1 Peter


Chapter 1
1 Peter, a commissioner of Jesus Anointed, to expatriates of a dispersion, of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bythinia, 2 chosen down foreknowledge of Placer Father, in making holy of spirit, into obedience and sprinkling of blood of Jesus Anointed: 3 May grace and peace be multiplied to you! 3 Blessed is the Placer and Father of our Master Jesus Anointed, the one, down his much mercy, regenerating us into a living expectation, through resurrection of Jesus Anointed out of dead ones, 4 into an allotment enjoyment incorruptible and undefiled and unfading, having been kept in heavens into you, 5 the ones, through belief, being garrisoned in power of Placer, into a salvation ready to be revealed in a last season, 6 in which you are exulting, being briefly sorrowed at present, in various trials if it must be, 7 that the proving of your belief, it being much more valuable than the gold that is being destroyed, yet being proved through fire, may be found into praise and glory and honor, in revelation of Jesus Anointed, 8 whom, not perceiving, you are loving, into whom, at present, not seeing, yet believing, you are exulting, in joy unspeakable and glorified, 9 being requited the consummation of your belief, a salvation of souls, 10 a salvation about which prophets seek out and search out, the ones prophesying about the grace into you, 11 searching into what or which season the spirit of Anointed made evident in them, testifying before, of the sufferings into the Anointed, and the glories after these, 12 to whom it was revealed, that not to themselves, but to you, they served them, things which were now informed to you through the ones bringing a good message to you, in holy spirit commissioned from heaven, things into which messengers are desiring to peer. 13 Wherefore, girding up the loins of your comprehensions, being sober, expect consummately on the grace being carried to you in revelation of Jesus Anointed. 14 As offspring of obedience, do not be configuring to your former desires in the unknowledge, 15 but down as the one calling you is holy, you yourselves also become holy in every behavior, 16 because it has been written that, “You shall be holy, it being that I am holy.” 17 And if you are calling on Father, the one impartially judging down the work of each, you may behave in fear, the time of your sojourn, 18 having perceived that you were ransomed out of your vain ancestral behavior, not with corruptible silver or gold, 19 but with valuable blood, of Anointed, as of a flawless and unspotted lamb, 20 he having been known before, indeed before a casting down of a world, yet manifested on a last of times because of you, 21 the ones through him believing into Placer, the one rousing him out of dead ones and giving him glory, so as, your belief and expectation to be into Placer. 22 Having purified your souls in the obedience of the truth, into, unhypocritical brotherly fondness, love one another earnestly out of a clean heart, 23 having been regenerated, not out of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, through a living and remaining word of Placer, 24 because every flesh is as fodder, and all its glory is as a flower of fodder. The fodder is dried and the flower lapses, 25 yet the declaration of Master is remaining, into the duration. Yet this is the declaration being brought, as a good message, into you.
