out, but to be slipped in, that the dying may be swallowed by the life. 5 The one producing us into this same thing, yet, is Placer, the one giving to us the earnest of the spirit. 6 We are having courage always, then, having perceived that being at home in the body, we are away from the Master. 7 For we are walking through belief, not through perception. 8 Yet we are having courage, and are delighting rather to be away from home, out of the body, and to be at home toward the Master. 9 Wherefore also, we are ambitious to be well-pleasing to him. 10 For all of us must be manifested in front of Anointed’s platform, that each may be requited toward the things which he practices through the body, whether good, whether foul. 11 Having perceived the fear of the Master, then, we are persuading humans. We, yet, have been made manifest to Placer. Yet am I expecting to be manifest in your consciences also. 12 Again, we are not commending ourselves to you, but giving you incentive of a boast over us, that you may be having it toward the ones boasting in face and not in heart. 13 For whether we were amazed, it was to Placer, whether we are being sane, it is to you. 14 For Anointed’s love is pressing us into judging this, that one died over all; consequently, the all died. And he died over all, that the ones living, may by no means still be living to themselves, but to the one dying and being roused over them. 16 So, from the now, we have perceived no one down flesh. And if we have known Anointed down flesh, now we are not still knowing him so. 17 So, if anyone is in Anointed, it is a new creation. The beginning things passed by. Be perceiving, new things have become! 18 Yet the all is out of the Placer, the one conciliating us to himself through Anointed, and giving to us the serving of the conciliation, 19 it being that Placer was in Anointed, conciliating a world to himself, not reckoning to them their offenses. He also placing in us the word of the conciliation, 20 then, over Anointed we are being ambassadors, as of the Placer entreating through us. Over Anointed, we are beseeching, “Be conciliated to the Placer. 21 The one not knowing sin, does a sin offering over us, that we may become righteousness of Placer in him.”
Chapter 6
1 Working together, yet, we are also entreating you, to not receive the Placer’s grace into emptiness. 2 For he is saying, “In an receivable season I hear you, and in a day of salvation I help you.” Be perceiving, now is a well-received season, now is a day of salvation! 3 We are giving no cause to stumble to anyone, that the service may not be flawed. 4 But in everything we are commending ourselves as servants of Placer, in much endurance, in constrictions, in necessities, in distresses, 5 in blows, in jails, in turbulences, in toils, in vigils, in fasts, 6 in pureness, in knowledge, in patience, in kindness, in holy spirit, in unhypocritical love, 7 in word of truth, in power of Placer, through the implements of the righteousness, of the right hand and left, 8 through glory and dishonor, through defamation and renown, as strayers and true, 9 as unknown and recognized, as dying, and be perceiving, we are living, as disciplined, and not caused to die, 10 as sorrowed, yet ever having joy, as poor, yet enriching many, as having nothing, and retaining all. 11 Our mouth has opened up toward you, Corinthians. Our heart has been broadened. 12 You are not being distressed in us. Yet you are being distressed in your bowels; 13 it, yet, is a recompense. I am saying, as to offspring, you also be broadened. 14 Do not become differently yoked, with unbelievers. For what partnership is there with righteousness and lawlessness? Or what participation is there with light toward darkness? 15 Yet what agreement is there of Anointed toward Belial? Or what part in a believer, is with an unbeliever? 16 Yet what concurrence is there, in a temple of Placer, with idols? For we are a temple of a living Placer, down as the Placer said, “I shall be dwelling in them, and walking in them, and I shall be their Placer, and they shall be my people. 17 Wherefore come out of their midst and be severed, Master is saying. And do not be touching an unclean thing, and I shall be receiving you, 18 and I shall be into a Father to you, and you shall be into sons and daughters to me, Master All-holder is saying.”
