1 Thessalonians


Chapter 1
1 Paul and Sylvanus and Timothy, to the called out company of Thessalonians in Placer Father and Master Jesus Anointed: grace to you, and peace. 2 We are thanking the Placer always about all of you, making reminder on our prayers, 3 unintermittently remembering your work of the belief, and toil of the love, and endurance of the expectation of our Master Jesus Anointed, in front of our Placer and Father, 4 having perceived, brothers beloved under the Placer, his choice of you, 5 it being that our good message did not become into you in word only, but also in power and holy spirit and much assurance, down as you perceived what we became among you, because of you. 6 And you became imitators of us and of the Master, receiving the word in much constriction, with joy of holy spirit, 7 so, you to become a type to all the believers in Macedonia and Achaia. 8 For from you, the Master’s word has resounded out, not only in the Macedonia and Achaia, but in every place, your belief toward the Placer has come out, so, we to be having no need to be speaking anything. 9 For they are reporting about us, what kind of entrance we have had toward you, and how you turn toward the Placer from the idols, to be slaving to a true and living Placer, 10 and to be waiting for his son out of the heavens, whom he rouses out of the dead ones, Jesus, the one rescuing us out of the coming indignation.
Chapter 2
1 For you yourselves have perceived our entrance toward you, brothers, that it has not become empty. 2 But suffering before, and being outrageously treated in Philippi, down as you have perceived, we are bold in our Placer to speak toward you the Placer’s good message, in much contest. 3 For our entreaty is not out of straying, nor out of uncleanness, nor in fraud, 4 but down as we have been approved under the Placer to be entrusted the good message, thus are we speaking, not as pleasing humans, but Placer, the one proving our hearts. 5 For neither did we at a time become in a word of flattery, down as you have perceived, neither in a pretense of greed, Placer is a testifier, 6 neither seeking glory out of humans, from you or from others. Being able to be in heaviness as commissioners of Anointed, 7 we became but as minors in your midst, as if a nurse, cherishing her offspring. 8 Being thus similarly affectionate of you, we are delighting to share with you not only the Placer’s good message, but also our souls, because you became beloved to us. 9 For you are remembering, brothers, our toil and labor, working night and day, toward being not heavy on any of you, we proclaim into you the Placer’s good message. 10 You and the Placer are testifiers, as we became benign and just and blameless among you believing ones, 11 even as you have perceived us consoling and comforting each one of you, as a father his offspring, 12 and testifying into your walking worthily of the Placer, the one calling you into his kingdom and glory. 13 And we are also thanking the Placer unintermittently because of this, that getting a word, hearing from us of the Placer, you receive a word not of humans, but down as it truly is, a word of Placer, which is also operating in you believing ones. 14 For you, brothers, became imitators of the Placer’s called out companies in Anointed Jesus in Judea, it being that you also suffered the same things under your own fellow tribes, down as they under the Judaans, 15 the ones also killing the Master Jesus, and the prophets, and persecuting us, and being not pleasing to Placer, and contrary to all humans, 16 forbidding us to speak to the nations that they may be saved, into, they always filling up their sins. Yet the indignation outstrips on them, into a consummation. 17 Yet, brothers, we, being bereaved from you toward a season of an hour, in face, not in heart, are more abundantly diligent to be perceiving your face, with much desire, 18 because we will to be coming toward you, I, Paul, indeed both once and twice, and the Satan hinders us. 19 For who is an expectation of us, or joy, or wreath of boasting, if not you, in front of our Master Jesus, in his presence? 20 For you are our glory and joy!
Chapter 3
1 Wherefore by no means still excluding it, only we delight to be left in Athens, 2 and we send Timothy, our brother and fellow worker of the Placer in the good message of the Anointed, to establish and console you over your belief, 3 for no one to be swayed in these constrictions. For you yourselves have perceived that we are lying here into this. 4 For also, when we were toward you, we said before to you, that we are about to be constricted, and it became, down as you have also perceived. 5 Therefore also, by no means still excluding it, I send to know of your belief, lest somehow the one trying tries you, and our toil may become into emptiness. 6 Yet at present, of Timothy coming toward us from you, and bringing to us a good message of your belief and love, and that you are having good remembrance of us always, longing to be perceiving us, even as we also you, 7 we were therefore consoled on you, brothers, on our every necessity and constriction, through your belief, 8 it being that we are now living, if you are standing firm in Master. 9 For what thanking are we able to repay to the Placer about you, on all the joy which we are having because of you, in front of our Placer, 10 night and day, above abundantly, beseeching to be perceiving your face, and to equip the deficiencies of your belief? 11 May our Placer and Father himself, yet, and our Master Jesus, be fitting our way toward you. 12 May the Master, yet, be causing you to increase and abound in the love into one another, and into all, even as we also, into you, 13 into, your hearts being established unblameable in holiness, in front of our Placer and Father, in the presence of our Master Jesus with all of his holy ones.