Chapter 2
1 Placing away from you, then, every evil and every fraud, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all vilifications, 2 as presently generated babes, long for the logical unadulterated milk, that in it you may be grown into salvation, 3 if you taste that the Master is kind, 4 toward whom coming, as toward a living stone, he indeed having been rejected by humans, yet from Placer, chosen, valued, 5 you yourselves also, as living stones, being built as a spiritual house, into a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, well-received toward the Placer, through Jesus Anointed, 6 because of which, he is having in a writing, “Be perceiving, I am placing in Zion a corner capstone, chosen, valued, and the one believing on him, may by no means be shamed.” 7 The value, then, is to you, the ones believing. Yet to unbelieving ones, he is, “A stone which the builders reject, this one became into head of corner, 8 and a stone of stumbling, and a rock of a snare,” for ones who are stumbling in the word, they being stubborn, into which, they also were placed. 9 You, yet, are a chosen breed, a kingly priesthood, a holy nation, a people into a procurement, which is how you may be recounting the virtues of the one calling you, out of darkness, into his marvelous light, 10 who at a time were not a people, yet now are a people of Placer, who having not been mercied, are yet now being mercied. 11 Beloved, I am entreating you as sojourners and expatriates, to be having yourselves away from the fleshly desires, which are warring against the soul, 12 having your behavior ideal among the nations, that in what they are speaking against you as against evildoers, out of viewing the ideal works, they may be glorifying the Placer in the day of overseeing. 13 You may be subjected to every human creation, because of the Master, whether to a king as a superior, 14 whether to leaders as being sent through him for avenging of evildoers yet praise of good-doers, 15 it being that the will effect of the Placer is thus: doing good, to be muzzling the unknowledge of the foolish humans. 16 Be as free ones, and having the freedom, not as a cover of the evil, but as slaves of Placer. 17 Honor all, be loving the brotherhood, be fearing the Placer, be honoring the king, 18 the domestics being subjected, in every fear, to the owners, to not only the good and lenient ones, but to the crooked ones also. 19 For this is grace, if because of a conscience of Placer, someone is undergoing sorrows, suffering unjustly. 20 For what credit is it if you shall be enduring, sinning and being buffeted? But if you shall be enduring, doing good and suffering, this is grace with Placer. 21 For you were called into this, it being that Anointed also suffered over you, leaving to you a copy, that you may be following in his footprints, 22 he who does not sin, neither was fraud found in his mouth, 23 who being reviled, did not revile back, suffering, did not threaten, yet gave himself over to the one judging justly, 24 who himself carries our sins in his body on the wood, that becoming away from the sins, we may be living in the righteousness, in whose welt you may be healed. 25 For you were as sheep being strayed, but now you are turned onto the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.
Chapter 3
1 The women likewise are to be subject to their own men, that if any are being stubborn to the word, they shall be gained without a word, through the behavior of the women, 2 viewing your pure behavior in fear, 3 whose adornment, let it not be the outside braiding of hair, and placing of gold, or slipping into garments, 4 but the hidden human of the heart, in the incorruptibility of the meek and quiet spirit, which is much consummate in the Placer’s sight. 5 For thus also the holy women at a time adorned themselves, the ones expecting Placer, being subject to their own men, 6 as Sarah obeys the Abraham, calling him master, whose offspring you became, doing good and fearing no dismay. 7 The men likewise, be dwelling together with them down knowledge, as with a more weak utensil, appropriating honor to the feminine also, as joint allotment enjoyers of grace of life, into, your prayers being unhindered. 8 Yet the consummation is: All be disposed alike, sympathetic, fond of brothers, well-bowelled, dispositioned low, 9 not rendering evil in a stead of evil, or reviling in a stead of reviling, yet the contrary, blessing, it being that you were called into this, that you may enjoy an allotment of blessing. 10 For, “The one willing to be loving life and perceiving good days, let him cease his tongue from evil, and lips from speaking fraud. 11 Let him avoid evil, yet, and do good. Let him seek peace and pursue it, 12 it being that the eyes of Master are on just ones, and his ears are into their petition. Yet the face of Master is on the ones doing evil.” 13 And who is the one treating you evilly, if you are becoming zealouts of the good? 14 But also, if you are suffering because of righteousness, you are happy ones. You, yet, may be unafraid of their fear, undisturbed. 15 Yet make Master, the Anointed, holy in your hearts, ever ready toward a defense to every one requesting of you a word about the expectation in you, but in meekness and fear, 16 having a good conscience, that in what you are being spoken against, the ones traducing your good behavior in Anointed may be shamed. 17 For if the Placer’s will effect may be willing, it is better to be suffering doing good, than doing evil, 18 it being that Anointed also suffered once about sins, a just one over unjust ones, that he may be leading you toward the Placer, he indeed being caused to die in flesh, yet being vivified in spirit, 19 in which also, being gone to the spirits in jail, he proclaims 20 to ones at a time stubborn, when the Placer’s patience awaited in days of Noah, an ark being constructed, into which a few, eight souls, this is, were saved through water, 21 in which, as a representation, immersion is now saving you also, not a placing away of filth of flesh, but an inquiry of a good conscience into Placer, through resurrection of Jesus Anointed, 22 who is in right of the Placer, being gone into heaven, messengers and authorities and powers being subjected to him.