Chapter 7
1 Having these promises, then, beloved, we may be cleansing ourselves from every pollution of flesh and of spirit, consummating holiness in fear of Placer. 2 Make room for us. We injure no one. We corrupt no one. We exploit no one. 3 I am not saying it toward condemnation. For I have declared before, that you are in our hearts, to be dying together and to be living together. 4 There is much boldness in me toward you, much boasting in me over you. I am fulfilled in the consolation. On our every constriction, I am above abounding in the joy. 5 For also, coming into Macedonia, our flesh has had no ease, but a being constricted in everything, fightings outside, fears inside. 6 But the Placer, the one consoling the low ones, consoles us in the presence of Titus, 7 yet not in his presence only, but also in the consolation in which he was consoled on you, informing us of your longing, your anguish, your zeal over me, so, for me to have joy rather, 8 it being also, that if I sorrow you in the letter, I am not regretting it, even if I did regret it. For I am observing that even if that letter sorrows you toward an hour, 9 I am now having joy, not that you were sorrowed, but that you were sorrowed into repentance. For you were sorrowed down Placer, that out of us, you may forfeit nothing. 10 For the sorrow down Placer, is working repentance, resulting in unregretted salvation. The sorrow of the world, yet, is producing death. 11 For be perceiving, this same sorrowing down Placer, how much it produces in you: diligence, but defense, but resenting, but fear, but longing, but zeal, but avenging. In everything, you commend yourselves to be pure in the matter. 12 Consequently also, if I write to you, it is not on account of the one injuring, nor on account of the one being injured, but on account of manifesting toward you your diligence over us in the Placer’s sight. 13 Therefore we have been consoled. Yet on our consolation, we had joy more abundantly rather on the joy of Titus, that his spirit has been relaxed from all of you, 14 it being that if I have boasted anything to him over you, I was not shamed. But as we speak all in truth to you, thus also our boasting on Titus became truth. 15 And his bowels are more abundantly into you, having been reminded of the obedience of all of you, as you receive him with fear and trembling. 16 I am having joy, it being that in everything I am having courage in you!
Chapter 8
1 We are yet making known to you, brothers, the Placer’s grace having been given in the called out companies of the Macedonia, 2 that in much approvedness of constriction, the abundance of their joy and their down-depth poverty abound into the riches of their singleness*, 3 it being that down ability, I am testifying, and beyond ability, of their own preference, 4 with much entreaty, they were beseeching of us the grace and participation of the service into the holy ones. 5 And not down as we expect, but they first give themselves to the Master and to us, through a will effect of Placer, 6 into, we entreating Titus, that down as he undertakes before, thus also, he may be consummating this grace into you also. 7 But even as you are abounding in everything, in belief, and word, and knowledge, and every diligence, and in the love out of us in you, it is that you may be abounding in this grace also. 8 Not down injunction am I saying it, but through the diligence of others, and proving the genuineness of your love. 9 For you are knowing the grace of our Master Jesus Anointed, that he, being rich, became poor because of you, that you, in his poverty, may be rich. 10 And in this, I am giving an opinion: For this is being expedient to you who, not only the doing, but also the willing, undertake before, from a year past. 11 Yet now also, consummate the doing, which is how, even as there is the eagerness to be willing, thus also, there may be the consummating, out of the having. 12 For if the eagerness is lying before, it is well-receivable down what one may be having, not down what he is not having. 13 For it is not that there be ease to others, constriction to you, but out of equality, in the season now, your abundance into their deficiency, 14 that also, their abundance may become into your deficiency, which is how equality may become, 15 down as it has been written, “The one does not increase the much, and the one does not lessen the slight.” 16 Yet grace to the Placer, the one giving the same diligence over you in the heart of Titus, 17 that he indeed receives the entreaty. Inhering more diligent, yet, he came out toward you of his own preference. 18 Together with him, yet, we send the brother whose praise in the good message is through all of the called out companies; 19 yet not only that, but he was also selected by the called out companies to be a fellow traveler of us, in this grace being served by us toward the glory of the Master himself. And we are putting eagerness of us into this, 20 that no one may be finding us flawed in this exuberance being served by us. 21 For we are providing ideal things, in not only Master’s sight, but also in the sight of humans. 22 We send together with them, yet, our brother whom we prove in many things, he being diligent many times, yet now much more diligent, with much confidence into you, 23 whether over Titus, my fellow participant and worker into you, whether over our brothers, commissioners of called out companies. It is a glory of Anointed, 24 then, the display of your love, and of our boast over you being displayed into them, and into the face of the called out companies.