Chapter 4
1 The rest is, then, we are asking you, brothers, and entreating you in Master Jesus, that down as you got from us how it is a must for you to be walking and pleasing Placer, down as you also are walking, that you may be abounding rather. 2 For you have perceived what charges we give to you through the Master Jesus. 3 For this is a will effect of the Placer, your holiness, to be having yourselves away from the prostitution, 4 each of you to perceive to be acquiring his utensil in holiness and honor, 5 not in passion of desire, even as also the nations not having perceived the Placer. 6 No one is to be stepping above, and exploiting his brother in the matter, because Master is an avenger about all of these things, down as we also say before and certify to you. 7 For the Placer calls us, not on uncleanness, but in holiness. 8 In consequence, then, the one repudiating this, is repudiating not a human, but the Placer, the one also giving his holy spirit into you. 9 About the brotherly fondness, yet, we are having no need to be writing to you. For you yourselves are taught by Placer to be loving one another. 10 And you are doing it, into all the brothers, in the whole Macedonia. Yet we are entreating you, brothers, to be abounding rather, 11 also to be ambitious to be quiet, and practicing your own things, and working with your hands, down as we charge to you, 12 that you may be walking respectably toward the ones outside, and be having need of nothing. 13 Yet we are not willing, brothers, for you to be unknowing about the ones reposing, that you may not be sorrowed down as the rest, the ones having no expectation. 14 For if we are believing that Jesus died and rose, thus also, the Placer, through the Jesus, shall be leading, together with him, the ones being reposed. 15 For this we are saying to you in a word of Master, that: We, the ones living, the ones surviving into the presence of the Master, may by no means be outstripping the ones being reposed, 16 it being that the Master himself, in an order effect, in a voice of a chief messenger, and in a trumpeting of Placer, shall be stepping down from heaven, and the dead ones in Anointed shall be rising first. 17 Thereupon, we, the living ones, the ones surviving, shall be simultaneously snatched together with them in clouds, into a meeting of the Master, into air. And thus shall we always be together with Master. 18 So, be consoling one another in these words.
Chapter 5
1 Yet about the times and the seasons, brothers, you are having no need to be written to. 2 For you yourselves have perceived accurately, that the day of Master is coming thus, as a thief in night. 3 Whenever they may be saying, “Peace and security,” then unperceived to them, extermination is being stood by, even as the travail to one having pregnancy, and they may by no means be escaping. 4 Yet you, brothers, are not in darkness, that the day may be getting you as a thief. 5 For you are all sons of light and sons of day. We are not of night, nor of darkness. 6 Consequently, then, we may not be drowsing as the rest, but we may be watching and being sober. 7 For the ones drowsing, are drowsing of night, and the ones being drunk, are being drunk of night. 8 Yet we, being of day, may be sober, slipping into a cuirass of belief and love, and a helmet, an expectation of salvation, 9 it being that the Placer did not place us into indignation, but into procuring of salvation through our Master Jesus Anointed, 10 the one dying over us, that whether we are watching, whether we are drowsing, we may be simultaneously living together with him. 11 Wherefore be consoling one another, and be building, one the one, down as you also are doing. 12 Yet we are asking you, brothers, to perceive the ones toiling among you, and presiding over you, and admonishing you in Master, 13 and to be deeming them above abundantly in love, because of their work. Be at peace among yourselves. 14 Yet we are entreating you, brothers, be admonishing the disorderly, be comforting the fainthearted souls, be upholding the weak, be patient toward all. 15 Be seeing that no one is rendering evil in a stead of evil, to anyone. But always be pursuing the good into one another, and into all. 16 Be having joy always. 17 Be praying unintermittently. 18 In everything, be thanking, for this is a will effect of Placer, into you in Anointed Jesus. 19 Do not be extinguishing the spirit. 20 Do not be scorning prophecies, 21 yet be proving all, retaining the ideal. 22 Be having yourselves away from every wicked perception. 23 May the Placer of the peace himself, yet, be making you holy and wholly consummate, your whole allotted spirit and soul and body being kept blameless in the presence of our Master Jesus Anointed. 24 Faithful is the one calling you, who shall also be doing it. 25 Be praying also about us, brothers. 26 Greet all the brothers in a holy kiss. 27 I am adjuring you for the Master: The letter is to be read to all the brothers. 28 The grace of our Master Jesus Anointed is with you.