Chapter 4
1 Anointed, suffering in flesh, then, you also be implemented into the same thought, it being that the one suffering in flesh has ceased sins, 2 into, having the rest of the livelihood time in flesh, by no means still in desires of humans, but in a will effect of Placer. 3 For the time having passed by, is sufficient to have effected the intention of the nations, having been gone in wantonness, desires, debaucheries, revelries, drinking bouts, and repudiated idolatries, 4 in which, they are thinking it strange of you to not be racing together with them into the same puddle of the profligacy, calumniating you, 5 they who shall be rendering a word to the one readily having it to judge living ones and dead ones. 6 For into this, a good message is brought also to dead ones, that they may indeed be judged down humans, in flesh, yet may be living down Placer, in spirit. 7 Yet the consummation of all has neared. Be sane, then, and sober, into prayers, 8 before all, having the earnest love into yourselves, it being that love is covering a multitude of sins. 9 Be hospitable into one another, without murmuring. 10 Down as each one got a grace effect into yourselves, be serving it as ideal administrators of various grace of Placer, 11 if anyone is speaking, as oracles of Placer, if anyone is serving, as out of strength which the Placer is furnishing, that in all, the Placer may be glorified through Jesus Anointed, to whom is the glory and the holding, into the durations of the durations. Amen. 12 Beloved, the conflagration among you, becoming toward a trial to you, do not be thinking it strange, as of something strange befalling you, 13 but down what you are participating of the Anointed’s sufferings, be having joy, that you may also be having joy in the revelation of his glory, being exulted. 14 If you are being reproached in the name of Anointed, you are happy ones, it being that the spirit of the glory and of the Placer has been relaxed on you. 15 For let not any of you be suffering as a murderer, or thief, or evildoer, or as an overseer in others’ things. 16 Yet if one is suffering as an Anointedian, let him not be ashamed, yet let him be glorifying the Placer in this name, 17 it being that it is the season of the judgment to begin from the Placer’s house. Yet if it is from us first, what is the consummation of the ones being stubborn to the Placer’s good message? 18 And if the just one is hardly being saved, where shall the irreverent and sinner be appearing? 19 So also, the ones suffering down the Placer’s will effect, let them be committing their souls to a faithful Creator, in doing good.
Chapter 5
1 I, then, the fellow senior and testifier of the Anointed’s sufferings, the participant also of the glory about to be revealed, am entreating seniors among you: 2 Shepherd the Placer’s flock among you, not necessarily, but voluntarily, down Placer, not avariciously, but eagerly, 3 neither as being masters of the allotments, but becoming types of the flock, 4 and the Chief Shepherd being manifested, you shall be requited the unfading wreath of the glory. 5 Younger ones likewise, you may be subjected to seniors. Yet all, wear the apron of humility with one another, it being that the Placer is resisting proud ones, yet is giving grace to low ones. 6 Be made low, then, under the Placer’s holding hand, that he may be heightening you in season. 7 Be tossing all your anxiety onto him, it being that he is caring about you. 8 Be sober. Watch. Your plaintiff, the Adversary, is walking about as a roaring lion, seeking someone to be drinking down, 9 whom withstand, being ones solid in the belief, having perceived that the same sufferings are being consummated in your brotherhood in the world. 10 Yet, you suffering briefly, the Placer of every grace, the one calling you into his durative glory in Anointed Jesus, he shall be equipping, establishing, firming, founding you. 11 The holding is in him, into the durations. Amen. 12 I write this to you briefly through Sylvanus, the faithful brother as I am reckoning. I am entreating and testifying this to be true grace of the Placer, into which, be standing. 13 The fellow chosen one in Babylon is greeting you, also Mark, my son. 14 Greet one another in a kiss of love. Peace to you all, the ones in Anointed.