*singleness: The Concordant ultra-literal translation is “un-compound”. As Jesus said in Matthew 6:22, “If your eye is single, your whole body shall be luminous.”
Chapter 9
1 For about the service into the holy ones, it is indeed abundant in me to be writing to you. 2 For I have perceived the eagerness of you over whom I am boasting to Macedonians, that, “Achaia has been prepared from a year past.” And your zeal provokes the majority. 3 Yet I send the brothers, that our boast over you may not be emptied in this part, that down as I said, you may be prepared, 4 lest somehow, if Macedonians are coming together with me, and they find you unprepared, we (that I may not be saying you) may be shamed in this assumption. 5 I deem it necessary, then, to entreat the brothers that they may be coming before into you, and equipping your promised blessing before, it to be ready thus, as a blessing, and not as a greed. 6 Yet there is this, “The one sowing sparingly, shall also be reaping sparingly, and the one sowing on blessings, shall also be reaping on blessings,” 7 each down as he has proposed in his heart, not out of sorrow or out of necessity. For the Placer is loving a gleeful giver. 8 The Placer, yet, is able to abound every grace into you, that having every contentment in everything always, you may be abounding into every good work, 9 down as it has been written, “He scatters, he gives to the drudges; his righteousness is remaining, into the duration.” 10 The one, yet, supplying seed to the sower, and bread for food, he shall be furnishing and multiplying your seed, and shall be growing the product of your righteousness, 11 you being enriched in everything, into every singleness, which is producing thanks through us to the Placer, 12 it being that the serving of this officiation is not only replenishing the deficiencies of the holy ones, but also abounding, through many thankings to the Placer, 13 through the approvedness of this service, glorifying the Placer, on the subjection of your avowal into the Anointed’s good message, and singleness of your participation, into them and into all, 14 and in their petition over you, longing for you because of the Placer’s transcendent grace on you. 15 Grace to the Placer, on his indescribable gratuitous gift!
Chapter 10
1 I myself, yet, Paul, am entreating you, through the Anointed’s meekness and leniency, who down face am indeed low among you, yet being absent, am having courage toward you. 2 I am beseeching, yet, so as to not have courage, being present, in the confidence which I am reckoning to dare it on some, the ones reckoning us as walking down flesh. 3 For walking in flesh, we are not warring down flesh. 4 For the implements of our warfare are not fleshly, but powerful in the Placer, toward lifting down bulwarks, 5 lifting down reckonings and every height being lifted up against the knowledge of the Placer, and capturing every mind effect into the obedience of the Anointed, 6 also having it in readiness to avenge every disobedience, whenever your obedience may be fulfilled. 7 Are you observing the things down face? If someone has confidence in himself, to be of Anointed, let him be reckoning this again on himself, that down as he is of Anointed, thus also are we. 8 For if I am boasting somewhat more abundantly about our authority which the Master gives us (into your building and not into lifting you down), I shall not be shamed. 9 That I may not be seeming (as ever), to be terrifying you through the letters, 10 it being that he avers, “The letters are indeed heavy and strong, yet the bodily presence is weak, and the word having been scorned,” 11 let the such be reckoning this, that what we are through the word in letters, being absent, such we also are in the work, being present. 12 For we are not daring to judge ourselves, by or together with any of the ones commending themselves. But they, measuring themselves in themselves, and judging themselves together with themselves, are not understanding. 13 We shall be boasting, yet not into the unmeasured, but down the measure of the domain which the Placer parts to us, to reach until also you. 14 For reaching you, we are not overstretching ourselves. For until reaching also you, we outstrip others in the Anointed’s good message. 15 We are not boasting into the unmeasured, in toils of others. Yet we are having an expectation of your belief being grown up, it being magnified among you, down our domain, into an abundance, 16 to bring the good message into the places beyond you, not in a domain of another, into the readiness to boast. 17 Yet the one boasting, let him be boasting in Master. 18 For the approved one, is not the one commending himself, but the one whom the Master is commending.
Chapter 11
You owe me. You tolerated a little of my foolishness. But also, be tolerating of me. 2 For I am jealous over you in a jealousy of Placer. For I connect you as a pure virgin to one man, to present you to the Anointed. 3 Yet I am fearing, lest somehow, as the serpent deludes Eve in its cleverness, it may be corrupting your mind effects away from the singleness and pureness into the Anointed. 4 For indeed, if the one coming is proclaiming another Jesus whom we do not proclaim, or you are getting a different spirit which you did not get, or a different good message which you did not receive, you are tolerating it ideally. 5 For I am reckoning to have been deficient nothing of the paramount commissioners. 6 Yet even if I am ordinary in the word, I am, but not so in the knowledge, but in everything, it being manifested in all into you. 7 Or do I sin, making myself low, that you may be heightened, bringing the Placer’s good message to you gratuitously? 8 I despoil other called out companies, getting rations toward the serving of you. 9 And being present toward you and being deficient, I am not an encumbrance of anyone. For the brothers coming from Macedonia replenish my deficiency. And in everything, I keep, and shall keep, myself unheavying to you. 10 Truth of Anointed is in me, that this boast shall not be barred into me in the regions of Achaia. 11 Wherefore? That I do not love you? The Placer has perceived. 12 Yet what I am doing, I also shall be doing, that I may be striking out the incentive of the ones willing for an incentive that they also may be found down as we are, in what they are boasting. 13 For such are false commissioners, fraudulent workers, being transfigured into commissioners of Anointed. 14 And it is no marvel. For the Satan himself is being transfigured into a messenger of light. 15 It is no great thing, then, if his servants also are being transfigured as servants of righteousness, whose consummation shall be down their works. 16 I am saying again, I should not be seeming foolish to anyone. Yet if I am, receive me also as foolish, that I may be boasting a little. 17 What I am speaking, I am speaking not down Master, but as in foolishness, in this assumption of the boasting. 18 Since many are boasting down flesh, I also shall be boasting. 19 For you, being disposed ones, are tolerating the foolish with gratification. 20 For you are tolerating if someone is enslaving you, if someone is devouring you, if someone is getting from you, if someone is lifting himself up, if someone is lashing you in the face. 21 I am saying, as down dishonor, that we have been weak. Yet in whatever anyone is daring, (I am saying this in foolishness) I also am daring. 22 Hebrews are they? I am also. Israelites are they? I am also. Seed of Abraham are they? I am also. 23 Servants of Anointed are they? (I am speaking as being insane.) I am above them, in toils more abundantly, in jails more abundantly, in blows transcendently, in deaths many times. 24 Five times I got thirty-nine lashes. 25 Thrice I am flogged with rods. Once I am stoned. Thrice I shipwreck. I have done a night and day in the swamp. 26 I am in journeys many times, in dangers of rivers, in dangers of robbers, in dangers of my breed, in dangers of nations, in dangers in the city, in dangers in desolate regions, in dangers at sea, in dangers among false brothers, 27 in toil and labor, in vigils many times, in famine and thirst, in fasts many times, in cold and nakedness. 28 Apart from the things outside, are the things standing on me daily, the anxiety of all of the called out companies. 29 Is anyone being weak and I am not being weak? Is anyone being snared and I am not on fire? 30 If it is a must to be boasting, I shall be boasting of my weakness. 31 The Placer and Father of the Master Jesus, the one blessed into the durations, he has perceived that I am not falsifying. 32 In Damascus, the ethnarch of Aretas the king garrisoned the city of Damascenes to arrest me. 33 And through a window in a wicker basket, I am lowered through the wall, and escaped his hands.
Chapter 12
1 It is a must to be boasting. It is indeed not being expedient, yet I shall be coming into sights and revelations of Master. 2 Fourteen years ago, I perceived a human in Anointed (whether he was in a body, I have not perceived, whether outside of the body, I have not perceived, the Placer has perceived), the such being snatched away till of third heaven. 3 And I perceived the such human (whether in a body, whether apart from the body, I have not perceived, the Placer has perceived), 4 that he was snatched into the park, and hears undeclarable declarations, which it is not being allowed to a human to speak. 5 Over the such I shall be boasting. Yet over myself I shall not be boasting, except in my weaknesses. 6 For if I am willing to boast, I shall not be foolish, for I shall be declaring truth. Yet I am sparing, that no one may be reckoning me to be above what he is observing of me or hearing out of me. 7 And as to the transcendence of the revelations, that I may not be lifted above, there was wherefore given to me a splinter in the flesh, a messenger of Satan, that he may be buffeting me, that I may not be lifted above. 8 I entreat the Master thrice over this, that it may be withdrawing from me. 9 And he has declared to me, “My grace to you is sufficing, for my power is being consummated in weakness.” Being most gratified, then, I shall be boasting in my weaknesses, that the Anointed’s power may be tenting on me. 10 Wherefore I am delighting in weaknesses, in outrages, in necessities, in persecutions, and distresses over Anointed. For whenever I am weak, then am I powerful. 11 I have become foolish; you necessitate me. For I am owed to be commended by you. For I am not deficient in anything of the paramount commissioners. And if I am nothing, 12 the signs of a commissioner are indeed produced among you, in every endurance, besides in signs, in miracles and powers also. 13 For in what were you diminished above the rest of the called out companies, if not that I myself am not an encumbrance of you? Grace to me this unjustness! 14 Be perceiving, I am having myself ready to be coming toward you this third time, and I shall not be an encumbrance. For I am seeking, not your things, but you. For offspring are not owing to be storing to the parents, but parents, to the offspring. 15 Yet I shall be gratified to spend and be spent out over your souls, even if loving you more abundantly, I am being loved diminishingly. 16 Yet let it be. I am not heavying you down. But being inherently clever, did I get you by fraud? 17 Do I exploit you through any I have commissioned toward you? 18 I entreat Titus, and I commission the brother together with him. Has Titus exploited you? Do we not walk in the same spirit, in the same footprints? 19 From long ago, it is seeming to you that we are defending ourselves to you. Yet facing the Placer in Anointed, we are speaking all over your building, beloved. 20 For I am fearing, lest somehow, coming, I may be finding you not what I am willing, and you may be finding me not what you are willing, that somehow there may be strife, jealousy, fury, factions, vilifications, whisperings, inflatings, turbulences. 21 At my coming, shall my Placer again be making me low toward you? And shall I be mourning over many who have sinned before, and are not repentant on the uncleanness and prostitution and wantonness which they practice?
Chapter 13
1 I am coming toward you this third time. Every declaration shall be stood on two or three testifiers. 2 I have declared before, and I am saying it before, as being present the second time and being absent now, to the ones having sinned before, and to all the rest, if I ever come into that again, I shall not be sparing, 3 since you are seeking approvedness of Anointed’s speaking in me, who is not weak into you, but powerful in you. 4 For he was impaled out of weakness, but is living out of power of Placer. For we also are weak in him, but shall be living together with him, out of power of Placer into you. 5 Be trying yourselves, if you are in the belief. Be proving yourselves. Or are you not recognizing that Jesus Anointed is in you? If not, you are somewhat unapproved. 6 Yet I am expecting that you shall be knowing that we are not unapproved. 7 We are wishing toward the Placer, yet, you to do no evil, not that we may be appearing approved, but that you may be doing the ideal, we yet being as unapproved. 8 For we are powerful, not for anything against the truth, but over the truth. 9 For we are having joy, whenever we are weak yet you are powerful. And we are wishing this also: your equipping. 10 Therefore I am writing these things, being absent, that being present, I may not be using severity, down the authority which the Master gives to me, into building, and not into lifting down. 11 The rest is, brothers, be having joy, be equipped, be entreated, be disposing the same thing, be in peace, and the Placer of the love and peace shall be with you. 12 Greet one another in a holy kiss. 13 All the holy ones are greeting you. 14 The grace of our Master Jesus Anointed, and the love of the Placer, and the participation of the holy spirit, is with all of you. Amen.